babywearing around the house

Since we haven’t really done much outside of the house in the past five weeks, these are all taken by our computer (photobooth). I’m not sure how parents, especially parents of more than one child, survive without babywearing. Nothing would get done around here if it wasn’t for babywearing. We have a variety of carriers and my favorite depends on the day.

Moby Wrap:
Photo on 1-11-12 at 4.32 PM

Photo on 12-27-11 at 11.44 AM

Kozy Mei Tai (plus the girls in a Two Mommas Design and mini Moby Wrap):
Photo on 1-4-12 at 10.24 AM

Photo on 1-11-12 at 10.49 AM #2

Unknown Ring Sling:
Photo on 1-7-12 at 5.31 PM