Just a few funny/cute things to share.

1. Greta somehow got glue in her hair. After about 2 hours of teasing her hair, I got all the glue/knot mess out. She definitely lost some good chunks of hair, but we didn’t have to cut the entire thing out. I think she is in need of a real haircut now as she does have some noticeable short spots in her hair. One day we will take her 🙂


2. Greta’s lovely artwork on the dining room chair painted with yogurt. This is why we don’t have nice furniture at this point in our lives.


3. The girls new favorite past time is digging worms. Greta goes back and forth on whether she wants to touch them or not, but it is mostly a no. Eloise gladly picks them all up. Soon this hobby will have to end when the plants are in the garden and the fencing is put up.




4. Beatrice got a new carseat and apparently thinks it is the funniest thing to be put in (at least in the house). Beatrice often gives me the biggest smiles when I’m buckling her up, definitely a change from Greta as a baby.


5. Our front flower bed at the height of bloom.


6. Me and baby B.


Beatrice’s baptism

Beatrice’s baptism was on April 15. It was lovely. There were two other babies baptized at the same time and the whole thing started about 10 minutes early before all of our guests had even arrived! The priest stole my videographer (our nephew) to be an altar server, so we have no video and limited pictures. We should have some more pictures once I send Matt’s mother her camera battery charger that got left at our house 🙂

We were glad to have some of our family members there and a few close friends. We missed those family members who couldn’t make it.

Beatrice wore the same gown that both Greta and Eloise wore, as well as me, my father, and his father also wore. It definitely doesn’t look white anymore, but I love it just the same.


I apparently cannot refrain from making funny faces at my children when the water is poured on their head (I believe I was making a very similar face for Eloise’s baptism).


Beatrice and her godparents, Matt’s oldest sister, and one of Matt’s uncles.


My parents and our family.


Matt’s family who was able to attend.


And our little family. Greta really wanted to wear her flower girl dress from a wedding last year, so we dressed Eloise in a white dress as well so she wouldn’t feel left out. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day, so perfect for some spring/summer dresses.


Our church looked lovely for the baptism as well, since all of the Easter flowers were still up. After the baptism we had a little reception at our house, which was wonderful as well. We got to catch up with some friends we haven’t seen in a long while and one of my oldest friends (Josh, pictured in the first picture) came all the way from DC for the event. We are grateful we had so many wonderful family and friends present. Thank you all for making the trip.