A year or two ago a couple of our college friends decided that we would plan a weekend together every year. So the second weekend in October is our weekend to get together. The location changing depending on who is hosting. Last year it was in Chicago and we were unable to make it. This year we headed to Clearwater, FL.

A few weekends ago we went to Clearwater, FL to meet up with some of our college friends. Greta got to meet her friend Adam. We spent a good amount of time at the beach. The weather was perfect for the beach and the water was still quite warm! Greta loved the beach and the water. We went on a dolphin boat trip. We got to see lots of dolphins up close. It was pretty cool. Here are some pictures.














Tara and I are due within a week of each other. Next year we should have at least two new babies in our group, Bubba Mae and Tara and John’s baby. Who knows if we will all be able to make it, but we will certainly try. First we must decide on a new location.


We stayed at John’s parents’ house, which is about 3 blocks from the beach. It was so nice to be so close to the beach. Thanks so much to Tara and John for organizing everything and for both sets of parents for hosting us all. We had a great time.

News! News! News!

Many of you probably got my email early today, but for those who didn’t…We are moving! Matt got a new job working for a drug company in Central NJ. We will most likely be living in PA since taxes and property are cheaper and it is only about 10-15 miles to Matt’s job.

This big move stuff is why I haven’t updated much lately. We have been very busy trying to get our house ready to sell. We are hoping to have it on the market sometime this week, but who knows if that will work out. Of course, we are hoping for a quick sale so that we don’t end up doubling up on mortgage and rent. I’m hoping the stimulus for first time home buyers help us, although it does expire at the end of November.

Things might be kind of sparse around here until we settle in, but I’ll try to keep up to date. We are planning on actually moving after Thanksgiving, so a little more than a month! Ack! So much to do. Now begins the search for new doctors/midwives and hospitals. First up we need to find a new place to live so that we can figure out who our health insurance carrier will be (there are several options with Matt’s new company, but they are all based on our zipcode).

Tomorrow we are having a yard sale to clear out some of the clutter and hopefully make our house look a little better.

a few good baby deal sites

Here are a few good baby deal sites. These all offer one deal a day until they sell out. Some will offer another deal if the current deal sells out super fast. I have gotten some great deals on things. Although be careful, as some things aren’t quite the deal they appear. I have gotten 10 pairs of baby legs for $30, only $3 each, where usually they are between $10-$14 each. There isn’t necessarily the widest selection, but if you aren’t too picky you can get some good stuff.

Mama Bargains
Baby Steals
Green Baby Bargains
Baby Half-Off

Anyone else have any sites I’m missing?

GA Aquarium

On Saturday morning we headed to the GA Aquarium. I have been wanting to go there since it opened several years ago. It was definitely cool, and worth it go at least once, but I’m not sure I would go often with such a hefty entrance fee (although there are reasonable memberships). I took lots of pictures of cool fish and aquatic animals. Here are some of my favorites. There are lots more on flickr.














Dad’s birthday

Last weekend we headed to Atlanta to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday with his immediate family. It was a little mini family reunion. We hadn’t seen his one brother in several years, so it was nice to see them. On Friday night we went out to a nice steakhouse for dinner. We had a private room which was nice.









Here are a few other pictures from the weekend.





Our hotel had a rooftop pool and lounge area. We attempted to go hang out up in the lounge area, but every single person was smoking, so we went up, took a look and left. Annoying.


20 weeks

Last week we had our big ultrasound of Bubba Mae. Everything looks healthy and growing well. Bubba Mae is measuring a little bit small, and they claim that means the baby will be small. I kind of doubt that given Greta’s size. Since our first ultrasound measurement showed the baby about a week behind where the original due date suggested, I’m guessing they should adjust the due date to a week later, but they won’t. So I’m due Feb. 16, but the baby thinks he/she is due around Feb. 24. Either way it will probably be a little early since Greta was early, so I would guess from around Feb. 10 – Feb. 20 is when the baby will actually arrive. We shall see. We got the DVD of the ultrasound, but since it may show the gender we won’t be looking at it until after the baby arrives, so no video to share. Here are some pictures.




We have lots going on the next few weeks/months, so there might not be much posting, but I’ll try.