Naming the baby

When I was just pregnant with Eloise I had a dream that the baby was a girl. I also dreamed that we could not come up with a girl name so we just named her Greta. Hey if George Forman can name all of his kids George why can’t I name all of mine Greta. Sure it isn’t my name, but I love it. Thus began the battle to come up with a girls name. We had the same problem when Greta was born. When she was born we had narrowed our girls’ names down to two different names and ultimately waited until she was born to name her. Just like when I was pregnant with Great, we rather quickly decided on a boys name. No, it wasn’t the same boys name we decided on for Greta, but the middle name was the same.

Before I was pregnant with Eloise we decided on a middle name, Kathleen. As most of you probably know, my dear and oldest childhood friend, Katie, died last February after a brave 4.5 year battle with a GBM (brain tumor). We knew then that we would be using her given name, Kathleen, as our next daughter’s middle name. Now we just needed to come up with a first name.

We had several choices that we settled on for a week or two, but then something would come up to make us change our minds. Two of our favorite names had nicknames we couldn’t get past. Maybe some day in the future we will get over those nicknames and use the name for a future daughter (Matt is convinced we will only have girls, so we might have a few more girls’ names to come up with). Ultimately we decided on Eloise because we both loved it and didn’t mind the nicknames. We plan on calling her mostly Eloise, with the occasional Ella, Ellie, or Ellie Bellie thrown in for fun. At this point Greta cannot say Eloise. Sometimes we can get her to say Ellie or Ella, but mostly she calls her baby.

While I was pregnant we tried our name possibilities on Greta to see what she could say. Even though we only mentioned the boy’s name maybe three times, she sometimes insists that is Eloise’s name. Kind of funny 🙂