Matt finally figured out how to use the video function on my camera. It is pretty easy to use and even creates files that are instantly uploadable to flickr! So hopefully now we will start taking lots more videos. Here are a couple of videos that I have uploaded.

First up, Greta riding her little car around the house. Other than reading, this has been the only toy she has really been interested in lately.

Here is a video of Greta going down the slide at the park. She loves the slide! Each time she turns over to her belly toward the end of the slide.

If you want to see either video larger, go to flickr and watch them there.

trip to houston

A few weeks ago (maybe two) we went over to Houston to see my aunt, uncle and cousin. We wanted to get over there one more time before we head East. While there Greta got to go to a football game. My cousin’s team was playing in their new fancy stadium. It was definitely impressive for a high school football stadium. Greta loved it! It was a at a perfect time (4 pm), so she was alert and cheering and not crabby at all.



Greta got to meet the head cheerleader, who is a long-time friend of my aunt, uncle and cousin.


Mostly, Greta had fun sitting in our laps and cheering. About half-way through the game, she finally realized they were playing with a ball on the field.



On Sunday before we left we just played around at their house. It was very humid, so Greta’s hair was extra curly.





We decided to wait and go to church when we got back to San Antonio and that again confirmed why we go to morning mass. Thanks for having us, Aunt Donna and Uncle Jeff! We hope you come visit us in PA.