7 takes

1. Visitors arrive next Tuesday! Matt’s mom, dad, and our 10-year old nephew are coming to visit for 6 days. We are excited. We have the week all planned out, with something fun planned every day.

2. It has been hot, hot, hot here. Last week the high was 97 most days, but this week we have been over 100 every day. No sign of a cool down anytime soon. We did a brief (5 minute) rain shower the other day. The grass looks awful, but I guess that is what happens when you can only water once a week and your yard gets full sun all day long.

thursday, june 25

3. We have been spending our days inside, except in the early morning and early evening. Our house gets some nice shade on the side at the end of the day, so we go hang out over there for a little while before or after dinner.


4. Greta did the summer reading program at the library. Basically you sign up, read 15 books and then get a free book! It is definitely very easy at her age. It will be a lot harder for big kids who read chapter books. We have been going to more library programs lately. Normally storytime is at 9:30, which usually falls right at naptime, but sometimes Greta wakes up early, so we go.

5. Here is the produce we got this week from our CSA. They had so many tomatoes, I took a whole bag! I made some salsa and also just made some homemade tomato sauce. I like this CSA better than the one last year because we can pick and chose what we want. Last week we got tons of zucchini and I made 4 loaves of chocolate zucchini bread and 24 muffins!


6. Here is Greta helping with the diaper laundry. The cloth diaper world is getting bigger and bigger. More people are seeing the benefits to using them and converting. Hopefully one day cloth diapers will be the norm again and disposables will be a rarity. Although the disposable diaper companies are fighting like crazy to stay and try to bash cloth diapers.


7. We have been enjoying our time at the pool. Still no pictures since only Greta and I have been, but maybe this weekend I’ll convince Matt to go (he doesn’t particularly like water). Most of the time the pool is rather empty which is nice.

just a few pictures

Here are a few pictures of Greta recently doing cute things. First up, just an adorable expression.


Greta likes to do headstands. I think she mainly does it because she thinks the world looks fun and different upside down. She does this multiple times a day. It is cute, cute, cute.


Greta has taken to climbing more these days. She isn’t too good at it yet. She often climbs on her little stool or her push car.




father’s day

Our Father’s day was mostly a typical Sunday. We went to mass and then to Sam’s for pizza. Then home for naps and hanging around the house. We ate leftovers for dinner and went out to get ice cream afterwards. Here is Greta with the card we made for Matt. I traced her hand for the flowers and helped her to sign the card. She was mostly interested in putting the colored pencil in her mouth, but I did get a little scribble out of her.



This weekend I finally found a used sandbox for the price I wanted in a location close to our house. This has been a long process. It took probably around 2 months for me to find on craigslist. While it is nice to be in a big city for some things, buying used things on craigslist means you could end up driving all over the place. I refused to drive and waited and finally got it! We set it up in the backyard (we still need sand) and put an umbrella next to it to help shield Greta from the sun. We need as much protection from the sun as we can get and since we have pretty much no shade in our backyard we had to come up with a solution.


We also set up Greta’s playhouse (that came with our house), so that she can actually get to it. She wasn’t so sure of going inside, but we got her in there for a minute or two.




Our garden is still doing great thanks to diligent watering. We have gotten another cherry tomato, which I ate, a bell pepper and a little cherry pepper (I have no idea if this is really what it is, but that is what I am calling them). We just picked the bell pepper and cherry pepper this morning and hopefully will be eating them later today. Greta loved the cherry pepper, she wouldn’t put it down.



We have two watermelons growing in the mystery pile (Christina you were right!). They are still very small. We also have some sort of squash. I believe it is a buttercup squash, which we got last fall from our CSA. The squash is already pretty big, probably about 3-4 inches in diameter. Hopefully it is yummy.




7 quick takes

1. Greta is walking quite a lot these days. Crawling is still preferred when speed is necessary (like running away with something she isn’t supposed to have), but the walking is happening a lot more. If only our silly video camera was easy to upload videos with, I would post some video. Maybe one day we will get it figured out.

2. Greta is talking more these days. She seems to copy words that I say more often than she was. Words I think she says: outside, keys, cheese, mama, dada, albert, hi.

