Wildflowers + Greta

When we were leaving the mall the other day, we noticed this nice field of wildflowers near the road around the mall. I decided to head back there today to take some pictures of Greta. After our failed attempt at the wildflower farm a few weeks ago, I really still wanted some cute pictures. Greta was mostly interested in the rocks and flowers on the ground in front of her and it was hard to get her to look up from them. Usually Matt helps out with getting her attention, but alas he was at work. We still got some good ones. Here are some of my favorites.





watching dada

Greta pretty much wants to do everything that Matt does. She will copy him almost all of the time, but only rarely copies me. This in turn leads to her watches everything he does. This weekend he was mowing the grass and she stood at the window the whole time watching him go back and forth. She looked so cute watching, so I took a bunch of pictures. These are my favorites.



watching daddy

another friday, another 7 quick takes

1. Matt gets off early today! Fiesta is happening in town and schools are closed and lots of places get out early. We haven’t actually been to any events, but that is because they charge money to go to all of the parades, and not just a $1 or $2, but more like $12! Most of the other events are party type things that usually happen in the evening. Maybe one day.

2. The Today Show announced that they are coming to San Antonio in May. Hopefully Greta and I will go down and say hi. Maybe Greta will get to be on National TV. I’ll let you know closer to the time so you can plan to watch it.

3. I meant to post this a while ago, but forgot. At my friend, John‘s wedding, they had a self portrait studio set up. The photographers, Jensen Larson, set it up and made this cool stop action movie from all of the pictures. We are only in the very beginning, I think like the first 7 seconds or so. I also downloaded my two favorites from their site so you can see us better! One of our family and one of me and my friend, Paban.

John and Judyta – March 28, 2009 from Jensen Larson on Vimeo.



4. We have 3 tomatoes on our one tomato plant! Maybe we will get some red ones before it gets too hot here.

5. I had a earth day post started, but didn’t finish it in time, so I didn’t post it. I actually still haven’t finished it. Oh well. Maybe some day soon I will write about green things and hopefully come up with some new green goals for us as a family.

6. We have a pretty busy May coming up. One weekend we will be in Orlando to attend a big celebration party for Katie. Then Greta and I are headed to Houston to watch over my aunt and uncle’s house and keep an eye on my cousin for a couple of days. We end the month with a visit from my parents to celebrate Greta’s birthday!

7. At this point we have nothing planned for the weekend. Will it stay that way? Probably not. Hopefully we will get some stuff done around the house 🙂

baby clothing likes and dislikes

I’m sure every parent discovers what they prefer in baby and little kid clothing. Some parents love to have all matching outfit type clothes, other love onesies, some could care less what their kids are wearing. After being a parent for about 10.5 months (!) I’ve learned what I like and dislike. I’m grateful that we don’t have to buy much clothing since Greta is the 5th girl cousin on Matt’s side of the family. I have bought a few things, but really very few items.

Greta seems to be built a little different than most babies, which means many things just don’t fit her. Her bum/legs/hips are pretty large. Add on a fluffy cloth diaper and we have trouble in the bottoms region. If a bottom is not a knit or has some sort of stretch to it, I don’t even bother. We had one pair of jeans that fit her for a little while, but only when she was wearing disposable diapers, so they were her traveling pants.

I’m not a big fan of onesies. Greta tries to escape diaper changes and most times just getting a diaper on her is a success. When there are snaps on the onesie to snap as well, forget it. Most of the time the onesie stays unsnapped unless we are leaving the house. Plus so many onesies don’t seem to fit well with her chubby thighs and big bottom.

I’m also not a huge fan of matching outfits. I much prefer separates, so that when Greta gets something on one-half of the outfit, we don’t have to dirty an entire new outfit, but can just change the shirt or bottom. I think I dress my child like I dress myself. While my main item of clothing is jeans and tshirts, her’s is bottoms and tshirts. We have skirts, pants and shorts. I think my favorite items that I have bought are from Kohl’s. They have a line called jumping beans. It is basically all separates that are coordinating colors! That way almost everything matches. We have several of these adorable skirts and I just love them! I also love that usually this stuff is on sale. Both times I bought skirts and shirts, they were half off.

At this point we still aren’t wearing dresses, except to church since crawling and dresses to not mix. Soon enough though. And let me tell you, we have got a huge stash of hand-me-down dresses, both from the nieces and also dresses that were mine that my mom saved. Soon this child will not have to wear the same thing twice!

