quick takes

1. I think Eloise needs a trip to the beach.



2. Beatrice has been sampling all sorts of foods. She seems to like most anything and if you put her in the high chair she starts banging for food. If you don’t put her in the high chair she starts whining from the floor.



green beans:

3. We got a few new dress up items at a yard sale recently and the girls have had fun playing with them.




4. The garden is booming. It looks like a jungle these days. The middle tomato plants are close to SIX feet tall.


There are zillions of tomatoes on the vine. We have picked a few. We had a problem with a little mouse, but we have caught the plump little bugger and so now we will get to enjoy the tomatoes instead of him.


The cherry tomato plant(s?) are literally bursting with tomatoes. Very few are ripe yet, but soon we will be swimming in cherry tomatoes.


We had some lemon cucumbers (they taste like regular cucumbers, but are the shape and color of lemons), but the plant just randomly died. We have no idea what happened to it. Maybe the mouse ate the bottom of the plant or something?


We have some broccoli.


Our okra is doing great! We gotten enough for one batch of fried okra and are continuing to pick a few a day.


The peppers are doing well and we are just waiting for them to turn red.


The squash plants in the back turned out to mostly be gourds, not squash, so we aren’t swimming in squash like I hoped. We have picked a few, but not many.

5. The little one has reached the stage where she does NOT like to be alone at all. If I leave the room she usually starts crying. Thankfully there are some other little people who like to entertain her some of the time. Boy do they love that little sister of theirs and she loves them.




6. We had some rain the other day and the girls got to go play since it wasn’t thundering or lightning for once. What did they do most of the time? Take water out of the pool and water the plants.



7. We went to DC (well really Northern Virginia) a few weekends ago and got to see some old friends (and their kids). We did take a trip on the metro to go to the Air & Space Museum and ended up getting stuck during some computer troubles. We were stopped for probably 30-40 minutes with three tired children. Thankfully the lights and air stayed on just fine.



Getting four children to look at the camera proved impossible.




And that is just a little big of what we have been up to. I am still way behind on uploading pictures, so I know I missed a bunch of what we have been doing. Another day.

recent videos

Greta and Eloise are now in the preschool swimming class. There was another little girl in their class, but she wasn’t here this time. They are both now jumping in (hooray!). Greta is swimming really well and Eloise swims well when she swims, but the last two classes she has been crying quite a bit. I think she just may still be a little young and not quite ready to be done with the parent/child classes.

And we convinced both of them to go down the slide in our neighbor’s pool. They were fine with it as long as they could land in the boat.

Beatrice has tried bananas so far and here is a video of the maybe (?) third try. There is definitely more interest and consumption than either of her sister’s had at 6 months. She is having a little trouble holding the banana, so I was holding it for her.

I’ve also made some breastmilk popsicles for her, which she likes. She gets quite upset if you try to take the stick away from her. She does lots of painting herself with breastmilk, but oh well. I think it feels good on her teeth.