7 quick takes

1. Did I ever mention that we sold our house? I know I mentioned it on twitter, but not sure if I ever mentioned it here. The whole process was a little odd since we never really knew when the final closing was or anything. Basically we ended up selling our house to the company that handles all the relocation stuff and then they sell it to the buyer the following day or something. Because of President’s Day I’m not quite sure when it actually closed, but we got our check and the house is no longer ours so YAY!! We got a little less than we were hoping, but still not bad considering the market. We got back most of what we put out two years ago, so we only really lost what we paid to live there, which isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things. Either way we would have had to pay living expenses, so at least we had a place we liked living.

2. Greta is sleeping much better these days. She and Matt sleep in one room and Eloise and I in the other. Greta can finally nap on her own for the most part (this is the first week this has ever happened). Sometimes I have to go in and help her get back to sleep, but most days she stirs and falls back asleep on her own. She is sleeping pretty good at night most nights. This is good for Matt since he has to go to work every day. Greta usually wakes a time or two at night but is relatively easy to get back to sleep. She has finally given up fighting bedtime for the most part. Most nights and naps she goes to sleep easily and within about 30 minutes. All in all a success.

3. Eloise sleeps pretty good as well, although she does wake to eat at night, which is to be expected. I think I’m probably getting more sleep now than I was when I was pregnant. Between being uncomfortable, having to pee, and Greta waking up, I wasn’t getting much great sleep. I’m not expecting Eloise to sleep through the night any time soon (heck Greta still doesn’t sleep through the night, except one night), but there is hope that she might be a better sleeper than Greta. She is definitely a deeper sleeper than Greta was at this age.

4. Breastfeeding the second time around is much easier. Eloise latched right on and has yet to have trouble latching on. She knows what she is doing, and I know what I’m doing, so all in all, no trouble there at all. There is plenty of milk and Eloise is definitely gaining weight.

5. Here is another video of Greta and Eloise. You can see how Greta lets us know she is done holding Eloise. Also you can see my hand there to catch little Eloise. 🙂

6. Here is a video of Greta making her baby dance.

7. And lastly a video of Eloise doing some tummy time. Can you tell we like videos these days. There are also oodles of new photos over at Flickr.