let the guessing begin…

It is time to start guessing size/sex/arrival date of baby. Here are some facts to help you along.

Greta’s pregnancy:
1. By about 33 weeks I was measuring 2 weeks ahead.
2. Greta was born 12 days early, at 38 weeks 2 days. My water broke and labor started on its own.
3. I gained a total of 27 lbs when pregnant with Greta.
4. Greta weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz at birth.
5. Me at 35.5 weeks pregnant with Greta.

35.5 weeks

This pregnancy:
1. Measuring right on schedule, 35.5 weeks.
2. Baby’s due date is Feb. 24.
3. So far this pregnancy I have gained 30 lbs (as of 35 weeks).
4. Me at 35.5 weeks pregnant with Bubba Mae.

35.5 weeks

So when do you think baby will arrive? How much will Bubba Mae weigh? Will Bubba Mae be a girl or a boy?


This weekend we did quite a lot (or at least a lot picture worthy). Friday afternoon we went to the park, since it was finally warm, well warm enough.



Saturday morning we went in our PJs to Dunkin Donuts.


On Sunday, Matt put together the trike that my parents got Greta for Christmas. She loves it! So far Greta has just played with it in the house, which is probably where it will stay until it is nice and toasty outside.





Monday we had a morning of cleaning and rearranging. Monday afternoon some of Matt’s family came down to visit. Since it was 55 degrees outside we decided to head to the park for a little while.







7 quick takes!

1. Just verified that our new insurance DOES cover this pregnancy! This means that the delivery and midwife fees are covered 100%. Wahoo! Considering we started this pregnancy planning to pay everything out of pocket, since we had no maternity coverage, this is great. It will save us thousands of dollars! More money to put towards our new house.

2. I’m 34 weeks and change now. Wondering when this baby will arrive. We have family coming to stay with us for three weeks. First my mom for a week, then my sister for a week, and then my dad for a week. They will start arriving around 37.5 weeks. Hopefully the baby will be born when one of them is here, so we have someone to leave Greta with. Otherwise we will enter panic mode and hope that someone from Matt’s family is available and able to get down here in time to watch her so she doesn’t have to come to the hospital with us. This is the main problem with moving somewhere where you know no one so close to the baby’s birth.

3. We have been here a little over a month and are getting mostly settled. Greta and I went to storytime for the first time this week. She didn’t love it, but we will keep going for a while. I also need to join the playgroup that is at one of the local churches. We know where most stuff is, and have even found a handy car repair guy for my car. My car has had some pretty big repairs lately, and that along with new tires, hopefully will last it a long while. Volkswagens are meant to last right? Mine is 9 years old and has about 115,000 miles on it. Hoping to get another couple years out of it (at least until we need a bigger car to accommodate a third child).

4. Last week we lowered the price of our house in hopes of getting some new (hopefully higher offers). People really seem to want to get a good deal and are offering very low and ridiculous offers. We keep countering with something a little more reasonable in hopes that they will come up somewhat. Currently we have an offer in which both parties have agreed on a price. The house is not under contract yet, so there is still time for them to back out, but I’m hoping and praying this deal goes through and the house is gone soon. It will be nice to not have to pay double mortgage/rent every month.

5. We are trying hard to get ready for babies arrival. I have washed all of the clothes and diapers, so they are nice and clean and ready to go. Our crib screws got lost in the move and I ordered new ones. They came in the mail yesterday, so we are hopefully going to assemble that this weekend. Hopefully this baby likes the crib a bit more than Greta did. The crib will be in our room and as of now Greta is still sleeping with me.

6. Greta is mostly nightweaned now. We took the sleep with daddy approach. The first time she woke up and I wasn’t there she cried off and on for about 45 minutes. After that it was minor whimpering, and Matt was there to comfort her the whole time. After two nights I went back to sleeping with her, since Matt can’t actually sleep while holding her. Greta decided she wanted to be held the entire night when sleeping with Matt, while she lets me sleep next to her. I still occasionally have to tell her no milk, but usually I can satisfy her with water and some snuggles. She still wakes up at night, but is sleeping a bit longer of stretches these days and can sometimes put herself back to sleep. This week has been rough, I think her last canine tooth is trying to break through. Hopefully it is done soon. Then we will be done with teething until the 2 year molars show up. I’m hopeful that she will be sleeping most of the night by the time Bubba Mae arrives.

7. I’ve been on a baby wipe making frenzy. I bought some flannel a long time ago and am finally making us some new wipes. While the original ones I made before Greta was born are still holding up find, they aren’t quite soft and I think we made need some more with two kids. And here is a cute picture of Matt and Greta making facing in the computer (we love our new Mac, with photobooth!).

two peas in a pod

bathing baby & cowgirl

Here is a cute video of Greta bathing her baby in her kitchen sick. She did this all on her own. She has pretty much never taken a sick bath, so not quite sure where she got the idea.

