Beatrice – month 1

Boy oh boy, three kids is definitely keeping me MUCH busier than two. Those who said the adjustment from two to three was the easiest were totally wrong, at least for this household. We are all alive and mostly happy, although it does seem like someone is always crying about something at any given moment. At a month (and 5 days) Beatrice weighed 10 lbs, 11 oz and is 22 inches long. That is close to a gain of 3 lbs and 1.5 inches in a month! Again the pediatrician made a joke that I should sell my milk. If only there was a legal way to sell milk and I didn’t hate pumping, I would certainly do it. Oh well.

Anyways, Beatrice is doing well, growing like crazy. The first month was mostly spent trying to protect her from her mostly well meaning, but not always so gentle big sisters. Both Greta and Eloise had a cold shortly after she got home, so we tried to limit the touching and in her faceness, so that she wouldn’t get sick. Thankfully she didn’t get the cold.


Beatrice lets it be known when she is unhappy. She definitely screams more than either of the other children. Not really enough screaming to be too concerned, since we can always eventually calm her down and it never last more than a few minutes, but definitely more screaming than we were used to. Beatrice does not like to have a dirty or wet diaper. She likes to be held and snuggled and likes to nurse. She likes to be walked around the house to look at all the pictures on the wall and changes in the rooms. Beatrice can go from totally happy to screaming in less than a second. Sometimes she will be sound asleep and then is instantly screaming hysterically.

Beatrice definitely knows my smell and voice and usually calms down pretty fast for me. She also calms down relatively quickly for Matt most of the time.

In her first month, Beatrice got to meet all of her grandparents and one aunt, Aunt Kitty. Beatrice didn’t go on too many outings, just to the doctor, Target once, and BJs once. We try to stay home as much as possible in the beginning to keep the germs away. It was relatively easy to stay home since Matt was off for 3 weeks (paternity leave, holidays off, plus vacation days to be used before the end of the year) and then my mom was here for a week.

Beatrice loves the shushing sound, and often that is all it takes to calm her back down. It is really quite amazing. She likes her bouncy seat sometimes and will even sleep there for a while if she isn’t attacked by a big sister, which is why the bouncy seat is now inside the pack-n-play.

Beatrice was born (like her sisters) with dark hair and very light/non-existent eyebrows & eyelashes. Her eyes are some shade of blue. Again we expect that she will have blue eyes and likely blonde hair. One day we think she looks very similar to Eloise, the next Greta. Clearly, they are all sisters.

Beatrice had quite a bit of bruising on her face from birth. We noticed that the tip of her nose wasn’t getting any better so we asked the pediatrician about it. She said we should have it looked at by a pediatric dermatologist, so we have an appointment for JUNE 15. Ugh, a long time a way. I might be able to get a cancellation before that, if I keep calling and there is an opening. The pediatrician thinks it is likely a hemangioma. They are fairly common and also fairly benign, mostly just something funny looking on the face. So we shall see. (Note: this picture is about a month old at this point and her nose is definitely much worse looking.)


Beatrice has pretty good muscle tone and can hold her head up well. She was very tight when she was born, and did not like to stretch out her arms or legs in the first week or two. By the end of the month, she was stretching everything just fine.

Beatrice sleeps pretty well, mostly just up to eat and then back to sleep. She had one rough night, but I think that is because I ate too much chocolate before bed (or at least that is what I’m telling myself). In the beginning she slept better in the chaos of her sisters running around yelling, but that wore off by the end of the month and they often woke her up.

Beatrice burps SO easily, you just lightly pat her back and the burps come flying out. With both other children I could rarely get the burps out, only Matt had the magic touch, but this one is just so easy to burp. The first month she mostly nursed just to eat and then was done.

The third child definitely doesn’t get nearly as much tummy time as the first or the second. Anytime I try and put her down on the floor for tummy time, the whole crowd joins in and nearly falls on top of her or pokes her or scares her or something.


tummy time

I’m sure there is plenty I’m forgetting as she is now nearly 2 months old, but this really needs to get done, so I’m hitting publish and will likely add some more stuff later.