lawn obsession

Last summer, our lawn in Texas took a major beating. It was definitely one of the worst looking lawns in the neighborhood. There was a bad drought and we didn’t water as often as most folks. When it came time to sell our house we knew the lawn would be a problem. Once we were off water restrictions we planted some rye grass seed. We watered it like crazy in the beginning. We knew it was a winter grass that stayed green all through the winter and since that is when the house was on the market we were hoping it would work to our advantage. The yard was definitely quite green when we left, but we were curious about how it was doing. I told Matt to ask one of his friends to drive by since he was so obsessed about knowing how it was doing. The other day he looked up our address on google and saw that the images had been updated in 2010. Now if you look at our house (the one with the red arrow), you can see our house is the only one with green grass!

green lawn

Now to zoom in a little:

green lawn zoom

Matt is so darn excited. He even woke me up last night to show me. Finally our yard is the only green one around. Now who knows what it looks like now that it is hot and probably dry in Texas, but for a least a little while we had the best looking yard!