7 months!



Eloise has officially turned 7 months old (nearly a month ago)! This month she started inch worming across the floor. She is actually getting quite fast. Her crawl started out a bit more army like, then turned into the breast stroke on the floor. Each day it is a little different. Soon it will be regular crawling.


At the very end of the month Eloise started some more baby babble sounds. Can’t wait until they turn into some words (which I know might still be a while aways).


Eloise tried a bit of solid food this month. Based on our experiences with Greta we have taken a very relaxed approach with Eloise. We offer her a variety of fruits and veggies usually either a big whole piece for her to hold and suck on or diced up (although she can’t really pick up the small pieces very well). Sometimes we give her stuff on a spoon and let her hold the spoon and suck it off. She enjoys having food with us but so far isn’t actually swallowing a whole bunch. Most often she chews the food up a little and then spits it out. She is consuming a little though since her poops are sometimes a bit thicker. She likes to take sips of water from our cups as well. Things Eloise has tried so far: pear, apple, banana, watermelon, oatmeal, rice cereal, squash, green beans, peas, sweet potato, and avacodo.




Eloise started swim lessons this month and she loves it! She wants to kick the whole time we are in the pool. She even tries to paddle with her arms some as well and has put her face in the water a time or two.


In general Eloise loves to kick. We will sometimes run in the backyard with Greta, if we happen to be holding Eloise, she is running in our arms. She is just such a kicker.



Eloise and Greta have such different personalities. Eloise LOVES people. She is not at all afraid of new people. In fact at a birthday party this month she dove out of Matt’s arms into the arms of some man we didn’t know. I see this becoming a problem when she gets older and starts to wander off when we are in public. Definitely going to have to have a talk about strangers with her.

Eloise loves to talk on the phone. She gets huge smiles when the person on the phone says “hi Eloise”.

Once or twice at the very end of the month Eloise pulled up to standing.


Eloise continues to adore her big sister and has very little interest in the cat. Such a marked difference from Greta who just adored Albert. Then again she didn’t have a fun big sister to watch all the time.

my girls


Since Eloise figured out how to move around the house she is less whiney. For a while every time we put her down on the floor she would whine because she couldn’t move.


Eloise is a major back thrower. She is constantly throwing herself back as far as she can when you are holding her. It definitely catches people off guard when they are holding her.

Eloise has a very quick temper. She doesn’t have the lasting power that Greta does, but boy is she quick to let you know that she is upset about something. Zero to scream in no time at all. Luckily most of the time she is a happy little baby.



Eloise learned how to play peek-a-boo this month. She thinks it is great fun!

We started bathing Eloise with Greta this month. We put her in a chair thing we have and try to keep her in that until the end when I hold her up in the tub. We definitely need to get something so that she doesn’t slide all around and fall over in the tub.


We got to see/meet lots of people this month.





And just a few more favorites: