cloth diapering

I’m sure all of you are wondering how we like cloth diapering. I have been meaning to post about it for months. To sum up: We LOVE cloth diapering.

To start out, we bought a bunch of itty bitty fitted diapers for the newborn period. I wasn’t in love with them, but since Greta was pretty big at birth and only continued to grow very rapidly, we didn’t use the itty bitties for more than 2 weeks (and we were back and forth to the hospital twice during that time and used disposables). The reason I didn’t love the fitteds at the beginning was because I didn’t like the idea of wetness sitting next to Greta’s skin. I was afraid it would cause a rash.

So after about two weeks, we switched to mostly Thristies pocket all-in-ones and BumGenius pockets and all-in-ones. We loved these. No more wetness and easy-peasy. We only had Thristies in size XS and S, so once she outgrew those we were down to mostly BumGenius pockets with a few all-in-ones.

At this point, Greta was still pooping in the middle of the night, so I was changing her every time she woke up to eat. Eventually (I think maybe around three or four months), she stopped pooping at night, so we tried to figure out what would work for all night. We tried lots of things. Most people swear by pockets at night because you can stuff them with as much or as little stuff as you need. For us sometime around three months or so, every time we laid Greta down the diaper would leak. I tried for a long time to figure out how to fix this. I eventually determined that it was due to the synthetic materials. For some reason when she was lying down the pee would go straight out the leg instead of through the microfleece or suedecloth material and into the microfiber or hemp insert. I don’t know why this happened when she was lying down and not sitting up, or why it doesn’t happen to most people.

I ordered a variety of diapers to try and solve the problem and eventually the only thing that seemed to work was a goodmama. Now these diapers are not cheap. I bought just one at first. At this point I know other diapers would probably work, as long as they were not a snythetic material against Greta’s skin. It seems that a natural material needs to be there in order to not leak.

Around Christmas time I got some of the BumGenius all-in-one organic diapers. These instantly became by favorite. They are one-size diapers and very similar to the BumGenius one-size pocket diapers. They seem to be a bit trimmer and just fit a little better. I like that organic cotton is next to Greta’s skin. The main drawback to these diapers is the drying time. I usually hang them out all day and then have to put them in the dryer to finish them off. These are now the go-to nap diaper. We still use goodmama diapers at night.

I made my own cloth wipes out of pieces of flannel before Greta was born. They aren’t pretty, but they work. They are still in great shape after almost 10 months of use. I just wash them with the diapers. I think using cloth wipes with cloth diapers is easier than using disposable wipes since everything just goes in one bin, rather than having to separate the wipes from the diapers.

For us, washing is pretty easy. We wash diapers every other day. I try to put them in first thing in the morning, but sometimes I forgot and so they don’t get washed right away. We have about 30 diapers and washing every other day, we never run out. Before we got our BG organic diapers in December we were always on the verge of running out, like if Greta had an especially poopy day or something, we might be cutting it close. I run an express wash cycle with cold water with nothing in the soap dispenser (except about once a week, I put a scoop of oxiclean in this cycle). Then I run a hot normal length cycle with a little bit of Country Save detergent. I usually hang the diapers to dry on the clothesline outside, but if it is raining or I don’t wash until the end of the day, then they go in the dryer. Honestly it takes maybe 3 minutes to put the diapers in the washer, and about 5 to hang them on the line, about 3 to take them off the line and about 7 minutes to stuff and fold the diapers. Not much time at all. And sometimes I’m lazy and don’t fold the diapers right away and just fold as I need them.

I always knew I wanted to use cloth diapers, but I never expected to love them oh so much. Really, I can’t even fathom why more people don’t cloth diaper. After using disposable diapers for two weeks a while back (when we were out of town for that really long time), I only grew to love the cloth ones more. Disposable diapers are so darn expensive. And wipes, my goodness. I felt like all I was doing was going to the store to buy diapers or wipes. The disposable wipes we use are 7th Generation, because Greta has a super sensitive heiny and gets rashes from the other wipes we have tried. They aren’t cheap and you can’t really buy in bulk, so I’m glad we only have to use them on the rare occasion that we travel. And the waste that is created by disposable diapers is just so great. I feel bad every time I throw one away. I think if you absolutely hate laundry then cloth diapering is probably not for you. But if you don’t mind doing laundry, then it really is pretty easy.

So what is holding you back?

7 quick takes

1. I think I am becoming a picky shopper. I know what am I am looking for but can’t find it anywhere. Can it really be that difficult?

2. Next weekend, we are headed back to Florida, but this time south Florida for a wedding of a close friend from high school. Greta will be going to the beach for the first time!

3. Greta seems to be going through a developmental explosion lately. She is into everything! She is clapping like crazy. She is trying to figure out how everything works. She seems so excited by everything, and it is causing her to not want to take her morning nap. The morning nap used to be the guaranteed long nap, but every day this week it has been a struggle to get her to sleep, and then she only sleeps for a short while. I can’t really blame her, there is quite a lot of exciting things to discover.

4. I finished my book in a week! I’ll write up more about it later.

5. We found a sippy cup that Greta is actually capable of drinking from! It is the Born Free one. Basically to get the water out, you just chew on the spout thing. That is what she does with all the cups and bottles we have tried, but this time stuff actually comes out!

6. I have a bazillion things to post about, but most of the day I spend retrieving Greta from under the table or chair, or stop her from trying to get in Albert’s water or food. Some things that hopefully I will post about are: Katie, cloth diapering (I have been telling myself to do this for a long time), Greta’s 9 month post, possible new car (!), and other things I can’t remember.

7. I wish I was good with words.



small successes


1. I downloaded and edited/sorted all of the pictures from the last few weeks of travel (1300+ pics). If you want to see them go to flickr. Here are a few:




2. Went to the library to renew my library card, which umm expired in January, and checked out a new book! I’m reading Escape by Carolyn Jessop, which is about her escape from the FLDS with all of her children.

3. Did all of the laundry! I still haven’t put it away, so not a total success, but it is all clean and in baskets. Hopefully today it will get put away.

where have we been?

Two Fridays ago, we got on a plane headed to Orlando for a long weekend. We were headed to see my mom and sister, my dear friend, Katie, and her entire family, which is pretty much my family as well. Upon landing, I turned my cell phone back on and checked my messages. I had one from my mom saying that Katie was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and wasn’t doing very good. For those of you who don’t know, Katie has a brain tumor, and lately each MRI has shown more and more progression.

Saturday morning we wake up and call to see how Katie is doing. She seems to be doing better, is responding and talking, and wondering how her college friends (who were visiting from out of town) were doing. Katie was still in the ICU, so we didn’t go visit. We went to a Mardi Gras party on Saturday night, where Greta (normally the child who needs complete and total silence to sleep) slept through the whole party. Sunday we had a pizza party in the hospital library, so that everyone who was in town visiting could see Katie, and Katie could see us. Katie was finally moved to a regular room in the cancer hospital, after waiting for a very long time for a room to open up. Katie seemed to be doing pretty well, was chowing down and chatting with everyone.

Monday we spent the day going back and forth from my friend Lauren’s house (where we were staying) and the hospital. As we were getting ready to head home for the evening and saying our final goodbyes to Katie (we were scheduled to leave Tuesday morning very early), we learned that Katie might not make it another 24 hours. The tumor was pushing on her brain stem, which controls the very basic life functions of breathing and the heart. I decided then and there that I wasn’t leaving on our plane the next morning. Matt had to get back to work, since he doesn’t have much vacation left.

Tuesday Greta and I did most of the same, hung out at the hospital and back to the house for naps. We got to spend lots of time with Katie. She was eating and talking, and even fired her one doctor. I didn’t believe the whole 24 hour thing from the start. That doctor clearly didn’t know Katie. We left Tuesday evening not knowing what would come next. By Wednesday morning when we arrived at the hospital, Katie was in a deep sleep. The doctor told us that she would go into a deep sleep and then eventually a coma, until her breathing stopped. I had decided on Wednesday morning that I would be leaving Orlando to either go home to Tallahassee (where the funeral would be) or to San Antonio. Wednesday morning no one thought Katie would make it until noon, so the funeral would be on Friday, so I opted to go to Tally with my mom and sister. The whole drive home we were expecting a call from Katie’s family, but never got one.

Katie slept and slept until Saturday morning at 7:15 am, when she took her last breath.

The funeral was on Monday in Tally. It was a very touching service, given by the cantor from Katie’s temple in Orlando. She was very close to Katie and did a great job celebrating Katie’s life and sharing details that many did not know about the wonderful life Katie lived.

It was very sad to loose one of my oldest and dearest friends. I’m glad I was able to spend some time with her the last few days. She enjoyed seeing Greta and even wanted to eat Greta! In May there is going to be a big bash to celebrate her life.

Originally, Matt and I had planned a trip to PA to see his family starting last Wednesday. So rather than flying back to San Antonio and then up to PA, I just stayed in Tally a few extra days. On Wednesday Greta and I flew up to PA, and Matt met us there. We were happy to be back together as a family, since we had been apart more than a week. We spent a lovely weekend with Matt’s family, and celebrated his grandfather’s (Greta’s only great-grandparent) 92nd birthday. Greta enjoyed playing with the kids and all the new toys at Matt’s parents’ house.

I have something like 1200 pictures to download and comb through from the last two weeks. I took lots of pictures of Katie with her friends and family, as well as the usual Greta pictures. Soon there will be some more pictures, but for now, this is all you get.

We got home last night around 10 pm, and are all glad to be back home. Albert certainly missed us, and I missed being in my own house with all of our things. I’m glad to finally have some different clothes to wear.