potty training

This post is very much TMI, so read with caution. We have taken a mostly relaxed approach to potty training. We have definitely been talking a lot about using the potty lately and I think it was stressing Greta out that she couldn’t do it yet. Oh and I have been promising oodles of things when she finally uses the potty. I’m hoping she doesn’t remember everything I promised along the way. Last Sunday (a week ago) Greta asked to go on the potty and she peed! She then wanted to wear undies and peed again before it was bedtime. All last week she mostly peed on the potty. I think she had a total of two pee accidents. Poop was a different story. She would either poop in a diaper or poop a tiny little poop in her undies.

We were very proud of her using the potty so well. She was mostly going into the potty on her own and peeing and then calling for help with wiping. On Monday she had a most awful poop which barely stayed in the diaper. The smell nearly caused me to throw up, which um hasn’t really ever happened (could have something to do with being pregnant). I told her that was the end of pooping in diapers. I hoped beyond hope that she would figure out how to poop in the potty. Yesterday she went on her own to poop in the potty TWICE! She called me when she needed help, but there were no accidents. All of the poop was in the potty!

While I’m sure it will still take a little bit of time for her to figure it all out, I think we are definitely mostly potty trained. YAY! We are so proud of her for figuring out how to use the potty and do it so well so fast. She is so incredibly proud of herself. She tells me all the time how proud she is of herself for using the potty. Every time she goes into the bathroom and pulls down her undies she checks to make sure nothing came out and every time she acts so surprised that she made it to the potty in time and didn’t have an accident and she proclaims loudly “No accidents!” She has been sleeping much sounder the last few days and we think it is due to the fact that she isn’t worried about using the potty anymore.

Greta got many prizes along the way and often I’m pretty sure she was just attempting to go so that she could get the next prize. We bought a Calico Corners elephant family for her poop in the potty presents and yesterday I heard a lot of grunting coming from the playroom (the downstairs bathroom is in the playroom) and I ask her what she is doing. She says “I’m pooping so I can get another elephant.” And another little funny from Greta. After she went potty I told her how big she was getting and she responds with “But I still have a tiny mouth.”


So there is this awesome shopping site called Zulily. There are lots of really cute things and some are even a great deal. You also get credits when your friends join and buy stuff! So thanks to a few friends who joined and bought something I earned just about enough credit to buy something I have been wanting forever, but have been resisting buying because really they have no real use other than totally adorable pictures. I always told myself I would buy some if I ever started to try and get some business from photography again. But lo and behold I earned credits so I could get them for my girls. So you are dying to see the adorable pictures, right? Here you go.

















Last week while my sister was here we went and picked strawberries.





After a while Eloise had to taste one. Eventually she started throwing dirt and straw everywhere and just running around like a maniac, so I put her on my back. But bending and picking berries with an extra 20-some pounds on your back is no easy task, so we didn’t last long after that. We ended up with close to 9 pounds of strawberries.



The berries were super flavorful. We made some strawberry ice cream, some popsicles, smoothies, and just ate the rest of them. Yum.

garden update

Our garden is doing wonderful, thanks to Matt’s hard work. We planted so many tomatoes that we had to move a few to pots in order to give them a little more room.


So far we have blooms on the cucumber plants (no picture), the squash plants (2 varieties), tomatoes, peas (no picture), peppers.





Our snap-pea plants are growing out of control. They are at least a foot over our fence.


Our brocoli plants are starting to form brocoli!


We have a zillion tomatoes on the plants, here are some of them.


So the reason we have the fence up is to keep the bunny rabbits out. Earlier we had two or three big rabbits that frequented our yard. Now we have a baby bunny who has taken up residence under our shed. While we love watching him hop around the yard and eat the grass and clover we don’t like him eating our vegetables. So far he has dug a hole under the fence to get in and tried many other techniques. Thankfully we have caught him early in his entrance. We now have bricks on top of the fencing to hopefully prevent him from entering. He is rather cute though.


In other nature news. In one of our front bushes we have a robin’s nest with FOUR eggs! We are just waiting for them to hatch so we can see the baby birds.


Greta’s 3rd Birthday Party

Greta’s birthday party was last Sunday at our house. Nothing fancy, just some family and a few friends, a kids pool, some cake, pinata and fun.













The pool water turned nasty really quickly due to the kids going in and out of the water. I wish I got to take more pictures of them in the pool, they were having so much fun, but I was busy trying to keep Eloise from drowning. She just kept trying to slide down the slide head first and slipping and sliding around. Matt was busy maning the grill, so he wasn’t available either. Maybe some other folks got other pictures, but this is all I have for now. It was a nice little party, just our style. Greta had fun and is enjoying all of her gifts. Thanks to everyone who came!

