21 months

Greta recently turned 21 months (I never really know when it is for February since her birthday is the 30th, but she is definitely 21 months now!). This was a very big month for Greta.


Greta had a huge verbal explosion this month. She now says tons and tons of words. She tries hard to repeat nearly everything we say. She watches how our mouths move to try and mimic them. All of her words aren’t totally clear, but we can understand most of what she says. She has a couple of words that sound very similar so sometimes you have know what the situation is in order to know what word she is using. Greta transitioned from nah to no this month. She says is very matter of factly.


Since we were on baby watch for most of the month, we had lots of visitors. First my mom came to stay for a week, then my sister, then my dad. My other sister came down for a weekend. Greta loved having someone to pay attention to her all the time and someone new to play with. I think she definitely bonded with all of them a lot. She asks for them often still.





Greta still loves her baby dolls and whoever is in the house pretty much has the job of changing the dolls’ diapers and clothes multiple times a day. I pulled out a few small onesies so that everyone can have a new outfit to wear. She rocks her babies, wipes their hineys, kisses them, reads to them, pretty much does everything to them. For nap and bedtime she takes all of her babies to bed. They sit at the end of the bed and she reads them a story before we read her stories.



Greta loves to make faces. She pretty much makes any funny face that Matt does. When you tell her she can’t have something she makes the funniest sad face. She covers her eyes and acts so sad and upset.



This month Greta really started coloring. While my mom was here she got a fancy coloring and sticker book. At first she was interested in only the stickers, but as time has gone on she has gotten really into coloring as well. She is very good at finding the correct page to place the sticker on (each sticker goes with a certain picture on a certain page). Greta likes to color on other things well, mostly paper thank goodness, but she has colored a little on other things. She even holds the crayons the right way (with her right hand)!


Greta has become quite interested in the potty. She pretty much always tells us when she needs a new diaper and sometimes wants to sit on the potty. We think if we didn’t just have a baby that she could probably be potty trained. We don’t want to force to many changes on her, plus it is a lot of work with a new baby and potty training. We will keep encouraging her to try, but won’t try to actually teach her to use the potty until this summer probably.

Greta can take most of her clothes off. She can’t get her shirt over her head, but other than that she can get undressed. When she wakes up in the morning, no matter how early, she wants to get dressed. We let her pick out her clothes, which might have been a mistake since now it takes forever and a day for her to decide what to wear. But she usually fights if we don’t let her pick, and clothing is not something I’m going to fight about everyday at this age. As long as it is weather appropriate we are fine with her wearing whatever she wants.


We had tons of snow this month. I think there were three pretty big storms. Greta doesn’t really love the snow. I’m sure once she can actually walk in it and play in it then she will like it, but for now it is just cold and wet. Maybe next year.


Greta closes doors and drawers with her legs and hips, which I’m guessing she learned from me. Greta often will pick Albert up. I think he is finally catching on and learning to be on better watch so that it doesn’t happen, but usually he is eating some food off the floor when she goes up behind him and just grabs him.

This should have been mentioned last month, but I forgot. Greta loves to feed us from her play kitchen. She brings us lots of food and water. She also feeds her dolls from the kitchen.


And last but certainly not least, Greta became a big sister at the end of the month. We weren’t sure how much she would really understand prior to the arrival, but we taught her that babies drink milk and so every time we mentioned the baby, she said and signed milk. When we were heading to the hospital, I told her we were going to the hospital and she said baby?. We think she understood more than we were giving her credit for. When she walked into the hospital room, she had the biggest smile on her face and it never left the whole time she was in the room. She was so excited about the baby. She likes to hold Eloise and point out her body parts. She likes to make sure Eloise is dressed appropriately and picks out Eloise’s clothes and diapers. Greta has had hardly any trouble adjusting at all. At first she wasn’t so sure about me nursing Eloise all the time, but she has definitely gotten better about that. Greta is always kissing Eloise. The first few days were hardest on Greta. Since I passed out, I’m not allowed to pick her up for 2 weeks. This is very hard to stick with. I can hold her but I can’t actually pick her up. The first few days she just cried mama all the time, but wouldn’t let me hold or hug her very much. Everything I asked was no, even though all she was saying was mama. It was definitely hard for both of us. Thankfully as we settle into our new roles she has adapted very well and knows when she gets mama time.






This month Greta has grown a lot both physically, intellectually, mentally, and emotionally. Her clothes are getting smaller, she feels heavier, she doesn’t seem to have much trouble leaving the house without me. She has become much more attached to Matt than she was before. Hopefully this won’t create too much of a problem when he goes back to work next week.