bye-bye ugly bush

In our front yard we had some large, kind of ugly bushes.



For Mother’s Day, Matt cut down the bush and redid the flower bed with some of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas. Greta, of course, had to assist in the chopping down.



And here is the finished product!


I can’t wait until the hydrangeas start to bloom in another few weeks. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

prayers and bye-bye

We have been spending oodles of time outside so that hasn’t left much time for sitting at the computer writing blog posts or editing pictures. We have been having so much fun with the glorious weather, seriously, sunny, no humidity, lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s. Couldn’t get much more perfect. Here are two videos, one of Greta saying the Hail Mary, Our Father, and Glory Be (although also eating, so not the best), and Eloise saying bye-bye and waving.

the art of a well timed poop joke

Greta is quickly becoming a poop joke expert. Today Matt and Greta took Albert to the vet for a checkup. The vet was calling Albert to come over. Greta says “His name isn’t Albert.” The vet looks confused because she really thought his name was Albert. Greta says “His name is Al-poop.” Luckily the vet thought she was hilarious. Who knew girls liked poop jokes so much. She is definitely becoming a master of the well timed poop joke.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mamas out there, especially my mama, and my mother-in-law.

rain gear

My mom’s store in Tallahassee recently started carrying a bunch of fun kid things. One of them is a line of clothes called Hatley. We got raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas for the girls. They love them! The raincoats are really nice. They are lined with a terry cloth and the outside is nice and pliable, not stiff like most raincoats. They should last the girls for a while! If you are interested in anything let me know!




garden update

Matt has worked very hard in the yard this year. All of the ivy is gone! In its place is a lovely garden area. This weekend he set up the grids for the tomatoes to grow up and put up fencing around the entire thing. He also made a scarecrow. Before you get too concerned about our scarecrow’s clothes, the clothes are damaged beyond repair. The shirt has a 4-5 inch slit in it, not at a seam. While it is covered by the button holes, it isn’t anything he would be able to wear to work. The pants also have holes in a non-seam location. They were yard pants, but we figured we need something to put on the scarecrow. The hat is something I bought when my family visited Lancaster, PA when I was probably around 12. It was in the dress-up, but has been crushed a few too many times.



Earlier this week Matt and Greta planted some broccoli and snap pea plants.




We have lots of stuff growing in our green house that will eventually make it into the ground, once we are convinced it is warm enough.


We also planted blueberry, raspberry and strawberry plants. Our blueberry bushes are bursting with berries. We just need them to ripen up and hope the birds don’t steal them all.



The strawberry plants have blooms, which will hopefully turn into some lovely strawberries.