cloth diapers times 2

We are closing in on cloth diapering two for two months. I figured now would be a good time to share some thoughts. Eloise has been wearing cloth diapers since we came home from the hospital. We quickly learned that washing every other day wasn’t going to work too well anymore. We were producing far too many diapers to wash in one wash, so we switched to washing every 36 hours, morning one day and evening the next.

For about the first month Eloise was wearing mainly newborn specific diapers. I bought these when Greta was born and used them on her. Since Greta gained weight so fast she only wore them for about 2 or 3 weeks. The only thing I bought new for Eloise was 6 prefold diapers. I had been too afraid to try them with Greta, but after using cloth diapers for close to two years I was ready to try them. Now with Eloise, age 7 weeks, we have been using some bumgenius one-size all-in-one organic diapers for a couple of weeks. They seem a little big in the legs, but so far they hold everything in, so I have been using them on her often. We have a few other random size small or newborn (the bigger ones) fitted diapers that she is wearing as well. The prefolds I got are infant size, so they still fit well, as they are supposed to fit up to 15 pounds. I also put her in some of the one-size fitted diapers when I can sneak them away from Greta.

I like that they can now both wear the one-size diapers, so that is all that is in the diaper bag. No matter who needs a change I’m prepared and don’t need to have as many diapers with me.

My favorite diapers for Eloise during the newborn phase have been:

1. prefold diapers — These have been surprisingly easy and are very absorbent. I don’t use pins or a snappi, just kind of lay them in the cover and wrap the cover around her. I was always afraid to try them, but now I’m glad I did. I haven’t tried them on Greta since she is very picky about which diaper she wants to wear and all the prefolds we have are just plain and boring. Plus she takes her covers off, and well that would mean she would take the whole diaper off, which wouldn’t work too well.

2. bumgenius bamboo fitted diapers — I’m so sad that these are discontinued. I tried to buy them when I was pregnant with Greta but they were discontinued. Then they brought them back, but Greta was at the stage of taking her velcro diapers off, so I didn’t buy them. When I was pregnant with Eloise they were discontinuing them again, but I was able to order 2 size small before they were all gone. I so wish I had bought a few more, but now they are all gone. They are very absorbent and soft.

3. gro baby system — About a year ago I won two gro baby shells and some inserts. I used them for a little while on Greta but wasn’t that impressed with their fit on super chubby and big Greta. I love the way these fit Eloise. They are definitely great for the skinnier kid. I like that the inserts are organic cotton. So far Eloise rarely poops onto the shell, so I can use the shell over and over again. The thing I don’t like about these is the velcro they use is kind of crummy. It stays closed on Eloise fine, but the wash tabs never stay in the right place. They do sell these in snaps and if I get any more I will definitely be getting the snap version. They also offer a way to upgrade from velcro to snaps, which I may look into.

These days I’m not loving many of our diapers on Greta. I still like the bumgenius organic all-in-one for ease of use and quality. Greta has definitely increased the amount she pees at a time and has peed through them a couple of times when I didn’t change her fast enough. Many of our fitted diapers have seen better days, and pretty much anything with a knit pattern outer has gotten quite hole-ly. Greta still loves them, but they are definitely looking very worn. The diapers that have held up the best are the mother-ease one-size fitted diapers. They really look like they are barely used at all. They are our go-to nighttime diaper. We have to stuff them with some extra layers (usually a prefold) and then a cover on top to last Greta through the night. My new favorite fitted diapers are by monkey snuggles. They are one-size and have two snap-in soakers. They fit both girls pretty well and seem to be very absorbent. I’ll definitely be getting some more of these, although I probably will steer clean of the knits based on my experience with knits so far. Monkey Snuggles usually makes some diapers in dyed bamboo, so I’ll be getting those!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the kids are hardly ever in diapers only. That was definitely much easier to do in Texas!

22 months



Greta is inching closer to age 2 every day. I can hardly believe. We now refer to her as 2 years old rather than a year and a half. Greta continues to learn new words each and every day. She has also started singing a lot more. She says several two word phrases and often combines words. Sometimes she will just sit there speaking whole incoherent sentences, with usually a word or two you can pick out. Greta now kind of does the sign of the cross (she attempts, but it isn’t really correct), and then says amen! One of her favorite phrases is “how you”.

Greta continues to love reading and coloring. I would say that is what she spends the majority of her days doing. We will sit on the couch and read an entire stack of books usually twice a day at least, plus then nap and bedtime stories. We continue to get books from the library and have found some cute ones. We also got a big stack of books at a consignment sale last week, which we will slowly give to her over the next few weeks/months. Right now she is sitting at the kitchen table searching for sticker matches (the book we have has a sticker for each page, and you have to find the page that matches). She will spend a very long time doing this. Greta definitely has a long attention span these days. She will literally sit at the table for an hour, or sit in front of the bookcase for an hour. That seems like a long time for a not even 2 year old to do the same activity, but I’m not going to complain.

help, i'm stuck



Babies are still quite popular as well. At the end of the month we got a doll high chair at a consignment sale. I had been hoping to find one at a sale sometime this spring since Greta loved the one she played with at a playgroup once. When she saw it at the sale she immediately grabbed it and started carrying it around. Clearly she remembered she wanted one.




