so much…

1. The midwives changed my due date to Feb. 24, which is where I thought it should have been along. So that picture I posted last week was actually 23 weeks instead of 24 weeks.

2. Our house is on the market. We are doing a pretty good job keeping it clean and orderly. I’m out of ideas of where to go when we have buyers come to look. I’ve been to Target way too many times and soon this whole selling a house is going to get quite expensive.

3. Speaking of expenses, we never realized how much it actually costs to sell a house. Thanks to a very generous relocation package we won’t be losing much money at all, but if we had to sell on our own, it would get quite pricey.

4. I’ll try and post some pictures of our house, so you can see how it looks with nothing (well nearly nothing) in it.

5. We have had a buyer pretty much every day since it went on the market, which is good.

6. The first buyer actually put an offer on the house! We have accepted the offer after a few back and forths, since the first offer was ridiculously low. Today a contract was drawn up and signed by the buyer and hopefully our relocation folks (who do all the signing, we don’t sign anything anymore!). So pending any problems we have sold our house. We have an inspection coming up and we also have to hope the person’s finances all come through. But yea!!

7. We are busy trying to find a place to live. I have a long list of questions that I am emailing prospective places. We won’t be visiting before renting and I want as much information as possible. We are hoping to find a house or townhouse to rent rather than an apartment. We plan on renting for 6-12 months and then finding a house to buy (assuming we can find something affordable).

8. Phew. I feel like we run non-stop. We are on constant alert for showings and so trying our hardest to rein in the mess and clean up immediately after meals. I’m not sure any of us are enjoying it, but it shouldn’t be too much longer! If you do email me, it may take a while for me to respond. I pretty much follow Greta around picking up her toys and such and then try to make dinner while not making a huge mess and then it is time to head out again.