Greta’s Birthday

Greta woke up early on her birthday thanks to her sister and lazy mama. The problem is that when you are sharing a hotel room, if one person gets up so does everyone else, unless you jump out of bed and go wandering the hotel, which I wasn’t so up for. We brought some books with us to give to Greta on her actual birthday. Her other gifts were a little too big and so we opted to leave them at home. She also had two cards to open that had come in the mail.



In her cards were some dollar bills, which she thought would be great to put in her toes.


Eventually we headed down to brunch at the hotel. The Mother of the Bride and the Bride had arranged for a lovely cake and some presents for our special birthday girl.







She enjoyed all the attention and the fact that she (and everyone else) got to have cake at 9:30 in the morning. Eloise also loved the cake.



Greta and Matt took a swim while I put Eloise down for a nap. Eventually Greta and Matt came back and went for a little walk, during which Greta fell fast asleep. After naps for both children, we headed out to explore the hotel some more. First we stopped and fed the koi.




Then we went on a paddle boat ride around the little lake. Don’t worry the water was only 4 ft deep, so both Matt and I could stand. They weren’t supposed to let Eloise on it, but since she was strapped onto Matt they let us go. Eloise was not particularly thrilled about the boat, but Greta enjoyed it.






We then met some very close family friends for dinner. They brought Greta cupcakes and some more presents to open! (Yes, there are four candles. Three years old, plus one to grow on.)





Overall, I think it turned out to be a great day for Greta. We had planned to go to a local museum, but since they both napped and those napped were staggered, we didn’t get to. We are planning on going to the children’s museum here this week to make up for it.

News! News!

And just like that baby number THREE is on the way. We are quite excited. The baby’s official due date is December 30, 2011, but we think that is a tad bit late. Either way the baby will likely arrive near the end of December. I’m hoping to not spend Christmas in the hospital, but we shall see what kind of plans this baby has. I’m about 10 weeks according to the official due date and feeling mostly fine, just the usual exhaustion that accompanies the first trimester, plus chasing two kids around certainly doesn’t make for any extra rest time.

Eloise and the new baby (womb-name, Bunny Choo Choo) will be about 22 months apart. Eloise and Greta are about 21 months apart and we really liked that age gap. Greta seems somewhat excited and Eloise has no idea what is going on. As usual we won’t be finding out the sex of baby until he/she arrives.

other trip pictures

Here are a random assortment of trip pictures. This trip started off on a rough foot. We arrived at the airport and had a little over two hours for check-in, security, lunch, etc. After Matt parked the car, he realized he did not have his wallet. So he hurried as much as possible to get back to the car and home and back again before our flight. Problem is we live at least 45 minutes from the airport. Plus add in getting back to the car and getting through security, it was looking pretty slim that he was going to make it back. The first snafu was that the parking lady wouldn’t let him out of the parking lot because he didn’t have anything to pay with and she seemed to think he had lost his ticket, not that he had just entered 20 minutes ago. So he spent 10 minutes waiting for the manager, which it turns out would have been the 10 minutes that were the difference between making the flight and not making it. I, meanwhile, was at the airport with 2 kids, 2 carry-on bags, 2 carseats (which we gate-check, so we don’t end up without a carseat at our destination, and so they don’t get banged up). Luckily they let you bring those luggage carts through security! I never knew this before, but boy was I thankful for that. The girls and I got lunch and hung out at the gate and in the little play area.


Matt made it back just fine, but about 10 minutes too late. I opted not to attempt to fly with two kids. I thought I would be fine getting there, but I wasn’t sure how I would manage getting the rental car and installing the carseats without the children running away. When I originally talked to the gate agent about our options he said there was a flight that left about an hour later and would get us to St. Louis about 2 hours later than originally planned. By the time they got around to rebooking us, we weren’t scheduled to leave Philly until 3 hours after our original flight and not get into St. Louis until about 8 hours after our original arrival time. Plus we ended up with a 4 hour layover in Detroit. Boy was that fun. We did end up making it to the hotel by around midnight, so we got there and it wasn’t a huge deal, but definitely not something we want to repeat.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, other than the big event that the whole weekend was planned around 🙂 The girls definitely got overtired, but we all made it home safely and had a wonderful time seeing lots of friends.


There was an Einstein’s bagel right downstairs in the mall that the hotel was in, so we enjoyed fresh bagels every morning. Boy how I have missed fresh bagels.





There was also a little pond/lake thing that we walked around a few times. There were oodles of koi just begging for food. They were trampling each other!



We also spent some time in the pool. It was gloriously heated and mostly shaded, which was super nice. We didn’t take any pictures though since we were all in the water.

Our trip through Greta’s eyes

Greta recently got my mother-in-laws old camera when she got a new one. She is getting pretty good at getting people actually in the picture. At first we had many pictures of our midsections or feet, but now she is actually getting our faces. She does still have a little trouble with her finger getting in the picture, but we are working on it. Not bad for a just turned 3 year old. Here are some of her pictures from our trip.