Greta can says “Matt”. Often if Greta and I are in the other room and we need Matt to come, I call him by name and she then yells Matt as well. Kind of funny, although Matt doesn’t really enjoy it. She has also said my name a few times, but I guess I yell to Matt more than he yells to me.



Greta is getting quite good at kicking the ball. We have had quite a few warm days this month and so we have gone out to the little grassy area next to our condo and played with the balls. Greta’s favorite game is to kick the ball into the street and then try to run after it. Not a game I enjoy very much, so we don’t often go outside unless Daddy is home to help keep her out of the street.

Greta enjoyed her slew of playmates that came to visit this month. Matt’s mom was here for a week and then my parents were here for a couple of days.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned eating in the last few months. Greta eats a lot! Greta is definitely not a very picky eater, although she can be finicky. One day she will eat tons of something and the next won’t touch it, but well as grown-ups we don’t like to eat the same stuff all the time either. She eats most vegetables, fruits, meats, pretty much most stuff. She loves noodles (who doesn’t), fruit, bread, and sweets. Most days she eats pretty healthy. The other day I told her we were going to have a treat after lunch and asked her to guess what it was. Her guess an orange. Actual treat was ice cream.



Greta’s sleep this month has been hit or miss, although overall it is much improved from a few months ago. We had a good two week stretch where she was sleeping through the night some nights or waking once or twice, but went back to sleep very easily. Then came the start of the two year molars and then no more sleeping for Matt or Greta! Currently only one of the molars seems to be trying to push through the gums, so it appears we may be teething for a long time. If we give her Tylenol at bedtime she usually sleeps a while, but then wakes up when it wears off. And we really aren’t keen on drugging her every night for months on end, so we don’t do it often.


Greta continues to love her sister. She likes to hold Eloise and kiss her and point out body parts. She also carries her stool around to help with bath time and diaper changes. Greta has tried a few times to pick Eloise up off the floor, so there is definitely no leaving Eloise anywhere, but in the crib or my arms.




This month Greta spent nearly a whole day away from me. Other than the hospital, this is the longest she has been away from me. She went up to Matt’s parents’ house to bring Matt’s mom home and to go to her great grandfather’s birthday party. She had a blast and didn’t seem to miss me much. I definitely missed her though.


The weather has finally warmed up around here, so we have been spending a lot more time outside. The warmer weather has thrown Greta for a spin. She still insists on wearing pants with her dresses and basically doesn’t understand shorts or skirts. It is going to take a little getting used to, but first I need to just put away most of the pants 🙂 She also thinks that Eloise must always be wearing pants.





Greta has taken more interest in the potty. We need to figure out our potty training plan. Basically after Greta poops or pees she tells us and wants a new diaper. During the diaper change she usually runs away to sit on the potty. And then she doesn’t want a diaper on anymore, but she doesn’t stay sitting on the potty. So there are lots of fights about putting on a diaper. We put the potty away after a while since she wasn’t doing anything but playing on it.



Easter weekend

Saturday we headed up to Matt’s parents’ house. We wanted to have Eloise meet her great-grandfather and there was an Easter egg hunt in town for Greta to participate in, so we drove on up. Eloise showed off her smiling skills for Great Pop-Pop.




We also visited Matt’s Great Aunt Mildred, so the girls great-great aunt.



Then we headed to the egg hunt. Greta was in the group of 0, 1, and 2 year olds. The parents of the really little kids picked up eggs for them, which seems quite unfair. Greta wound up with 2 eggs that she got all by herself, while many of the 6 month olds got 10 eggs! We wanted her to learn how to do it herself.


Greta’s cousins came to the egg hunt as well, so we got to see them.


Much to our surprise, Greta ran up and gave the bunny a big hug. This is after last week’s shoe buying incident. I took Greta to get some new shoes and the man at the store needed to measure her foot, since I didn’t really know what size she wore. You would have thought I was leaving her there with a strange and mean man. She was screaming like crazy, so much so that she woke Eloise, who then joined in the screaming. Boy were we a sight. But for some reason the bunny was not scary at all. We did nothing to encourage her to go up to him, other than walk in the general direction of the bunny. Bizarre.


Easter morning we headed out to see what Greta got in her Easter basket: a new coloring book, some books, a sticker book, socks, a flower headband, eggs filled with pretzels, raisins, cookies and chocolate peanut butter eggs.






Greta was very generous and gave me a chocolate peanut butter egg! She seemed to love the pretzels and raisins! We got ready for church and headed to mass. Mass was a disaster. Greta was awful. She is normally very well-behaved and it is very rare that we have to take her out at all anymore. She got taken out part way through the homily and never returned. Matt attempted to bring her back but she started throwing another fit. Apparently in the back she was not being very nice to the other kids. I held her while Matt went to communion and the whole time she was kicking her arms and legs and nearly whacking Eloise in the head. We gave up and left. We think she may have been overwhelmed by all the people, there was close to twice as many people as normal in mass. Plus she was tired from the day before when she wouldn’t nap at Matt’s parents’ house. Hopefully she will be back to her normal self next weekend.





After mass we came home and ate some lunch and attempted nap. Greta fought like crazy for over and hour and half. Matt finally put her in the car and eventually she fell asleep for 30 or 40 minutes. We had ham, sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner. I’m still working on making our carrot cake, since the afternoon was wasted due to nap fighting. Not the best Easter day, but so it goes.