3. We are joining a local pool. Hopefully this afternoon or this weekend I will bring the application over and then we can start swimming! They have a little toddler pool and also a big pool.

4. Matt’s parents and our 10-year old nephew come to visit in a little over a week! We promised all the nieces and nephews a week with us the summer after they turn 10, so this year is Jordan’s turn. We are excited to have him and I’m sure he will enjoy all the extra attention from the grandparents and us, and also playing with Greta!

5. Our garden is doing great despite the lack of rain. We have been watering it every day. The cherry tomato plant is covered in tomatoes! Tons of peppers too. We have a baby watermelon, which I’m hopeful will make it to a full fruit, but time will tell.

6. We joined a new CSA this year. It is a small farm about 25 miles away. The people seem very nice. We got our first batch of food on Tuesday and it was yummy. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.

7. This little girl can tear our house apart quite quickly. If I put something away that signals to Greta that she must take it back out. Our house is always a total mess of toys and pots and pans and books. Fun!

impromptu photo session

This morning after hanging the diapers to dry on the clothesline, Greta and I had a little impromptu photo shoot. Well more like I took pictures while she played in the grass and dirt. It amazes me how much she loves dirt. She always seems to find the little patch of dirt amongst the grass. Here are a few of my favorites.







• Not much going on these days. It is hot, hot, hot and sunny, so us white folks have been inside a lot!

• I’m going to try and start my own playgroup. Anyone have any suggestions?

• My two recent photo shoots are posted on the grazus blog. I’m typing this post on the iPod so I can’t put the link, but it should be over on the sidebar if you want to check them out.

• We got our first ripe cherry tomato from the garden today. Greta and I shared it. It was quite sweet and delicious, nothing like grocery store tomatoes at all. Pictures are on flickr.

• Greta is walking better and more each day, but still prefers crawling for most stuff since she is quite speedy.

• I taught Greta the sign for all done. I’m amazed how quick she picked it up. In just a few days we went from introduction to her doing it on her own. Now she is also trying to say all done to go with the sign.

• Time for bed.

garden update

I haven’t updated about the garden in a long while. Things are growing really well. Here is an overall picture of the garden this morning. For reference the big tomato plant in the back right comes up to about my shoulder.


When we (more like Matt) planted we mixed in some compost. Apparently doing that meant we got bonus plants! We aren’t really sure what they are yet. One is definitely a pumpkin because I saw it when the plant was hatching from the seed. The others seem to be some kind of squash or maybe melon. They seem to be pretty vine like. This is a picture of all our surprise plants:


We have three kind of tomato plants: cherry and two big tomato varieties. One plant came with some little tomatoes on it, but the squirrels got the tomatoes before they got ripe. We put some netting around that one plant, and will probably have to put netting around some other stuff eventually. All of the tomato plants have blooms and the cherry tomato has some fruit. One of the big tomato plants also has a fruit on it.


We have two kinds of peppers, bell and some red cherry (or something like that). Both have fruit on them! There are lots of little peppers and few bigger ones on each plant.



That’s all we have. We need to get some seeds and start some other plants so that by the end of the summer they are ready for the ground.

For those of you in Texas, there is a new website to help and encourage Texans to garden. Go here to check it out!

trip to the zoo

Last Friday we went to the zoo. Matt took the day off from work and we headed out after Greta’s morning nap. This was our first trip to the San Antonio Zoo and while there were lots of animals, it was not as impressive as the North Carolina Zoo. I think we would have been better served if we looked at the map and planned our trip rather than just wander. We knew we had limited time since naptime would need to happen at some point, and also to get out of the heat.

Greta seemed to like the fish and some of the little monkey things, who were jumping around in their cages. The zoo had oodles of different kinds of birds. We got a little tired of all the birds. Here are some pictures from our trip.









We missed the aquarium part. I think Greta would have really enjoyed it, and I know I wanted to see it. Oh well, next time. In other news, our child is very pasty white. We put sunscreen (SPF50) on her when we got there around 10:15 am, reapplied around 11 something, and left around 12:30 pm and her arms still got a little red. Craziness. It appears that we will only be going outside in the early morning and late afternoon.