20 months

Since Greta will be 21 months very soon and the baby is coming soon as well I better get on the 20 month post before I forget everything. This month was definitely better than last for her. No big changes, no moving across the country, no new house, just mainly hanging around with me and playing. It was probably the month she spent the most time inside, mainly due to the cold weather. She doesn’t seem to love the cold and neither do I, so I tend to avoid taking her out.

Greta has been learning new words left and right. I have no idea how many words she uses now, but she definitely has quite a lot. She just recently started combining words into two word phrases! YAY! This month she learned to say Nah for No. I’m surprised that she lasted this long before adding a no variation. So far it isn’t annoying or being screamed at us, so that is a good thing. She still does some sign language as well. I wish we would have learned a few more, but oh well, next child.

Greta continues to love her baby dolls. She likes to change their diapers, feed them cups of water or spoonfuls of food, rock them, bring them to bed, etc. She now brings all of her dolls to bed with her (only 4 or 5). Greta also likes to take a baby with us wherever we go. They usually just stay in the diaper bag, but she must put one in there.


Greta also likes to play with her dress up box, blocks, and books. Books are definitely still a favorite. She would read all day long if we would read to her that much. This month we started checking out library books. Before I was always afraid she would rip the books or she wouldn’t sit still long enough for a longer picture book. Now she will sit for almost any book. We are finding lots of great books at the library.




Greta is not nearly as interested in playing outside these days, which I’m pretty sure has something to do with it being cold, snowy, and having no where really to play outside. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will be in a house with a yard! We do still go outside some, but not nearly as much.



all bundled up


We didn’t travel anywhere this month! But we did have some visitors. Almost all of Matt’s family came to visit us this month. It was nice to see everyone again so soon after Christmas. Hopefully we will have some more visitors to see Bubba Mae once he/she arrives.




Greta still loves to talk on the phone. Mostly she won’t actually talk when there is a person on the other end, but she is getting better. She also loves to talk on the computer to our families. We try to talk to each family on skype at least once a week. We also started letting Greta watch some animal videos on the computer. We use zooborns.com, which publishes pictures and videos of baby animals born in zoos. They are very, very cute and Greta would watch them all day if we let her.


on the phone


Greta mostly picks out her clothes these days. Usually she will pick out a shirt or pants and then we suggest something that doesn’t completely clash. Sometimes all of our options are rejected and she ends up with some interesting outfits. Most of the time she is pretty good at picking out something that kind of matches though, and it most always has pink in it. The girl loves her some pink!





Greta loves to be in the kitchen with Matt and I. She always helps with cooking.



This month Greta and I started attending some activities. We went to storytime at the library, music class at the hospital, and a playgroup at church. We haven’t been many times since we are full with visitors these days, but once the baby arrives and is a little bigger we will start going again.

This month I finally nightweaned Greta in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. It wasn’t as terrible as I expected, although it also didn’t really help her nightwaking that much. Hopefully one day she will stop waking up. I’m sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff, but that’s what happens when you write the update when you are almost to the next month.