shoe debacle

The girls needed some new shoes and really I dread taking them all to a shoe store, so I usually just buy online. There are usually better deals online so I can get what I want for cheaper, sometimes MUCH cheaper.

example 1: Greta wears about a size 9.5 or 10. She needed new boots. So I bought her some See Kai Run boots online in a size 10. They were last year’s style so they were on clearance. They get here and are too small. Of course size 11 is not available, so I can’t just order the next size up. I decide I might as well save them for Eloise or Beatrice since they were much cheaper than all the other boots I could find.

example 2: Stride Rite is having a great sale. Most of the shoes are marked down pretty low and then there is an online coupon for an additional 25% off. Greta definitely need sneakers and Eloise wanted a new pair of shoes as well. The shoes I order for Greta are totally fine. Eloise doesn’t need sneakers, but there are some on sale, so I order them in the next size up. She has some Stride Rite brand sneakers in a size 8, so I order a size 9, thinking they will be for spring or summer. I also ordered Eloise a pair of mary jane sneakers in size 8.5. They arrive. The size 9 sneakers of the same brand are the same length as the size 8 sneakers we already have. Eloise doesn’t need new sneakers, so now I need to either return them or exchange them or save them for Beatrice.

I thought I had learned from Greta’s boot experience to only buy brands that I knew what size to buy and it turns out that isn’t the case. So internet, tell me, do you buy your kids’ shoes in the store? or online? How do you buy shoes that actually fit them? And how do you get the best deal? Is there really this much variation in the actual brand or do we think the stride rite shoes are mislabeled? What am I doing wrong?