dance performance

The Monday before Beatrice was born, Greta had her little Christmas dance performance. It was very low key, just the parents of the kids in the class watching in the classroom. Here are some of the videos. There is one other three year old in the class and the rest of the kids are either four or five.

Greta will be taking again, but we are going to take a few weeks off since I don’t want to have to drag all three kids out in the winter, especially a newborn. She takes lessons at the YMCA, so each session is 8 weeks, so she will start again sometime in March I think. I’m sure she will miss the time off, since she so looks forward to going every week. Maybe we will have to create our own little dance class at home.

update & greta funnies



1. We are doing just fine. Everyone is adjusting. Greta and Eloise just LOVE Beatrice and want to kiss and hug her all day. Eloise is especially affectionate lately. Beatrice is doing well. Since my milk came in she has been a pretty content happy baby. She definitely sleeps a lot and really enjoys snuggling. It is amazing how just the shhing noise calms her down instantly, even if she isn’t being held. Beatrice went to the doctor this morning and is up 7 oz from her birth weight.



2. Christmas was very low key, just the 5 of us. Greta and Matt went to Christmas Eve mass and enjoyed that. We gave the girls their big gift from us and their stockings from Santa on Christmas morning. We are spreading out the rest of the gifts from my parents and us (Matt’s parents already gave their gifts before Christmas) during the 12 days of Christmas. The girls definitely look forward to having something to open every day.



3. Greta has been saying some great things lately. On the way into church she declared to Matt that we have too many kids for me to take care of, so when Matt goes back to work, she will take care of Beatrice and I will take care of Eloise. She also thinks Beatrice is going to be getting into lots of trouble.

4. During Christmas mass all of the little kids were invited up to the altar and Greta bravely went up there. Matt said she was one of the youngest up there who didn’t have an older sibling with them. After they sat on the altar for a little while they all went to visit the manger scene at the back of the church. Matt says all of a sudden you can see the crowd kind of part as Greta is making her way out. She runs to the front of the altar and over to the side to find Matt. A little while later the other kids go back to their seats and she says that she just wanted to come back a little early. Later she changes her story and says that she was scared (who wouldn’t be in a big crowd of taller-than-you people) and was ‘driven to tears’. Apparently this is from one her Fancy Nancy books. I guess all this reading is paying off.

5. On Monday, Matt’s parents came down to visit and meet Beatrice. They of course loved her and Greta and Eloise enjoyed having some time with Grammy and PopPop.



6. Overall recovery for me has been better than both previous recoveries. With Greta, I ended up back in the hospital twice with a hospital acquired blood infection (fun times!), plus I had an epidural and pushed for 2.5 hours, which made things worse overall. With Eloise, I lost a lot of blood and was anemic and so couldn’t lift anything heavy and felt pretty lightheaded and weak for a few weeks. This time I had a couple of days of aches and pains, but now things are mostly back to feeling normal. The first few days were definitely the hardest, especially since I was up all night before giving birth and then following night Beatrice didn’t really do much sleeping, and the hospital bed was really uncomfortable. So two nights of nearly no sleep can certainly make the next few a little more difficult. Now I think I’m getting pretty decent sleep, although I could always use more (but I have always been a person who loves sleep and could always have more, even when I was getting 8-10 hours of continuous sleep before children).


7. Our next wave of visitors is due to arrive today and tomorrow. My sister and parents will be here for 2 days each. The girls are excited to see them. Matt is still off of work all next week and possibly another few days the following week. He gets a week of paternity leave from work, plus this week was mostly holidays, plus a vacation day or two. It will be quite a shock to the girls when he goes back to work, but I’m sure we will be just fine.

THE Best Christmas Gift

We welcomed Beatrice Rose on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 1:10 in the afternoon. 7 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long. She got a little stuck in the birth canal and was a bit blue, so had to get a tiny bit of oxygen in the room. After that she pinked up quite well, but did have a bit of facial bruising, if you are wondering about all the different colors. Here are a few pictures from the first day and a half. We are all home now trying to figure out how to parent while being outnumbered.














Christmas take 1

Matt’s parents came down this past weekend to deliver the girls’ Christmas gift. Matt’s dad made a lovely washer and dryer set for them. They both love it and I’m sure it will get lots of use.



They also got some presents from Matt’s sisters, which they are enjoying. One of the books came with an audio version on CD and they love dancing to it.

Thanks for all of the gifts, for delivering the gifts and visiting us!


7 quick takes

1. 38 weeks today.

38 weeks

2. Greta is planning baby bunny’s birthday party for tonight after dinner. I’m wondering if she knows something I don’t. Time will tell. Greta was born at 38 weeks, 2 days, and Eloise right at 40 weeks (well 2 hours into the next day).

3. Must get the last few things done today, like compiling the email announcement list. Although, don’t expect any pictures until we return from the hospital, as we don’t really have a good way to download pictures at the hospital. Our netbook might work, but we haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure if the card reader works with it since it is running Linux. Alas, we are some of the last people in the world (or at least this country) without a smart phone.

4. The girls have been playing together really well lately. They love to play doctor, party, babies, dollhouse, really pretty much everything. There are still definitely fights, as I’m sure there always will be, but they really get along quite well. Greta often comes up with plans and Eloise just doesn’t get how to follow through with them. Like two days ago, Greta wanted to play Santa and deliver a bunch of presents to Eloise, but Eloise didn’t get that she needed to pretend to sleep no matter how many times Greta told her to. She just wanted to sit and read her books.

5. I ordered an extra large rocker/recliner chair the day after Thanksgiving. It was scheduled to be delivered today. We got a delivery time last night. Sears called this morning saying the item didn’t arrive and the earliest we would get it would be January 11. So annoyed. The reason for purchasing the big, ugly chair was so that when all children need to be held (which happens all too often around here) I won’t be crammed into the small chair we have right now. Yes, we can all sit on the couch, but the girls enjoying rocking and I assume the baby will as well.

6. Tomorrow starts the Christmas gift-giving with Matt’s parents bringing the girls’ gifts down.

7. We are possibly doing some sort of 12 days of Christmas thing so spread out the gifts. It seems like we have a lot of stuff wrapped up for the girls (from us and others) that we might just do the big gift and stockings on CHristmas day and then a gift or two a day. My parents will be here for 2 days and so we can save at least some of their gifts for that time.

37+ weeks update

Prepare for a very whiney post.

Well, officially made it to full term. The past two weeks have been pretty miserable around here. It started Thanksgiving day with a terrible sinus headache for three days. Then finally the snot started flowing and things only got worse from there. After about 10 days I finally caved and begged the midwife for something. I have never been this sick from a silly cold. I think it probably turned into a sinus infection (my first), since the sinus pressure was crazy and snot yellow and just overall painful. So I took 5 days of a z-pak and things seemed to be improving, although definitely not as fast as I would have liked. Friday and Saturday I was feeling pretty ok. Yesterday, Sunday, I took a nap and woke up with an awful sinus headache again, so I’m praying that it isn’t coming back. Part of the problem was I wasn’t getting enough sleep due to either the children being awake or myself just being unable to sleep for some unknown (or likely late pregnancy) reason. I finally got two solid nights of sleep, thanks to Matt, and that really seemed to help.

This morning I’m feeling ok. More snot than the past few mornings, but no sinus pressure. So, please let this be the end. I don’t think I’ve been sick for this long for years, maybe even since early childhood, but certainly not in my memory.

In addition, I’m just tired from being pregnant, so I’m sure some of the miserable feeling is just from being very pregnant. I’m ready to be able to bend down easily again, and roll over without pain. My belly is big, the weather is freezing cold, and I’m ready to feel good again.

In other news, my GBS test was negative! So yay, we won’t have to be induced (at least not for that reason, which was the most likely at this point). I’m going weekly to the midwives for checkups and everything is just fine and dandy, nothing unusual at all. Just a waiting game for now. Will it be before Christmas, or after?

So, I’ve had two dreams that the baby is a boy and just last night Matt had a dream the baby was a boy. We have recently rejected all of our boy names, so it makes sense that the baby is a boy. Previously we easily agreed on a boys’ names and weren’t totally settled on a girl’s name until the baby was born, and this time we are settled on the girl name, but have no idea on the boy name. Current option is Rudolph, because can you be anymore cheesy?

We still have several things to do before the baby is born, but we will survive if they don’t happen. Greta asks nearly every day when the baby is going to be born, because all along we have told her it will be born around Christmas, and well it is around Christmas now, so she is ready. I feel like around this time is when I started having more random contractions, but so far none (at least that I have noticed). Greta’s school Christmas program is on Thursday, so hopefully the baby stays put until after that because I really don’t want to miss that.

And thus ends this whiney post. There are plenty of people in worse shape this holiday season, so I’ll be thinking of them when I want to complain all day long. But I won’t be getting dressed most days, because really, what’s the point.