a few of my favorite things

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned any of our favorite things. These are all things that I have bought with our money or been given by a family member. No one paid me to say nice things 🙂

I have been lusting after these basic skirts from Old Navy for a while. Everytime I looked they only had size XXL remaining and well that just wasn’t going to work. Last week I noticed they had all sizes and some new colors! So I finally bought some. They claim to be available in store, but aren’t available here for some reason. I probably got them cheaper online anyways, since there is a 20% off coupon if you spend $75. I bought 3 of them. While they aren’t super high quality and aren’t cotton (which I really wish they were) I think they will last a while and they look cute and are super comfy. Perfect for those of us with post partum bodies. Get some now before they are left with only XXL (unless you are that size).

Another Old Navy favorite is in the girls section. These basic plain colored tshirts are some of my favorites. When I went to look for the skirts last weekend I ended up buying a bunch of these shirts in different colors and sizes for the girls. I love plain shirts because they match all sorts of things. We get a lot of hand me downs, but sometimes the shirts are missing or are too stained or whatever and we need shirts that match. We got a bunch of these from my aunt in the spring and the girls are still wearing them. They are marked down to $1.97 in our store, so I bought as many as I could including two white in every size they had available. The online selection isn’t great, but check out your local store.

Another kid favorite around here is the Jumping Bean scooters from Kohls. Last year they had them in plain colors, this year it was patterns. Either way they are cute and perfect for playtime, while also looking nice enough for church. Greta has a ton of them. I need to go and see if they are on clearance and stock up for next summer. They hold up really well and are made of cotton jersey.

As far as favorite diapers, I still love the Bumgenius Elementals (formerlly the organic all-in-one one-size). They fit both children great, they hold up well over time and they are absorbant. They don’t really work at night, but other than that they are the best! On October 5th Bumgenius is announcing new prints! Any of you who are interested in purchasing some from my mom let me know! I’m planning on placing an order shortly after the prints are announced. You can see the new prints on their youtube channel where they are making the announcement next week.

Another favorite diaper, which we have just recently tried is the Sandy’s fitted diaper. They come in fun colors (or bamboo) and are built to last. I have several of the mother-ease one-size fitted diapers and they look nearly new even though we have been using them for a long time. The Sandy diaper is made by the same people and is very similar in material and construction. I dream of having the whole rainbow of colors, but for now we just have a pink and purple one.

Recently I discovered Elizabeth Mitchell. She has several children’s music albums out. So far we have “You Are My Sunshine
” and “You Are My Little Bird
“. My favorite song is “So Glad I’m Here.” The music a little more mellow than a lot of children’s music, but I still like it. Greta doesn’t really seem to have an opinion one way or the other. Greta has a few favorite songs and other than that doesn’t seem all that into music, so I just pick what I like 🙂 She has a new CD coming in October which I’m hoping to buy.

One of my favorite musicians is Joshua Radin (his most recent CD is Simple Times). I pretty much love all of his music. He also has a new CD coming out in October.

Let’s talk about kids books. Man are there are GREAT books out there. There are also some real duds. Some of our favorites are part of a few series. We all love these books, so they aren’t just Greta’s favorites. FIrst up Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems. There are oodles of books, but our favorites are

Are You Ready to Play Outside? (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

There Is a Bird On Your Head! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Another series we love it Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner. I personally love the original the best, but the others are great as well.

Skippyjon Jones

*images from Old Navy, Kohls, Bumgenius, Mother-ease, Amazon. The Amazon links are affiliate links.

playing together!

Greta and Eloise are playing so well together lately (most of the time). Also I just uploaded a bunch of videos, so be prepared for an onslaught of videos. Here is a video of them playing with some bonus army crawling at the end by Eloise!

Here is another video of them playing and Eloise trying her hardest to pull herself to standing. She has accomplished it once or twice, but is trying all the time. She wants to walk so much.

Greta loves to make Eloise laugh and Eloise still adores that big sister!


1. Swimming lessons are off to a smashing success. Both girls loved them! We have lessons on Saturday mornings and Eloise goes first, followed immediately by Greta. This past week I went in with Eloise and Matt with Greta, but we shall see if we keep it that way. Both of their classes are very similar, but Eloise’s is much smaller!




2. Our tomato plants are finally going crazy. We have oodles of green tomatoes and some red ones as well.



3. Eloise is such a ham these days. I bring out the camera and she smiles oh so cutely every time.




4. This hawk was in our neighbors back yard, just over our back fence. It was there for probably an hour and a half at least. It apparently killed another bird and was eating it.


trash pickers

Our neighbors get rid of some great stuff! Around here if you don’t want something you just put it out by the curb before trash day and if the neighbors don’t take it, then the trash people do. So far we have found a new big dollhouse (with a few accessories), a patio table with four chairs, a wood highchair, a turtle sandbox, and a plastic rake for Greta. Nothing is broken or damaged at all. Why do people just put the stuff in the trash is beyond us.








Our new neighborhood is very much your typical old fashioned place. We have sidewalks, we can walk to church, neighbors are always outside and they actually wave (or say hi), we have a park a block and a half away, and the ice cream truck drives through nearly every night in the summer. Now this is your standard ice cream truck with pre-packaged ice cream bars and such, no this is an ice cream truck that serves soft serve ice cream cones, milkshakes and freshly made cookie sandwiches.


The truck typically drives by after Greta is in bed, so we don’t usually get to partake. The other night we kept her up late (she had miraculously slept late in the morning) to get ice cream. She was in heaven. Both Greta and I got a half and half cone, chocolate on the bottom and vanilla on the top.


Matt wanted a taste of Greta’s (and needed to help the ice cream from falling over) so he took the cone for a moment. Greta did not like that!


She then proceeded to eat the entire thing.



We hopefully will get ice cream a few more times this season (the ice cream truck comes until Halloween) because it was yummy!