5 months

On Thursday, Greta turned 5 months. To celebrate she went to the doctor to get two shots. Then we came home and she took a three hour nap!

This month started out pretty exciting. Greta discovered her feet and toes with her hands.

Then we got on a plane and headed to MA for a wedding.

After we got back from MA Greta figured out that her toes can go in her mouth, although usually a diaper makes it nearly impossible.

This month Greta started to be a very wiggly baby. She is always moving when you hold her. She also became very noisy. She talks often and loud and recently learned to let out a nice high pitched scream (video coming soon). When we got back from MA we also switched her to her new carseat, which she seems to like much more than the infant carrier. Greta continues to absolutely love being outside. The other day she squealled when I opened the door. She always wants her toes and hands in the grass. Thankfully she hasn’t tried to put the grass in her mouth yet.

Greta now holds on when you are holding her, unless she is trying to wiggle free. She likes to pull hair and give ‘kisses’ and hugs. She usually attacks my face when she is getting hungry. IMG_7098-1

Greta and Albert are getting along really well. Greta loves to watch Albert. She squeals and giggles when she gets close to him. We try to show her to pet him nicely, but sometimes she gets a fistful of hair. Albert will come up close and rub Greta’s nose. I don’t think he knows that he is in trouble once she starts moving.IMG_6965-1

Greta has made great progress in using her arms while on her belly. One day she just decided to push up and she was able to fully extend her arms. She is able to move backwards a little bit when she pushes up. Sometimes she tries to tuck her legs underneath her butt but she can’t get the butt off the ground just yet. Still no rolling front to back. IMG_6842-1

She enjoys sitting up, but can’t do it fully on her own yet. She tends to fall to the sides after about 10 seconds, or she throws herself backwards.IMG_7067-1

We bought Greta a used exersaucer this month. She loves it. She will chew on the toys for about 20 minutes before she gets frustrated.IMG_6747-1


For Mother’s and Father’s Day this past year we bought both of our parents a webcam. We also bought one for ourselves. Once we finally got all the computer’s set up, we started webcamming at least once a week. I highly recommend anyone who lives far away (or at least not close enough to see you kid every week) invest in some webcams. On many occasions our parents have wanted to come through the screen to hold Greta, they really are so excited to see her. Greta seems to enjoy it as much as a 5-month old can. If she is in a good mood she will smile and talk. I think she will like it even more as she gets older and learns who the people are. Recently one of my sisters and one of Matt’s sisters got their own webcams. Now we can see even more family. Greta’s cousins love seeing her and try to perform for her. I’m sure she will think they are funny as she gets a little bigger. The picture quality is good enough. We use skype to call each other, so it is free after the initial webcam purchase. Here is a picture from last week.


two diaper contests

This week there are two cloth diapering contests you can enter. You can bet I will be entering both of them (in fact this blog is an entry into both, wahoo!).

The first contest is for a goodmama diaper from Firemom at Stop, Drop and Blog. I now have 4 goodmama diapers and love them and hope I win another one! She is giving away the Fire Crew diaper print in honor of National Fire Prevention Month.

The second contest is from Kelly’s Closet. They are giving away 12 BumGenius diapers! Their contest is to announce their new blog, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer.

accordians and ranches

Last weekend we went to the International Accordion Festival that was here in San Antonio. There were several different stages set up with different bands playing all day (and probably night). We only stayed for a little while since we didn’t want Greta out in the sun too much, but it was fun. My favorite band was the acoustic group that was just a couple of guys jamming with the instruments.



Last Sunday we went out to Matt’s coworker’s in-laws’ 700-acre ranch. It was about an hour from our house. While there Greta got to play with her friend who is 9.5 months old.


They had an exersaucer that Greta tried out. She loved it and we are now on the craigslist hunt for one. Hopefully we will be able to track one down this weekend.


Greta really enjoyed sitting outside with the Grandpa and looking at the dogs run around.


After we ate lunch we headed out for a tour of the property. We rode around in this thing:


Greta and I rode up front, Matt’s co-worker, his wife, and kid rode in the middle row. Matt and the Mother-in-law rode in the ‘chariot’, the trailer attached to the back. I don’t think we went over 5 mph, so while it was quite bumpy it wasn’t all that unsafe. Greta and her friend actually both fell asleep on the drive and slept through all the bumpiness.

The ranch is pretty much divided into two different types of landscape, East Texas and West Texas. Here is East Texas:



And here is West Texas:


They have 32 mama cows and two bulls. We only saw the bulls, they were hanging around in West Texas:


We had a great time and hope to go back and visit again sometime.

a few new milestones

About two weeks ago Greta discovered that she could hold onto her feet. By the end of the week she figured out how to get her toes into her mouth. She can only really do this with a no diaper, so she doesn’t get to try as often as she would like.


Right after we got back from MA she decided she would actually put her arms down on the ground rather than having them fly out to the side. By the end of the day she could push all the way up. Maybe she has been working her arm muscles some other way to prepare for the push-up. Now she pushes up all the time. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before she figures out how to roll onto her back. She also really wants to crawl and tries to figure out how to get her butt in the air while pushing up, but so far she hasn’t had any luck. I’m hoping she doesn’t have any luck anytime soon because our house is definitely not ready for a crawler.


Recently we upgraded Greta’s carseat. Since she was getting closer to the weight limit on her infant seat and there was a sale on Britax carseats we went ahead and bought one now rather than waiting until she needed it. She seems to like it much better than the infant seat carseat and has even fallen asleep several times without crying while in it! We think she likes it because she isn’t quite as reclined as before (she was always trying to sit up in the other seat). We like this seat because she can be rearfacing up to 35 lbs and then we can use it forward facing until she is 65 lbs!


fall in MA

This weekend we went to western Massachusetts. It was the perfect weekend for fall leaves. They were definitely near their peak. I had forgotten how beautiful the leaves can be. And honestly I have never been to New England to see the leaves in the fall. The farthest north I have been for fall leaves is PA and while they are pretty, I think this was definitely more beautiful. We were in the mountains so the area is pretty rural, which means lots and lots of trees. I was driving most of the time so we took very few pictures of the actual trees.

The reason we were in MA was for a wedding. The wedding took place on the top of a mountain. Here is a lovely picture of the valley from on top of the mountain.


Wedding pictures will be posted on the Grazus Blog sometime next week (I was the official photographer).

We got to see all of my immediate family. Everyone enjoyed seeing Greta and she seemed to enjoy everyone.




Greta also got to meet her other family.




Greta did pretty well on the trip. Everyone commented on how good of a baby she is. Her sleep was totally disrupted, but she seems to have mostly recovered (although today for the first time in a really long time she took two two-hour naps, so maybe she isn’t fully recovered just yet). She was good on the flights. During the wedding, Greta spent lots of time in the carrier with Daddy and actually slept right through the wedding. I definitely missed her even though she wasn’t ever very far away from me, but that is the longest that she has been ‘away’ from me so far. She didn’t really drink from the bottle, but managed to wait until I had a little break to eat.