nearing the end of the garden

As fall gets closer and closer, our garden gets more and more pathetic each day. While I’m still able to pick nearly a large bowl of tomatoes every couple of days, the actual garden looks totally pathetic and the plants looks totally dead. Since the tomatoes are still ripening, we are leaving the plants alone. Plus all of the plants are so intertwined that there would be no way to pull out the totally dead ones without affecting the others. Here is a recent batch of tomatoes that were turned into sauce. We had a rough few weeks with all the rain a while ago. The tomatoes were all splitting from all the rain and then rotting before they would ripen. We lost a large majority of them to that, but have still gotten a pretty decent supply this year.


A few weeks ago our tomatillo plant fell over in a wind storm and it hasn’t recovered. The other day I went ahead and picked all of the remaining ones since they seemed to have stopped growing. Today I made a large batch of salsa verde and the jars are boiling as I write this.


I don’t have a picture, but our pepper plants are doing great! They are pretty much the only thing remaining that looks healthy in the garden. There are still quite a few peppers on the plants, so I’m sure I will be picking more. Since we can’t use all the peppers while they are fresh, I slice them and freeze them. Then they are perfect for throwing in soups, stews, casseroles, etc. in the winter. And if you have priced organic peppers in the store, you know they are quite pricey and regular peppers are on the dirty dozen list of produce, so I try to get organic ones when possible. It is wonderful to be able to have bags of them in the freezer to get us through the winter/spring/early summer. We will definitely be planting more next year!

Our strawberry plants had a second crop of berries that started in late August. The strawberry plants we got are called ever-bearing, which means they should produce throughout the summer, but they didn’t really do that this year. I think they were busy establishing themselves. We also got another crop of raspberries late in the summer. Neither of the berries really produced much at once, so we would mostly eat a few berries a day directly from the plants. Hopefully next year all the berry plants will produce a bit more since they will be more established.

Now on to planning a bigger and better garden next year!