Here is a video of Greta wearing her light up cowgirl boots that my mom got for her. They are a little narrow for her foot, but she loves them. The video isn’t the best quality since it is quite dark, but I liked it since you could see her shoes!

33 weeks

I have been terrible about taking belly pictures this pregnancy, but I guess that is normal. Here is my belly this morning at about 33 weeks.


For comparison, here I am last time at 32 and 34 weeks (for some reason I didn’t upload a picture of 33 weeks).

32 weeks

34 weeks

Last time it looks like there was a big growth spurt between 32 and 34 weeks, which is when I went from measuring average to measuring large, so that makes sense. It seems I am smaller this time around. Will this baby be smaller? Or maybe my boobs are bigger, so my belly looks smaller? Who knows. I think I have gained about the same amount of weight so far. Off to the midwife today for a check up, so we shall see if anything changes.

cloth diapering – 19 months

I’ve been meaning to update everyone about cloth diapers, but I’m a slacker and haven’t done it for months. We still love cloth diapering and I can’t wait for the new baby to get here so we can use some of the diapers that Greta wore for only a few weeks. I bet the new baby won’t get much use out of them either, but we will just keep saving them for the next baby.

For the most part I think cloth diapering is easy (I’ll discuss some issues we have had) and totally worth the little bit of extra effort. The last time I wrote about diapers I think I had different favorite diapers.

Today my favorite diapers are:

BumGenius One-Size Organic All-in-One – Currently these diapers are only available in the snap version. When I first bought them, they were available in the velcro, so that is what I bought. Just a few weeks after I bought them, they released the snap version and then shortly after discontinued the velcro ones. We aren’t using the velcro ones now because Greta became a diaper stripper at about 10 months, so those are in storage for the new baby’s first while, until he or she learns to take off diapers (or until Greta starts removing his or her diapers). These diapers are super easy to use and hold a lot. I have never used them overnight, but if your baby isn’t a heavy wetter you might be able to survive the night without leaks. I love that they are made of organic cotton and that is what touches baby. Since it is an all-in-one you don’t need a cover. These are definitely my go-to diaper for leaving the house. They are trim and easy.

Variety of Fitted Diapers – I kind of love fitted diapers. I have a variety including goodmamas, muttaqin baby, motherease, and es-baby. These are usually Greta’s first pick for diapers (she loves picking out her diapers these days), mainly because they come in pretty patterns. She has a few favorites that she always picks if they are clean. I usually put these on her around the house, and sometimes with a cover, sometimes not. Back when it was warm and Greta was not usually wearing pants, we didn’t use any cover. Now with the potential to soak through pants and tights I usually put a cover on her, just so if she does pee a lot I don’t have to change her pants as well. These are all pretty absorbent and all have snap closures. They are all also one-size diapers. These are all natural fibers, some cotton, some bamboo and some are a combination. I definitely prefer natural fibers rather than the synthetic fibers that are in most pocket diapers.

At night we use a goodmama fitted with two extra boosters, followed by a Thristies cover. Until recently we only used one booster, but she was waking up wet sometimes, so I added another layer to absorb more pee.

The main issue we have had in recent times is stink. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I suspect it is because I started washing diapers only every 3rd day, rather than every other day. Basically what was happening was anytime Greta peed the diapers would stink a lot, like dirty diapers. After about a month of trying a zillion different solutions I finally got them back to normal by soaking the diapers in oxiclean for a couple of hours and then rinsing like crazy, like 5 or 6 full wash cycles. I did that about a month ago (right when we moved in here) and the diapers seem to be holding up very well.

The BumGenius and mother-ease diapers seem to be holding up the best. The goodmama diapers are slowly falling apart, which is quite disappointing since they aren’t the cheapest thing in the world (although they did just lower their prices). Many of the knits have gotten holes in them and then snaps seem to almost be melting, making certain snaps unusable. I think they replace snaps free of charge, so I might look into that. The older goodmamas I have seem to have held up better than the newer ones, so maybe they changed the snaps they were using. I haven’t used the es-baby or muttaqin baby fitteds enough to know how well they will hold up. We don’t have as many of them and for some reason they don’t get picked as often (I guess Greta doesn’t love the patterns as much).

I really want to try some wool diaper covers, but I can’t justify the price. I’m thinking of trying to make some out of old sweaters, but so far I haven’t done that. I keep hoping I will win a contest for a pretty wool cover, but so far no luck.

I have had to adjust our washing routine a little bit since we are now using a top-loader washer, while our washer in in storage. Other than using more detergent, I’m not doing much different, but it took a little tweaking to get where I wanted it to be.

Anyone have any questions? There are oodles of you who have had babies recently or are due in the coming months. I challenge you to at least consider cloth diapers, if only for part-time. Better for baby, the environment and your wallet.

P.S. I haven’t really bought any new diapers for the new baby. Since we use one-size diapers mostly, after baby grows out of the newborn stuff, Greta and baby will use the same diapers. I may need to order a few more to last us 2 days, but other than that I’m set.

