11 months

Phew. I’m almost caught up. Let’s see if I can knock this last month out before the 1st birthday on Friday.


The big news this month is walking! On January 15, 10 days shy of 11 months, Eloise took 3 steps. Each day after that it was more and more.

Eloise started saying a few words, mainly mama, dada, Greta. I think Greta was the first official word that we could definitely tie to a person. She was doing plenty of dada and mama babbling before, but not necessarily in reference to either parent specifically.

Eloise started the month in Tallahassee celebrating Christmas. She has had back to back month birthdays on big holidays, first Thanksgiving and then Christmas! She enjoyed opening gifts and playing with the oodles of new toys from the family. We spent the first few days of the month seeing all sorts of old friends of mine that were new to Eloise.









Eloise got two new teeth this month, the next top two. So she currently has two on the bottom and four on the top.

We came back north to a month of snow. We got several big snowfalls in January, so we spent a lot of time indoors. Although Eloise LOVES the snow, it wasn’t really all that easy to take two kids out in the snow, especially when one was just learning to walk and the other couldn’t walk very well in inches of snow. Eloise did get to try out the sled and loved that as well. Next winter I’m sure she will be out there every snowfall.



Eloise continues to be quite a little daredevil, climbing on top of everything. We haven’t had any real injuries other than some bumps and bruises, thank goodness. Eloise also likes to get into everything, especially the pantry. Most of the time I try to keep the open items high enough so she can’t get them, but sometimes she does, usually when my hands are covered in raw meat or something.






One of the favorite Christmas gifts was a little ride-on car. Eloise quickly learned how to move her feet to get around. She also loves to be pushed around by Greta.


Other than a quick trip up to visit Matt’s family for a birthday, we also went down to Annapolis to visit some friends. Eloise also enjoyed a trip to the children’s museum, which had a special toddler area.



Eloise is still an extra back archer and likes to arch whenever someone holds her who she has not approved. She has definitely entered the stranger anxiety phase and sometimes even family members are strangers to her. She continues to LOVE her daddy and can’t wait for him to get home from work and then follows him around until she gets the appropriate amount of snuggles.




Early this month Eloise learned to wave. She did it a few times and was so embarrassed about it that she stopped. The few times we pointed it out, she would bury her head in our shoulder.


Eloise’s hair is getting longer and is starting to curl quite a bit. I don’t have a great picture from this month, but you can see the little curls peeking out here.


Eloise likes to dance, but mostly just bounces her legs up and down. Sometimes she will just break out dancing when music comes on.

Eloise is a bit of an iffy eater. Sometimes she eats a good amount, others not much. She continues to love yogurt and popsicles and some fruit and veggies.



Despite Greta being quite mean to her at times, Eloise continues to think her sister is the greatest thing in the whole world. She wants to be where she is, doing what she is at all times. There are definitely periods where they get along just fine and Eloise adores when Greta picks out some dress up clothes for her to wear. Eloise also started trying to put things on her head, such as the princess crown or winter hats.






Eloise has finally started taking an interest in the cat, Albert. Greta was totally obsessed with him, but then Greta didn’t have a big sister to follow around. Eloise will try to crawl or walk after Albert to catch him and is slowly learning to pet gently.


And two more cute pictures of Ellie with mama and dada.



edited to add: I forgot a funny story about how Eloise has learned to torture her sister already. On Christmas morning we were at mass and Eloise had a toy. Eloise held it out to offer it to Greta. When Greta tried to take it Eloise yanked it back and laughed. While she might be the little sister, she is starting to hold her own with her big sister. Don’t mess with her.

And with that I’m caught up, until tomorrow when 12 months arrives!