7 quick takes

1. Although we can technically fit 3 carseats in the back of my car, it would be crowded and longer car trips would be nearly impossible. Plus at almost 11 years old and 127k miles it was getting less and less reliable and being stuck with kids is much more of a hassle than without kids. It isn’t like I can just hop in the tow truck with the driver and have him drop me off somewhere. I had to wait for Matt to come and get me and re-install the carseats in his car (since I had been lazy and hadn’t put the spares in there) and then worry about the car. So it was time to say goodbye.





My bumper stickers had clearly seen better days (they used to even have color).


2. And time to upgrade to a minivan. We got a 2008 Honda Odyssey with a little over 33k miles on it. The dealer somehow did opt to take my car as trade-in which meant we didn’t have to figure out how to get rid of it. Thank goodness. So now Matt and I have nearly matching cars. The color is quite similar and his hatchback looks almost like a small minivan. This was not done on purpose, it just happened that the car with the best deal and year/mileage combo was the same color (a color I love).


3. For now both girls are still rear-facing and I’m hoping to find a good way to configure the seats so that they can all be rear-facing when the baby arrives. I’m going to need to do a little playing around and figure out the best way and determine what new car seat we will get. We much prefer the Britax to the Radian, so hopefully a new one of those, but I have read that newborns are often too short for the lowest strap setting (I’ve never tried it on a newborn), so the baby might go in the Radian until he/she is big enough, but who knows.


4. Eloise is getting really into her baby dolls. She feeds them bottles (she hasn’t nursed them yet, but I suspect once the new baby is here she will) and she loves to change diapers and clothes, just as Greta did at this age.



5. Greta has been big into celebrating weddings and birthdays lately. She always says that she is falling in love with Eloise and going to marry her and some set time (4 o’clock tomorrow). She also added that they were getting married “in the church I went to when she was young.” Greta usually wears my first communion veil and a blanket that drags behind her, so that her dress is long. She plans elaborate birthday parties for Albert, Big Bird, etc.




6. I vacuumed and less than 24 hours later this is what the floor looked like. Oh, life with little kids who think dumping food everywhere is fun!



7. Our front flower bed is still looking quite spectacular. Matt’s parents bought us some small plants and they have done so incredibly well and are so low maintenance. We need to figure out what kind they are so we can get more next year. They have been blooming since we planted them in May and show no signs of dying. Greta and Eloise pick flowers nearly every time they are outside and yet they still look great. Here is the bed in May and today.