7 quick takes

1. Greta has her first flower girl job! She is going to be the flower girl in our good college friends’ wedding next May. At first she rejected their offer due to the fact that she didn’t know what a flower girl was. But after she learned that she gets to wear a fancy dress and throw flowers she was all for it.

2. We went to Princeton the other day to walk around and show my aunt the area. I was stopped on the corner waiting for Matt to meet us for lunch and my aunt and gone to the car to put more money in the meter. All of a sudden a Asian man walked up to me and asked if he could take a picture of Eloise. I said sure. Soon we were being mobbed by old Asian people. Some of the people were even posing with the girls. Matt walked up and started snapping pictures with his camera phone. At this point I was pretty much laughing like crazy, because really, it seemed as though I was suddenly a famous movie star or something (or maybe just the nanny and the kids were famous). In order to leave I had to push the stroller through the people. Bizarre.






3. I’m behind AGAIN on monthly updates. Eloise’s 7 month update should be coming soon. I have written most of it, just need to go and put in some pictures. I have decided to stop monthly updates for Greta. I will now do updates every few months.

4. I am now one of the co-leaders of our local babywearing group!

5. A family friend made these adorable hats for the girls last spring. They fit perfectly this year. Thanks!


6. After Greta loved the ball flying thing so much at the children’t museum, Matt decided he would recreate it for her using the shop-vac. Here is a little video of their experiment.

7. Halloween costumes have arrived. Greta picked both of them out. Greta will be a giraffe and Eloise will be a monkey. We got their costumes from Old Navy and I have to say they seem like pretty high quality considering the price. They are definitely cold weather costumes, so hopefully it will be cool on Halloween.