cutest turkeys!

Greta and I made these this morning. I think they are rather cute!

Photo on 2010-11-19 at 11.49

I’m working on a zillion little things including a post for Eloise’s 8th month (she is almost 9 months, already a month behind), an update about Greta, an enormous photo book for Christmas gifts, trying to cook up the last of the apples before they go bad, trying to decide on Christmas gifts and finding the best deal on them, working on figuring out which picture to use for the Christmas card, and just the everyday run of the mill stuff. Hopefully there will be some more posts soon.

greta’s funnies

One morning while getting ready for breakfast.
Parent: What would you like for breakfast, Greta?
Greta (with a straight face and without even pausing): Poop.

On the drive to the store.
Greta: You bring your wallet, Mama?
Mama: Of course, Greta!
Greta: Your money in your wallet?
Mama: Yep.
Greta: Your credit cards in your wallet?
Mama: Yep.
Greta: Lots of credit cards?
Mama: No, I only have two, not lots.
Greta: No, you have lots.
Mama: Nope, only two.
Greta: Daddy have lots of credit cards.
Mama: Daddy has two just like Mama.

A few days later.
Greta: I want a wallet with two credit cards like mommy and daddy.

quick takes

1. Here are a couple of videos of Greta talking and singing.

2. When we take the girls outside, Greta likes to kick the ball. Eloise likes to join in as well. When you hold her and make her kick the ball, she then does this hilarious thing where she runs while you are holding her. We think it is too funny.

3. Eloise can now stand for a good couple of seconds without holding onto something. She is quite proud of herself when she does it.

4. We have taken the wagon out in the yard a good bit recently. Eloise can now sit in it and most of the time she doesn’t seem to try to get out. We pull the around the yard and sometimes Greta pulls Eloise around.




5. I got these adorable hats from Etsy a few weeks ago. Aren’t they just the cutest things? They are a little big, since I wanted them to last more than just one year.



6. Here is a video of Eloise pulling to standing. If you listen closely you can hear some of Eloise’s talking.

7. And if this post didn’t have enough pictures, here are a few more recent backyard leaf pictures. In these first ones Greta is wearing a sweater that my grandma made for me when I was little!








visit from ma!

Last week my mom came to visit us for a couple of days. We had a great time visiting and showing her around a bit. Thanks for coming mom. Greta keeps asking for CeCe to come back another day and to go to CeCe and Granddaddy’s house soon. CeCe got to be here for Halloween and see the girls all dressed up. Both girls enjoyed all the extra snuggles and new clothes that CeCe bought them!









yay, nay, or eh

I thought I would keep track of the library books we check out and whether we liked them or not. For now it will be a simple yay, nay, or eh.

Mostly Monsterly by Tammi Sauer
Olivia saves the circus by Ian Falconer
Llama Llama mad at mama by Anna Dewdney
Skippyjon Jones and the big bones By Judy Schachner
Madeline and the cats of Rome : story and picture by John Bemelmans Marciano

Toot & Puddle : one and only by Holly Hobbie

The sea of bath by Bob Logan
Beetle bop by Denise Fleming
LMNO peas by Keith Baker
Oodles of animals by Lois Ehlert

how do you like it here?

We get asked all the time how we like living here. We have now lived in PA for almost a year and really the only negative to me is the weather. Although I didn’t know it at the time, San Antonio was probably my ideal weather city and so no matter where we live I won’t be as happy weather-wise. We love the area we live in. There is plenty to do, things are close, the area is beautiful and has lots of trees, open fields, and farms. When Matt was looking for a job one of the more important things to us was that we be closer to one of our families. In San Antonio we had to fly in order to visit either of our immediate families and with kids flying is annoying and we had hoped that one family would be in driving distance. In that regards we are super thankful to live where we do, just about an hour and 15 minutes from Matt’s immediate family (and much of his extended family). We can easily go for a day (and most times that is all we do) and the girls get to grow up knowing their cousins (their are no cousins on my side of the family yet) and playing together pretty regularly. I have to say that Greta adores playing with her cousins.

All of this is the forward to some cute pictures of Greta with her bigger cousins.




Aunt Donna’s visit

About two weeks ago, my Aunt Donna came to visit us for a couple of days. We hadn’t seen her in almost a year. For those who don’t remember, my aunt and uncle live in the Houston area. We used to get to see them pretty regularly when we lived in Texas. Now that we moved far, far away we don’t get to see them very often. It was great for Aunt Donna to come and visit. We really enjoyed our time with her. Greta keeps asking for her to ‘come back another day’ or ‘go to aunt donna’s house soon.’ I keep telling her probably next year. Here are a few pictures of her visit with us. Aunt Donna was with us in Princeton when we got attacked by the Asian tourists.





Aunt Donna spent lots of time reading with Greta and making sure Eloise didn’t fall over and hit her head yet again.



On Aunt Donna’s last day we went down to the zoo before dropping her off in Philly to see the sights.