afternoon photoshoots

I’ve discovered a lovely location to take pictures in the late afternoon/early evening. Here are some I took on Friday.








Yesterday, I decided that I needed some pictures of Eloise in just her diaper since I don’t have many. Greta joined us and I took her shirt off, so they would match a little.




my girls




On Friday we gave Eloise her first taste of solid food. We started with avocado. She enjoyed playing with it and even chewed up a few pieces that I put in her mouth. The second day she grabbed right for the food and put some of it in her own mouth. Here a few pictures and a video from day 1 and day 2.





6 months

6 months! Little Eloise is now 6 months old! She weighs 17 lbs, 9 oz, and is 27 inches tall. That puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height! Her head has grown to be around the 60th percentile, maybe she won’t be blessed my small head after all.


Towards the end of the month Eloise decided she was going to sit up. One week she was falling over within about 10 seconds and within about 5 days she was sitting up for about 10 minutes before falling over! Now she just LOVES sitting. She could sit all day long and be happy. She wants to crawl so bad, but hasn’t quite figured it out. If we put her up on her hands and knees she will hold it for a bit and yesterday actually rocked back and forth a bit. She does some pushing with her feet to help get her around a little bit, but no real army crawl yet. Since mastering sitting Eloise has been much less content to be on either her back or belly.


Eloise learned how to reach to people. She will dive out of one person’s arms into the others. She sometimes even reaches for total strangers, which is something new for us, since Greta has never willingly gone to a stranger.

This month Eloise went on her first plane trip. She is reasonably well. She is at the point where she doesn’t fall asleep or stay asleep as well as when she was itty bitty, so a plane is full of fun new people and why would she want to sleep? So the plane was less sleeping than I was hoping for.


Eloise continues to LOVE people. She smiles and flirts with everyone. Sometimes she even tries to get strangers to hold her. She will definitely require more attention in public when she is older. Greta still stays pretty close most of the time, but I have a feeling Eloise will try to wander off and talk to random people.

We went on a longer car trip this month to DC to see some friends. On the trip down Eloise didn’t sleep much at all (only about 30 minutes), but overall she did very well on the trip, going immediately to our friends and loving the attention they lavished on her.

This month we started putting Eloise in the big tub with Greta. Greta has never really liked the bath, so we put Eloise in there in part to help Greta stay seated and so far it has worked out well. Eloise has a little seat that she sits in. I bath both girls while keeping a hand on Eloise to make sure she doesn’t roll out. Bathtime is very quick, in the tub, wash and out. Eloise likes to be in their with her big sister and Greta mostly stays seated until I take Eloise out or until I wash her hair. There aren’t any pictures since I keep forgetting to get Matt to bring the camera up and everyone is usually exhausted by bathtime.

Eloise got to go swimming for the first time this month while we were in Tallahassee. She seemed to enjoy the water quite a bit. She tries to kick around. We are signing both girls up for fall swimming lessons!



This month Eloise became much more interested in her toes. She now likes to suck on them and just play with them all the time. The other day she tried to get her foot in her mouth while in the carseat, however, she was unsuccessful.



Eloise has learned to screech. Not my favorite, especially since Greta likes to chime in as well. Eloise also learned to do this tongue-lip trick.


Eloise is generally a very happy baby. She loves her sister, mama, and dada. She doesn’t really seem to care much about Albert at all. These days she is happy to sit on the floor and play with toys or run in her exersaucer. She likes to stand up and walk around. Eloise is a super bouncer! She loves to try and make her bouncy seat bounce very high!


Eloise got to go on her first swing ride this month. She loved it! I’m sure we will be back at the park often, especially as the weather finally cools off.


Eloise has decided to be a tummy sleeper. From birth she has loved to sleep on her side. Now that she can easily roll all over she almost always rolls immediately to her side or belly. I don’t love her sleeping on her belly, but there is only so much I can do to stop it.

Eloise is totally over the bumbo. She arches her back like crazy to get out of it. The back arching is a common thing. She throws her upper body all over the place. It tends to catch people a little off-guard.


With all of our little trips, Eloise got to see and meet tons of people this month!












And lastly just a few more pictures of Eloise with her big sister, whom she just adores.





We have a college friend who lives relatively close by (45 minutes) and she came over with her husband and two kids this past weekend. Her daughter is about a year older than Greta and Greta just wants to do everything that she does. It was really funny to watch them in the pool, because she would do something and Greta would immediately try to do the same thing. Her little boy is about 6 months older than Eloise. Eloise was fascinated by him and tried to grab him over and over, but he seemed to want nothing to do with her. We put some water in the little pool we bought a few weeks ago and the girls had a blast.






5 months




Eloise is 5 months old (ok, now she is 6 months old, and I am again very late in getting this up)! This past month I would classify as her disgruntled month. I’m guessing it had to do with the big developmental leap that occurs right around 4 months that throws most babies off. Often Eloise could not be pleased. She would whine, grunt, groan, you name it, she did it. It was definitely annoying and definitely drove us crazy, but it seems to be over.



Eloise still has very blue eyes. So far they are closer to my color than Matt’s, but eyes change so much that who knows what shade of blue they will be. All of her dark baby hair is gone and her hair is very, very light. Nearly every time we talk to the grandparents on Skype, there is a mention of how bald she is. She is actually not bald, but you just can’t see her hair on the computer because it is so light. Eloise has definitely added some chub to her. She doesn’t have quite the amount of chub that Greta did, but she can’t certainly not be called skinny these days.


Towards the end of the month Eloise re-learned how to roll from her belly to her back. We are in trouble now. Soon she will figure out how to actually get places by rolling.


This month will go down as the first time Eloise moved houses. Hopefully it will be the last move for a long while.



Eloise learned a new mouth trick. She can now blow raspberries. Here is a little video for you to see.

Eloise kind of discovered her feet. She doesn’t seem all that excited about them. She notices them when in the sitting position and then tries to put them in her mouth, which results in her toppling over. She doesn’t lay on her back for long enough to notice them that way. She just always wants to be on her belly! She loves her belly so much that she occasionally rolls onto it while sleeping. I’m not a huge fan of that, but the SIDS risk is definitely lower once they can put themselves onto their belly on their own.




Eloise loves people still! She is always smiling at people and trying to get their attention.


one of my favorites of my girls



another trip to the zoo!

Are you tired of reading about our trips to the zoo yet? We still have another 9 months left on our membership, so I’m sure there will be plenty of trips to come. This time we met Matt’s oldest sister, her husband, 4 kids, plus Matt’s brother’s daughter. We had a big crowd.



The highlights this time were seeing the baby giraffe, the baby orangutan, and the baby kangaroo. The baby giraffe was mostly scared and just staring at us the whole time.



The baby orangutan was outside with his mama exploring. It was adorable to watch. After he was done with a little exploring on his own he came running back to his mama to give her a big hug and go for a little ride.


The baby kangaroo was still in the pouch, but his little legs were sticking out. It looked a little like the baby was being born breech, but really was just upside down in the pouch. If you look closely at the far left kangaroo you can see the legs sticking out.


The girls enjoyed seeing their cousins and everyone got turns in the different strollers.












Here is a video in which Matt’s sister calls the monkey over and then jumps and screams when he actually comes.

Here is a funny video of all the kids gathering. You can see Greta’s new way of walking so that we don’t notice her walking away from us. Sneaky little girl.

And two random animal movies.

Uncle Mike treated everyone to a ride on the train.




morning at the park

After our morning walk we stopped at the park down the street. Eloise got to swing for the first time! We put her in the swing with Greta. She loved it! We didn’t bring the camera, so we had to rely on the camera on Matt’s phone. The pictures aren’t bad, but the videos are small!







We took a quick weekend trip to DC to visit with some friends. The drive was pretty good. Eloise slept for only about 30 minutes on the way there. We stopped for a potty break and the girls got a little stretching time in.





We stayed with one of the few people who has known me my entire life. We had a great time visiting. Right near their apartment is a great little water fountain play thing. Greta enjoyed some play time there.





On Sunday we went to mass early and then headed into DC to go to the zoo. Only problem was that it was raining. Many of the animals were hiding inside, so we didn’t get to see the elephants, which is one of the main things missing from the Philadelphia Zoo. We met a college friend there with her two boys, who are close in age to our two girls. I left the camera in the car since it was pouring when we got there and I didn’t want to risk it getting wet. We took one picture with Matt’s phone, but since he has that at work I can’t upload it. We did get to see the baby gorilla! (edit: here is the baby gorilla and mama)

baby gorilla

We really love living so close to so many people we love. It is so nice to be able to take quick weekend trips to see people. Yay!