bullet points

*Eloise fell on her face twice in the same day and hit the same location. That resulted in a black eye.


*At the beach last week, she took a dive off of two steps onto some bricks and hit the same mostly healed eye again.


*A few weeks ago my amazon account was hacked. Some e-books were bought in the middle of the night. I called about it, and they gave me a very hard time about it, thinking someone else must have downloaded them to my iPad that was sitting right next to me on the bed all night long. The topic of the books, how to be a hacker. oh fun. In the end, the gave me the money back (~$120) and closed my account. So now for the first time in forever, I don’t have an amazon account. Soon enough I will open a new one and get back to earning my free amazon prime months through amazon mom. I’m hoping that when I do open a new account it doesn’t erase my old kindle books. We shall see. Anyways, just make sure you check your account regularly and maybe change your password more than once every 10 years. Oh and I definitely didn’t click on any links or anything in an email that would have compromised my account like the amazon folks suggested to me. No idea how it happened.

*Our garden continues to prosper. Upon our arrival home from the beach, I found three GIANT zucchinis in the garden, 8 cucumbers and tons of cherry tomatoes. Looks like I’ll be busy making and freezing zucchini bread all week.

Photo on 2011-07-24 at 17.35

*We had a wonderful time at the beach last week with my family. There will be tons more pictures soon, but here are a few until then.




*Greta is still doing great with the potty. As long as we don’t push her too much she does fine, but sometimes she has to be pushed, like when we are going somewhere and there is no potty on the way or there. Last night she spent her first night in undies. She has been asking since she started using the potty when she could wear undies at night. She has been mostly dry at night, unless she drinks a lot before bed, so we gave it a try. She was dry all night! Hoping that it sticks.