update on Beatrice’s nose

People are always asking about Beatrice’s nose when we see them, so I figured I should probably update all of you on it as well. Everything is going just swell. Her doctor is very pleased with the results. The deep hemangioma is nearly completely gone and the superficial one is certainly fading and getting lighter. Since we were mostly concerned about the damage the deep hemangioma could do to the shape of her nose, things are great! You can definitely see a big difference in her nose, and nearly everyone seems to notice the change.

She still gets the propranolol three times a day, currently at 7:30 am, 3:30 pm, and 11:30 pm. We shifted the time slightly to best accomodate us. I usually don’t have to wake her up in the morning to give her the medicine, which is great, since I usually have to wake her at the other two times. Medicine administration is still a challenge as she likes to spit it out. Some times it goes well and she doesn’t spit any out, and other times it is a total diaster. I think most of the times we do a pretty good job. It is actually easiest to give to her in the middle of the night. I barely wake her, squirt it in, she swallows and drifts back to sleep. Beatrice is supposed to eat either before or after taking her medicine so that her blood sugars don’t drop and most of the time that isn’t a problem. But, there are times when I definitely struggle to get her to nurse. It happens most often if we are out and about and she wants to see what is going on, not stop and nurse.

Hopefully at her next visit, we will get to go down to 2 doses a day, but you never know. Since she would then be on less overall medicine per day, the doctor wants to make sure she is happy with the progress before lowering the dose. Here is a before and a current picture (about 7 weeks after starting propranolol).



matching monkeys + 6 months

My mom bought the girls these cute little dresses. For months Greta has been wanting to have three matching dresses and I finally found some that came in all three sizes, plus were on sale and weren’t sold out in any of the sizes we needed. I just love them. Thanks Mama! And of course I think my kids are the cutest little things ever. These pictures make me smile 🙂




Beatrice turned 6 months old this past week and Greta and I decided to have a little photo shoot with her. Here is Greta getting her pictures in. She wants to know how to take pictures really fast like me, unfortunately her camera isn’t capable.












garden 2012

Let me first just say that Matt has pretty much done everything as far as the garden goes, so if I say we I mostly mean Matt. I’m just hear for moral support. We expanded the garden size this year, to what we hope will be the maximum. It is actually quite a bit bigger. We started some seeds in the basement, but overall didn’t have very good luck with them and so bought quite a few plants.


Most of the plants are in the ground, but we will probably add some more tomatoes if our seedlings ever get any bigger (note, do not use peet pots). We have two kinds of beans, I believe they are green and rattlesnake (or something like that).


We have some sugar snap peas.


We have some Italian squash. Matt’s coworker wanted some of these so we bought and started the seeds for him. Now we have some too. Who knows what they taste like, but we shall see!


This right here is all of the volunteer plants that Matt transplanted. Our garden was basically just growing plants everywhere and we saved some of them. There were literally hundreds of plants coming up in the garden space that we did not plant. These are mostly summer squash, although there might be some cucumbers as well.


Carrots! This is our first time planting carrots and we just directly sowed them and they came up! They are a bit close together, but whatever. I’m excited about these.


We have some broccoli plants that we bought. I’m not really sure what happened to the ones we started from seeds.


We have oodles of pepper plants. They are mostly bell peppers or some other kind of sweet pepper (maybe giant chinese red pepper). Matt’s parents gave us two plants (the big ones) and there are tons of little ones along one side of the fence.


We planted okra seeds and they are just coming up. This is another new thing for us. We don’t get any okra from the CSA and I love me some okra, so we thought we would give it a go.


We have a little pile of basil. I’m hoping it grows into a giant pile.


We bought some amish paste and san marzano tomatoes plants since our seeds weren’t doing well. We also got a few tomato plants from Matt’s parents, plus we have some heirlooms that we are going to transplant eventually. We also have a few random volunteer plants (see it right up against the fence).



Next year we are comtemplated just letting the garden run wild with volunteer plants and see what happens. We try to start seeds and fail, but then we get big glorious plants that just pop up out of nowhere. Who knows.