17 months

Right before Halloween, Greta turned 17 months old. Since we have been so busy I haven’t gotten a chance to write the post. Here it is.



This month we went on two trips, one to Atlanta for my Dad’s birthday party and one to Clearwater, FL to see our college friends. On both of these trips Greta got to meet lots of new people. She met my aunt, uncle and cousins from Alabama and she met numerous college friends. Greta is still a pretty good traveler, although by the end of the second trip she was tired and a little crabby.


Just this month Greta became very interested in her baby dolls. She carries them around, hugs them, rocks them, tries to change their diapers. It is quite adorable and I’m hoping it keeps up so she can help with the new baby.



Greta learned to blow her nose! She is too successful at getting snot out of it, but she sure does try, and she has the general idea down.


Greta does this funny arm folding thing. It doesn’t seem to mean just one thing, but many. Sometimes it means she is mad, others that she is cold and often just that she is thinking. I haven’t been able to get a picture of it yet, but maybe next month.

This month Greta really took off running. She pushes her little car around the house and can really get going very fast. I think she is definitely officially running.


This month Greta has really started to explode in verbal development. She says lots of words and I can’t really remember many of them. She likes to repeat words after us, even if she doesn’t use them all the time. She still loves to read. In fact, most days I’m pretty sure the most popular activity is reading. We read many of the same books over and over and over again. If anyone is looking for Christmas ideas, books are great!


Greta’s top two molars broke through at the beginning of the month and have pretty much stopped since then. They are only barely sticking out. She is definitely still working on the bottom molars and her eye teeth. Lots and lots of teeth coming in!

Greta continues to follow Dada around all the time. She wants to do everything he does.