first food

A week ago we started feeding Greta some food.  So far it hasn’t as smoothly as we had hoped. We started with rice cereal and then three days later gave her a little banana.  She doesn’t really seem to understand that she should chew and swallow. Today I made an attempt at sweet potatoes and she wouldn’t even open her mouth. I managed to get a couple of bits in her mouth, but most of it just came back out. I would love to hear how introducing food went for you. How old was your baby at the time? Did he just love it? or did She fight you for months?  Up next on the menu is pears.

first food

first food

belated thanksgiving

I’m quite behind on the blogging, hopefully I’ll be able to do a little catching up this week. First up, our Thanksgiving trip to PA. Our flights were on time and Greta slept most of the trip there. Greta had a good time playing with her cousins and they seemed to like her even more this time since she can actually interact with them. Here is a sampling of pictures.


first gift that she attempted to open