7 quick takes friday #2

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Why do the older people always sit with me when I go to the parish hall after church? Why not the people who are closer to my age or those with little kids? Maybe they feel bad for me sitting all alone (or with matt), or they think my babybis cute. I’m not opposed to being friends with someone in a different stage of life but I would prefer friends who are closer to my age.

2. Our baby girl turns 8 months old today. Where did the time go? Coming soon…both a post about month 7 and month 8.

3. I love sweets. I don’t really buy cookies or snack type treats anymore, so I have been baking a lot more recently. Thanks to breastfeeding my body hasn’t seemed to notice that I have been eating so many sweets.

4. Cloth diapering continues to be easy and I can’t understand why more people don’t use them. Did you know the disposable diapers do not contain the poop smell near as well as cloth ones? Poop blowouts are nearly non-existent with cloth diapers. We have had 2 or 3 in the 7+ months of use, where as about 6 or 8 in the ~3 weeks of disposable use (travel time).

5. Is anyone else watching Big Love this season? I don’t know if I mentioned but somehow we have free cable, including free HBO, so we are getting to watch Big Love every week!

6. I somewhat recently joined twitter (ok, maybe it was more than month ago, but whatever). If you want to follow me, you can find me here.

7. Next week we start a fruit and veggie co-op. Basically a group of us are ordering fruit and veggies by the case from the produce place that the grocery store gets its’ produce from. Since we order in quantity we get a deal. I’ll let you know how it works out next week.

small successes #1


At one of my favorite Catholic websites, each Thursday they celebrate small successes. I think that sounds like fun, so I’m joining in.

1. I finally changed the cat’s litter (it had been an embarrassing amount of time since it was last changed).

2. I took the bread maker out of the box (a Christmas gift) and made my first loaf of bread. I’m not sure it turned out totally correct, but it doesn’t taste bad, so I would say it was a success!

3. I vacuumed AND mopped the downstairs! We are pretty bad about vacuuming and mopping, but now that Greta is crawling all over the place we need to be better. I don’t like picking up a dirty baby, especially when it is totally my fault she is all dirty.

7 Quick Takes Friday – Jan. 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Greta is fully crawling now. We expect soon she will be super speedy. This means we are in a mostly dress-free phase because crawling in a dress doesn’t work so well.

2. Matt is leaving for 4 full days tomorrow. We are not excited. But, my aunt is coming on Sunday to visit with me and Greta.

3. My childhood friend had twins this morning! One boy, one girl, born with no c-section. Go Ashley!

4. No spending February is coming up soon. Hopefully we will be successful. Anyone else want to participate? I purposefully chose the shortest month. If you don’t feel like you can commit to a month, what about a week or two? I know someone wants to join in for a month of no spending.

5. I’m typing this on the iPod touch. It takes forvever.

6. Please pray for my dear friend, Katie, whose brain tumors continue to grow. She starts some new drugs next week, so I pray that those work. Katie just celebrated her 29th birthday a few weeks ago.

7. Here is a picture of Greta’s first tooth!

first tooth

car seat safety tips

I have seen several people lately using their car seats incorrectly, so I thought I would offer a few tips.

1. Always read the manual.
2. Install the seat according to the directions and get it checked by a pro, especially if you are unsure.
3. Check the height and weight requirements for you seat. The other day I saw a huge kid in an infant carrier seat, his legs and head were at the edges of the seat.
4. Keep your baby rearfacing as long as possible but at least until 20lbs AND 1 year old. These are minimums, not maximums. Again check and see that you do not exceed the rearfacing weight recommendations (ex. Our seat can hold up to 35lbs rearfacing, but 65lbs forwardfacing). This means Greta could be rearfacing until she is quite old, depending on when she reaches 35lbs.
5. Make sure the straps are tight. You shouldn’t be able to pinch any belt with your fingers. I see pictures all the time of kids with loose straps. Their straps do not tighten in an accident like ours do.
6. Make sure the safety clip is at the correct height, usually level with the armpits.

This ends my public service announcement. Drive safely.


So I have been kind of a slacker lately, huh? Hopefully this weekend I will get the 7 month post done, since Greta turned 7 months on 12/30 and all. I got my new camera and love it! Greta is pretty much into everything these days. She started army crawling last week and gets all over the house (well as far as we let her). Her first tooth also broke through the gums last Saturday. It still isn’t all the way in, but it is poking out. There are tons of pictures up on flickr, but I’ll post a few here. If you want to see more just click on the little flickr thing over there on the right.








financial goal

I forgot to mention this when I stated my resolutions for this year. I would like for us to have two or three no spending months. Obviously we will pay our regular house bills and we will buy groceries, but that’s it. No random items picked up when at Target, no eating out, no extra anything. Do you think we can do it? The not eating out part will be the hardest as we tend to get lazy on the weekend and want to eat out. I’m curious how much extra money we will save. We don’t have a monthly budget set up, mainly because we are both very cheap and don’t spend that much money to begin with. We always spend less than we earn, so a budget hasn’t really been necessary. But we both always wish we saved more money than we do, so I would like to see how much we can save in one month! A certain percentage of Matt’s paycheck goes into savings automatically, so all the extra money will be extra savings. We are going to start the no spending month in February. This month we will buy all necessary birthday gifts for those February birthdays so we can not have to worry about that. Wish us luck!

lots of visitors

While we were in Tallahassee, we saw lots of people in addition to my immediate family. First up, our oldest and dearest friends.



My mom’s brother came from Maryland to visit.


We had a bridal shower for a grade school friend and so Greta got to meet lots of my old friends.



We got to see one of my best high school friends, his wife and his parents.




Greta got to meet our old neighbors. We moved to the neighborhood 17 years ago when their oldest daughter was about Greta’s age. I consider these girls my babies since I spent quite a lot of time babysitting and playing with them.



We got to see my second grandma who sang Greta the lullabye she sang us when my sisters and I were young.


Lastly, Greta got to meet two new potential husbands. Most of the people who had babies around the time Greta was born had boys, so she has lots of boyfriends. Both of these boys are slightly younger than her, but also taller.



The little boy was trying to chew on Greta’s ear, but it looks like a kiss 🙂


more Christmas

My dad bought the fattest Christmas tree this year. He claims he didn’t know it was this big, but boy was it. It is definitely the fattest tree we have ever had and everyone who saw it commented on its size. My dad had to trim the top off, but apparently just chopped it and didn’t really shape the top of the tree. When my sister got home she shaped the tree so it wasn’t fat all the way to the top. Here is a picture we took to hopefully illustrate the size of the tree.


This park down the street from my parents’ house puts up tons and tons of lights. One evening we took Greta down to see them. She really enjoyed looking at all the pretty lights.




Greta even got to ride a frog!


We also managed to get a pretty good family picture while we were there.



Since it is the new year and all I thought I would share some of my resolutions and goals for this year.

1. Make at least one new recipe a week.
2. Declutter the house and keep it decluttered.
3. Do some rough meal planning, with specific meals, but not specific days.
4. Go to daily mass at least once a week (this is going to be a challenge since we are kind of set in our routine).
5. Make some new friends.
6. Get 5 photography jobs, preferably in the city I live in, but I’m open to others as well (I think I might have said this last year, but I only had three this year).

ok, that about sums it up. Anyone have any good resolutions for the new to come?