8 months

Let’s just call this month the head-hitting month because boy did Eloise hit her head a lot this month. Eloise LOVES to stand, but well she isn’t all that coordinated yet, so she falls over often or gets knocked over. Eloise is just dying to walk. This month she became a pro at pulling up and even did a little walking along things.

Eloise finally converted to a full crawl about a month after starting the tummy crawl. One day she was doing all tummy crawling, the next all regular crawling. She is now in every single room of the house trying to get into stuff.



Eloise can get up the two steps that go into the play room, which is nice for her. But she can’t quite figure out how to get down, so she will sometimes dive head-first down them. Luckily they aren’t very big steps, they are carpeted, and there are only two of them.

Eloise’s favorite person continues to be her big sister. She loves to be anywhere that sister is and follows everywhere.

sister love



This month we traveled to Michigan to visit some of our college friends. Eloise enjoyed meeting them and getting passed around quite a bit.





We also had a visit from Aunt Donna. Eloise of course loved Aunt Donna and her silly antics.


Eloise is still not eating a ton of stuff. She loves to gnaw on things, but usually ends up spitting them out. She especially loves frozen veggies since they feel good on the gums.


Thankfully it was still warm enough to do some outside activities this month since Eloise LOVES the outside. Anytime Greta and Daddy go out without her she immediately starts crying. She even crawls over to the door and stands there banging on the window to let them know she wants to come out as well. We went and picked out pumpkins and also went to pick apples this month.






We took a trip to the zoo before Halloween and Eloise got to wear her Halloween costume, a monkey.


Eloise is quite a little fish. She loves the water and kicking her legs. She loves to kick her legs out of the water as well, so it is no surprise that she kicks them in the water. She also tries to paddle her arms to get the toys. She is the star of her swimming class.



Ellie’s hair is coming in quite blond and her eyes are still very blue. Again, no surprise here 🙂