I’m not the most crafty person, but I want to be. I have made two things in the past few weeks that I thought I would share.

Greta has been having some growing pains in her legs lately and I really don’t like the idea of giving her medicine every time she hurts a little. So I was looking around on etsy for a heating pad thing. Then I decided I could probably easily make one. I was looking at the rice filled ones, and well I can certainly buy rice and stuff it in something. I went back to my craft area and pulled out a sweater that I had put back there that no longer fit. I cut off the arms and the neck and sewed it mostly closed. Then I made 5 channels to put the rice in, filled them up with rice and stitched off the end. All we do now is pop it in the microwave to warm it up and put it on her legs. Easy peasy. Are my lines perfectly straight? Nope. Does it serve the purpose I intended it to serve? Absolutely! I even made some skinny little rice filled things out of the arms since I knew Eloise would feel left out if she didn’t have something.


Second up is some new wipes. I have made wipes since we started cloth diapering, 3.5 years ago, when Greta was born. I usually just fold over some flannel and stitch them up, again, nothing fancy. My wipes have never been perfectly square or all the same size. I usually just buy some flannel in the remnants bin at JoAnn’s and make them whatever size makes the most sense for the size fabric I have. I have been dying for some bamboo velour wipes for years. But, bamboo velour is not that easy to come by, so I had mostly give up the dream. Then, one of the fitted diaper companies I love, Monkey Snuggles, offered a box of scrap bamboo velour and so I bought it! The bamboo is all dyed all different colors and is all different shapes and sizes. I’ve made some bamboo/flannel wipes in the past few weeks. I just try and maximize the bamboo and then cut the flannel to size. They are all totally different sizes and shapes. None of them are square. The flannel is fraying around the edge, but I’m hoping that will stop after a few washes. These are so soft and lovely. We use wipes for both noses and diaper changes. And I can tell you that I will never be going back to tissues for noses again. After my long cold/sinus infection last month and the constant nose blowing and wiping, not once was my nose chapped or sore or red from tissues.