Last Friday when we got snow again, Matt decided we needed a sled. Turns out it is rather hard to come by sleds after a snowfall. We went to SIX stores before we found one (and it wasn’t even the one we were originally looking for). Greta became just as set on getting a sled as Matt. We have a little slope in our front yard, so we put the girls down it. Greta went when I was inside with Eloise and immediately said that the sled was for Eloise, so um yeah she wasn’t a huge fan. Later Ellie and I went out and gave it a whirl. Eloise LOVED the sled. Here are videos of both girls sledding. Greta’s laughing is her ‘I’m scared, but don’t want to cry, so I’ll laugh’ . And surely we are crazy for putting our 10-month old on a sled, but we were right there to catch her. Trust this is a very small hill.