I don’t envy those of you who live in cold weather climates. Socks. I’m glad we don’t have to wear them often. In the first few months of Greta’s life, I couldn’t find socks that actually stayed on her feet. Then when we found socks that stayed on, Greta learned to pull them off. So no socks again! The only time she wears socks is when we are leaving the house and it is cold. Other than that it is bare feet all the time.

Shoes. Shoes do not fit this child of ours. I have tried on many a pair and everything leaves a red mark or else just doesn’t even go on her foot. I’m guessing as she starts to slim down (which she is, but still not enough for shoes), that we will be able to get some shoes on her feet. I have some Robeez type shoes, but they leave marks. But they say that it is best for development to not wear anything on the foot, so that’s what we are doing.

What are your favorite and least favorite baby clothing items?


On Sunday afternoon, we went to Home Depot to look for stuff for the garden. We had already decided that we were getting plants rather than seeds since we were getting a late start this year. The plants were buy one get one free! We got three kinds of tomatoes (just one plant each), two pepper plants and an eggplant. Here is the current garden. Hopefully we will be setting up an above ground garden for our fall garden!




This weekend we went up to the wildflower farm about an hour away. Overall, it was disappointing. Most of the meadow areas were closed due to the recent rain, so we didn’t see as much as I hoped. Plus I don’t think the bluebonnets were in bloom yet. I guess I’ll have to watch their website and go again when there hasn’t been much rain. Here are a few pictures of our trip. We got to drive on a beautiful hilly and windy road on the way there. We saw lots of animals out the windows, including cows, goats, donkeys, and camels.







7 quick takes

1. I have gotten some fun kid music from the library the past two weeks. My favorite so far is They Might Be Giants. They actually have three different CDs, but our library only has one. This is my favorite song on the CD we got!

2. Tomorrow I have a photo shoot! It is supposed to be pouring down rain, so it could end up being inside and quite boring. I hope it clears up for at least a little while so we can get some outside stuff. The family has three kids and the husband is about to be deployed to Afghanistan. I’m planning on giving them a little something extra, since he is in the military. I’m hoping that maybe I can get in with the whole military family group and get a few more jobs out of it!

3. Greta is loving vanilla yogurt these days. She actually lets me feed it to her. She is also getting quite good at picking things up and getting them in her mouth. Previously she could pick them up, but often the food would not make it into her mouth.


4. I’m working on a bunch of different photo projects, some books, some print stuff. I’ll reveal it all when it is done!

5. Our lemon tree has 100s of blossoms on it. We are hoping to get at least one lemon out it, but the birds may not let that happen. At least it looks nice now.


6. I signed up to be a reviewer at The Catholic Company. Basically we get free stuff and then write a review of what we thought. Matt is reading the book we got right now. I’ll read it next.

7. This weekend I’m hoping to go to a wildflower farm that is about 45 minutes out of town. Hopefully the weather will be nice on Sunday and we can go up then. I really want to get some pictures of the blue bonnets this year!


Last week a firetruck came to visit our neighborhood. Well, actually it came to help up one of the old people who lives at the nursing home in our cul-de-sac (yeah, I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to run that sort of thing in the neighborhood, but they don’t bother us, so we just leave them alone). Usually just the ambulance comes, but this time a huge ladder firetruck came. We went out and looked at it. Then Greta sat in the stroller and watched it from inside the house. The firemen waved to us as they left.



Easter 2009

We headed over to Houston for Easter to spend some time with my aunt, uncle and cousins. The last time Greta was there, she wasn’t really moving at all (I think she was about 4 months old), so this time she got to explore their house, go swimming, play with the dog, and see the Easter bunny at a neighbors’ house.

The dog is almost exactly the same size as Greta. They had a ball chasing each other on the floor.



At first Greta was a little unsure about the pool, but she quickly warmed up and loved it, especially splashing water in our faces.



The Easter bunny was visiting of my aunt and uncle’s neighbors, so we went over to say hi. Greta didn’t really love the bunny, but she sat there for about 30 seconds before crying.


Here are two more pictures I liked from our trip. Greta trying to get Dada and the dog, and Greta with my two cousins.



Hope everyone had a nice Easter and Happy Passover to the jewish folk!

new hairstyles

Greta’s hair is getting quite long, especially in the front. It hangs down into her eyes, so we have been trying out some new hairstyles.



To me, she looks so much like a big girl with a bow in her hair, not a little baby anymore. The bows don’t usually stay in very long and the rubberbands are nearly impossible to get in, since you have to wrap it around soooo many times and she won’t sit still for long enough.