up to date

We have busy bees over here. Some highlights:

1. We made a cute Halloween wreath.


2. We played in the leaves.



3. Greta went on her first field trip at school. Daddy tagged along and said she had this huge smile on the whole time. She really is so joyful and definitely smiles more than most kids.






4. We went to visit Matt’s family and played in the leaves with cousins.





5. We attempted to have the girls sleep together. There was a night or two where they slept well and then the wake ups began. Currently taking a break from this until Greta’s cold is gone and she doesn’t wake up because of that. One morning Matt went in to check on them and they were both awake and hugging each other. They really do love each other so much.


6. The girls dressed up for the Fall Festival Parade at Greta’s school.



7. The girls learned how to hammer a nail.



8. We carved pumpkins.


9. We got enough snow in OCTOBER to build FOUR snowmen. Ugh, not ready for winter.


10. A few other things that we don’t have pictures of just yet. We cleaned out our second kitchen and set it up as a craft room. Matt pulled out the carpet (yes, carpet) out of the downstairs bathroom and put in some vinyl tile. The bathroom & craft room aren’t quite complete, so no pictures until they are done (or closer to done)!

7 quick takes

1. I’m now 29 weeks pregnant. Definitely in the third trimester. There is more swelling, insomnia, braxton hicks contractions, leg cramps and general exhaustion. I’m close to my highest weight I was with Eloise and still have a long ways to go. Then again I had an extra 10 pounds to begin with, but I’ll definitely be at my highest weight ever during this pregnancy.

29weeks-3rd time

2. We like the new van so far. It drives really nice and the girls are happy they can see out the windows. We took it on our first car trip and it was fine, lots of room for stuff, and I certainly took advantage of that.

3. Sweet sleeping girls.



4. A few weeks ago, Matt made the girls some new doll beds out of some bookcases we took out of the playroom. They are quite cute and the dolls are enjoying their big girl beds these days.



5. Last weekend we headed out for our annual weekend with our college friends. This time we met in Beach Haven, NJ. I haven’t gotten through all the pictures, but here are a few sneak peaks. The weather was beautiful, highs in the mid-70s and sunny, so we spend some time at the beach.




6. We have had a lot of rain this late summer/early fall. In fact, Philadelphia EXCEEDED it’s greatest rainfall total for the month of September (I think) ever recorded by something like 10 inches. We have had to snag the few nice days to go outside.





7. Hmm…can’t think of anything else. Still a zillion things on my to do list before baby arrives, hopefully at least some of them will get done.

unofficial picture day pictures

Today was picture day for Greta at school. We opted not to buy any of the pictures since we thought they were WAY overpriced. In listening in to other parents’ conversations it appears they are quite pricey, especially compared to the local elementary school pictures. We did get her class picture, but no individual ones. Greta reports there was a pretend horse to take your picture on, or something of the sort. This morning before I took her to school I opted to set up my own little mini studio to take some pictures. Here is the most official looking picture:


A few others where she was actually smiling:




And a few outtakes:




Eloise of course wanted to join in on the action, so I took a few of her as well.





And only one decent one of the two of them:



I took some kind of recent video of the girls swimming. We started swimming lessons about a year ago, and neither one of them would let go or really do much at all. Now they are both swimming pretty independently. Greta has even started swimming on her belly using both her arms and legs. Greta’s video is from Labor Day weekend and Eloise’s is from this past weekend at swimming lessons.

I took some new video of Greta’s dance class as well. They moved rooms to one with a barre and a mirror and now Greta has tap shoes too. And Greta isn’t yelling anymore! She is mostly just focused on doing her steps, although most of the time she insists on doing all the taps with her left foot.


A couple of weekends ago, we went to Durham, NC, our old home. Durham is one place both Matt and I would definitely consider moving to, there is just a lot that we miss from there, and it really is just our kind of place. We were there for a wedding of some dear friends from our time in NC. We decided to drive and it was a LONG 9.5 hours. I don’t think we have driven on that long of a trip since before Greta was born. And I’ve never driven on that long of a trip while being 25 weeks pregnant.

On Friday we visited Duke and walked over to the basketball stadium and football stadium. We went and bought the girls new Duke t-shirts at the bookstore.




Matt and Greta went back in the afternoon to visit Matt’s advisor and some other engineering folks. I had planned on going, but Eloise and I both really need a nap. That evening we went to the rehearsal dinner. Saturday we had hoped to do something fun, but the weather was pretty overcast and raining most of the day, plus the weather was unseasonably cool. I can’t even remember what we did other than visit Target to get some tights and a sweater for me. That evening we went to the wedding. It was still kind of drizzly when we got there, but it stopped raining in time for the outside ceremony. The wedding was in the Duke Gardens, which is a lovely place. I only got a few pictures at the wedding since we were busy chasing kids around, and for some reason the focus was off. They looked beautiful and we are so glad we were able to be there for their special day.






The reception was held in the same place (in the building in the background of one of the pictures above). The girls were very well behaved, although Eloise was definitely tired and ready to be away from all the strangers most of the time. Greta ended up dancing the night away and having a blast. Back in our Durham days, Nik was apart of our scooter gang and he got a new scooter when he moved on, so he had a scooter cake!







On Sunday we went to our old church and met my cousin there. We then went to explore the Duke Gardens since it was finally sunny out. The girls loved wandering around and exploring and seeing the ducks.






After that we headed out to begin our journey home. We stopped for a few hours on the drive back in Northern Virginia to visit a dear friend who just had a baby and then continued our journey. I’m pretty sure Greta talked the entire 4 hour drive from Durham to DC. She was just staring at a piece of paper written in Spanish and making up stories for hours. She was definitely tired, but she is a champion sleep fighter and so talked to herself to keep herself awake. When we got to our friends house they were a little concerned that she was sick, but no her voice was just hoarse from talking for 4 straight hours. She is something special. Hopefully it won’t be years before we see all our Durham friend again, but now that we all live all over the place (literally from Massachusetts to California), it is quite difficult to visit, especially with young children. We are so glad we were able to make the trip and see everyone.