Last Tuesday (Veteran’s Day), Greta and I hopped on a plane (our first solo trip) to Orlando. We went to visit some family. After a visit with them, we headed up to Tallahassee for the weekend. Matt flew into Tally on Friday and we picked him up at the airport. Saturday I left Greta for the first time. I was gone for 9 hours! I was the photographer at a wedding. Greta survived, but only ate about 3 oz of milk the entire time I was gone. She did get some milk out of the bottle though, so that was a success! According to my parents, she was a little fussy. According to Matt she screamed and probably had one of her worst days. She did laugh a lot while I was gone. My parents have a cute little dog named Potter (yes, after Harry), and Greta just loved him. We have some video of the laughter. At least there was some fun mixed in with the crying.







We got back on Sunday evening and have been trying to get caught up on everything around the house before we leave for Thanksgiving next week. Next week we will be headed to PA to see Matt’s family and it is supposed to be quite chilly. Any suggestions on keeping Greta warm? I believe we have a snowsuit ready for when we get to Matt’s parents’ house, but we still need to get a rental car and get to their house. We are planning on bringing a blanket to wrap her in, will that be enough? Also I need to head out and buy a winter hat for her, so that she doesn’t freeze her head off 🙂

In other news, Greta can now roll both directions and managed to get herself stuck under the coffee table yesterday. She has bumped her head a few times while rolling.



Lastly…with all this traveling we have been/will be doing, I have a question for those of you who use disposable diapers. Which brand do you like best? We have tried a few and so far we like the Seventh Generation diapers the best. The tabs seem to be the best quality and they diapers just seem to fit Greta a little better than some of others. But you guys are probably more experienced with more brands, so I would like to know your thoughts.


Greta can now sit up for quite a while, usually about 5-10 minutes before she falls over. I guess that qualifies as sitting unassisted, but I don’t really know. Maybe she needs to be able to get to sitting on her own, which she is no where close to. Here is my new favorite picture of her.


As promised here is Greta in her two new pretty diapers. Thanks FireMom and Mery for the cute diapers!



Yes, it is still warm enough here for her to be outside in just a diaper. She loves the outside and would probably stay out there all day if I let her. It is also still warm enough for our tomatoes to be growing. Remember when we planted this little boogers? Yes, it was back in March. We got blooms, but never any fruit all summer long. We kind of just abandoned the plants and then last month some tomatoes started forming! Yep, it is November and we have tomatoes ripening. Here is a picture of our first tomato, which got eaten by something before I could pick it. Hopefully we will be able to get some of them before the animal that ate the first one gets them all.


And finally here is Greta on Halloween. She seemed much happier in her costume than the first time we put her in it.