4 months

Can you believe little Greta is already 4 months old! I know we certainly cannot. Time sure does fly.

We went to the pediatrician for her 4 month check up today, her 4 month birthday, and she weighs 17 lbs 10 oz (over 100th percentile) and is 25 3/4 inches (95th percentile). We think her height may be a tad off (a little bigger than she really is), but still she is quite large!

I decided that weekly updates were too much to keep up with, so now we will be on the monthly update schedule. This weekend we will head to MA for a wedding and Greta’s second plane trip. Our flight times are not great, but hopefully we will get Greta to sleep at least some, or at least not scream.

Right around the 3 month birthday Greta learned to roll from her back to her belly. Apparently this is the second direction that babies are supposedly to roll and that belly to back is easier. She is now very good at rolling back to belly and almost anytime you place her on her back she rolls over to her belly. She doesn’t seem all that close to rolling from belly to back, but eventually she will figure it out. She doesn’t particularly like to put her arms down when she is on her belly and prefers to skydive.


Greta has gained lots of control over her hands in the past month. She began to rub her eyes, although many times she actually hits herself in the head instead. She finally gained an interest in toys. Her favorites are things that are easy to grasp, especially things with rings. Greta usually grabs the toy and immediately puts it in her mouth. She also really enjoys chewing on her hands. We try to replace the hands with a toy so that she doesn’t get too used to chewing on her hands and turn that into sucking. She also enjoys grabbing hair, especially Daddy’s.



Greta loves to be outside. Everyday we go out for a least a little bit. Since she can’t wear sunscreen yet and we have mosquitoes around these parts, we try to limit the time to a few minutes in the morning or evening. Sometimes when she is cranky she will immediately calm down when you go outside. She loves the breeze in her face and sometimes tries to catch the breeze.


I think I mentioned before that Albert was finally taking an interest in Greta. Well now the interest is mutual. Greta loves to watch Albert and will follow him around with her eyes. The other day she tried to grab some of his hair. We continually warn Albert that his safe time is limited and very soon Greta will be chasing after him. We tried to show Greta how to pet Albert nicely the other day.

nice kitty

In about the last week or so, Greta has started to try and push her behind in the air. When she tries her head falls flat on the floor, which is kind of funny. She needs to figure out how to use her arms to push herself up and then maybe she won’t fall over when she tries to get her large booty in the air.

lifting the hiney

Greta carries her weight like a woman already, with most of it being in her thighs and hips. We have several pairs of pants that do not fit over her thighs. All pants need to have some stretch to them in order to fit over her thighs and hips. It also doesn’t help that her diapers are a little bit bulkier and so then her booty looks even bigger than it is. Greta’s eyes are still very blue and we definitely don’t expect that to change. They are definitely a lighter blue than when she was born and are developing more fun designs.


Greta’s hair remains a mystery. She has a dark patch on top and in the back and lighter hair everywhere else. Who knows what color it will ultimately be.


Greta continues to be a very happy baby. She laughs and smiles often. The only times she really cries are when she is tried or hungry and really that is mainly when she is tried. She will also cry when she is overwhelmed and just wants mommy or daddy. Greta is a pretty awful sleeper, but I think I would rather have a bad sleeper than a baby who cries all day every day. Greta loves to babble and make noises. This past week in church she wanted to talk the whole time. Luckily she isn’t very loud and there are plenty of other kids at church making noises.

funny face


We didn’t do a whole lot of new or exciting things this month (after the 3 month birthday trip to PA). Greta really enjoys getting out of the house and going to any place, so I try to get out every day or every other day. When we go out we usually put her in the Ergo. She loves being close to us and being able to look around at the same time. The Ergo is the one go-to that we have for putting her to sleep. When the boob, rocking, swaying and everything else won’t work, we put her in the Ergo and put the cover up and she is out.


The Great Bottle Standoff of 2008

Who will win: Greta or the bottle!

We are still trying to get Greta to take a bottle and time is ticking. In less than 3 weeks we are going to a wedding. I am the official photographer. While Greta and Matt will both be at the wedding I can’t exactly take 20 minutes every 1.5 to 2 hours to feed her, so she must figure this bottle thing out. Once about a month ago she drank probably 2 oz from a bottle from me. She won’t really consider taking one from Matt (we guess because she thinks I am the only one who can feed her) and actually spits the milk out when he tries. We have tried two different nipples so far and I have ordered one of these boob-like bottles. Lately, every time I try to give her a bottle she just chews on the nipple like a toy (she is chewing everything these days, could she be teething already at 3.5 months?).

Currently, I pump about an ounce of milk to try and get her to take and give it to her immediately, so it super fresh and the perfect temperature, but she only gets about a quarter of an ounce after 10-15 minutes of chewing on the bottle. Then she gets frustrated and more hungry and starts screaming. We take a break for a few minutes to distract her and then I feed her from the boob. I don’t know how to get her to actually try to suck on the bottle. She can taste the milk and knows it is there, but won’t try to suck it out.

She even likes to hold the bottle:

Also typically if Matt continues to try the bottle she gets so worked up and screams her head off (which she pretty much never does) and the only thing that will calm her down is me, where usually Matt is very good at calming her down. Any pointers?

hurricane’s a-coming

It appears that we will be getting some lovely weekend weather. If we actually do get some wind and rain and we don’t lose power be prepared for something exciting.

Matt wants to go to the coast to watch the landfall of Ike. I think this is a terrible and dumb idea. Readers, what do you think? Please answer soon, your votes will determine the outcome.

labor day

The plane ride was better than expected. On Friday we arrived at the airport with plenty of time. By the time we got the car parked, got checked in and through security, Greta was quite hungry. She ate fine, but then immediately threw everything up all over me. Good thing we packed extra clothes for both of us. After that everything was fine. Greta hardly let out a peep on the plane. I nursed her a little on the way up and down, although she was definitely very distracted by everything going on around us. She did enjoy looking out the window. It was a long day and Greta was definitely exhausted by the end of it since she hardly slept at all.



On Friday night after we arrived, we got our rental car and then headed to see a couple of friends. We got to see our friends from college, Katie and Jake, and their daughter Anna, and also my friend from high school and his wife, Paban and Nina. It was great to see all of them and for them to be able to meet Greta. After a long battle, Greta finally ate and went to sleep.

On Saturday, we got to see all of Matt’s immediate family. Here is Greta meeting her two aunts and one uncle (her godfather).




She also got to meet her great-grandfather, her only living great-grandparent.


And finally she met all of her first cousins. On Saturday night we took a picture of all the kids.


Here are the three littlest ones, the two two-year-olds and Greta.


All in all it was a great trip. Greta was definitely overwhelmed and exhausted, but I think she enjoyed meeting everyone. We will be back for Thanksgiving and hopefully she will be less overwhelmed then because she will also be meeting the extended family and there are quite a lot of them (Matt’s mom is the oldest of 16 kids).

If you want to see more pictures from the weekend, they are up at Flickr.

things greta likes and dislikes

1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. Diaper changes
4. Bathtime
5. Looking in the mirror
6. Ceiling fans (we have taken to calling them Betsy)
7. Raspberries on her belly
8. Being outside
9. Kicking and swinging her arms and legs
10. Smiling at anyone
11. The camera

1. Bottles
2. Sleeping (she likes it for about 45 minutes at a time, and then only when the conditions are right)
3. Toys (she mostly just doesn’t care about toys at all
4. Being in the car (this is new)
5. Her nails being trimmed