P.P.S. Have I mentioned how much Greta LOVES her diapers! She was so excited to see them when the movers brought them in and she loves to pick out which diaper to wear at every change.

19 months!

This month for Greta was filled with change and new things. At the beginning of the month we packed up and headed back east. The move was very difficult for her and I think she is still adjusting as her sleep is much worse than before we moved. Hopefully in time she will get back to sleeping a bit better.



Greta mastered getting up onto the couch this month. She has been able to get up on chairs for a long time, but could never quite make it onto the couch. I think it was a combination of it being a bit too high and having no where to grab onto to pull herself up. She loves to be up on the couch and thinks it is great fun to run around up there. She has taken one tumble off the couch so far, but didn’t seem to get too upset about it. Later when we talked about appropriate actions on the couch she just laughed when we said no running on the couch. Luckily we saw that she would be tumbling off sometime soon and moved the cedar chest with sharp corners out of the way. Albert is frequently hanging out on the couch, so Greta likes that she can get up there and snuggle (or torture) him.




christmas card a week too late

Greta is fast learning how to take her clothes off and on. She can get a couple of her larger sweaters off all by herself. She loves to try and get dressed or undressed without help, but also quickly knows to ask “help, help” if she needs help. Greta also mastered putting her snow and rain boots on this month. She loves to wear shoes in the house, despite the fact that we try to maintain a shoe-free house (keeps the house cleaner), and often switches pairs multiple times a day. Greta loves to pick out her clothes and most times I let her wear whatever she wants. It doesn’t both Matt or I at all if she isn’t matching, and it saves us from many a fight. Once we moved Greta decided she hated socks. Even if I was able to wrestle socks on her, she would take off her shoes and socks in the car, so I would have to battle again when we got somewhere. We have now switched to tights all the time. She can’t get them off and they probably keep her warmer anyway.




Greta has mostly mastered counting to three with help. We count fingers and toes and whatever we are measuring in the kitchen.

Greta LOVES to help with all activities. Some things she does to help me: put the kitchen towels away, get a towel when I need one, empty the dishwasher, load the washer and dryer, cook (I let her help with anything not involving knives or the stove), put clothes away in both the hamper and the dresser. Sometimes she is a little overzealous with the clothes in the hamper, but I guess it is better than putting dirty clothes in the dresser. 🙂


This month Greta really started showing an interest in her diapers. It started the moment we got her regular cloth diapers back from the movers. She immediately picked out one to wear and insisted I put it on her even though her diaper didn’t need changing. A few minutes later she brought me another one to wear. She now wants to pick out her diapers pretty much every time. Greta also started to recognize when she needs a new diaper and brings me a diaper to tell me she needs a new one. Sometimes she even will say poo-poo and wave her hand in front of her face to indicate a stinky diaper. If she is busy or away from home she doesn’t usually tell me about her diaper, but it’s a start. I have started putting her on the potty before she takes a bath, but so far no pee. Greta thinks it is hilarious when someone (her included) passes gas and usually says toot-toot and giggles.

Greta got to experience her first winter storm this month. She didn’t seem to love or hate the snow. At first she didn’t enjoy getting all the gear on (although does anyone really), but she didn’t want to come in when it was time to come in. I’m sure she will grow to enjoy the snow. She definitely does not enjoy the cold though. Yesterday it was very cold and windy and she did not enjoy it at all, even though all we did was go to the car.



We still aren’t quite sure Greta understands that there is a baby in my belly, but she does pat it and say baby sometimes. Although she will also tell Matt he has a baby in his belly and sometimes she says she has a baby in her belly. She has felt the baby move a few times, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what is moving around in there. She has shown a great deal of interest in her baby dolls lately, so hopefully that translate when the real baby is here.

Greta is finally starting to attach to some objects. Once she showed a little interest in something, I have tried to encourage it by having it at bedtime all the time. So far she has her doll ‘Martha’ (named after Matt’s great Aunt Martha who made the doll many years ago), and a beautiful blanket that my dear friend, Katie, made for her before she was born.

Christmas was of course during this month. Greta enjoyed opening her gifts and playing with all the old toys at Matt’s parents’ house. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t get much about Christmas yet, but she can sometimes point out and say Jesus in books or pictures, so a start. We aren’t really into the Santa thing all that much, so Greta doesn’t really know anything about that. People kept asking her what Santa brought her and well she mostly just stared at them like what are you talking about. The closest she got to a Santa was at Matt’s extended family Christmas get together. One of Matt’s cousins dressed up as Santa and gave out gifts to all the kids. Greta was handed her gift by one of our nephews since she didn’t want to go any closer.


This month Greta pretty much gave up vegetables. This is quite a change from a few months ago when it was all veggies and no meat. Now she eats meat like crazy. She is getting pretty good at using a fork, but still has trouble with stuff falling off the spoon. Whoever said spoons were easier is crazy.



Greta is definitely getting more comfortable around other people. She is much better about going to family members, but is still a bit unsure of men.

Let’s see what the next month brings!