Happy Birthday Eloise!

Has it really been THREE years since she arrived so speedily?

Eloise is definitely our dare devil, always willing to try some new adventure. Yet, she is very shy in social situations. We have been going to music class for about 6 months and she is just starting to break out of her shell and participate.

My favorite recent thing Eloise has said: While talking to my sister on the computer, she just plainly stated “everyone in our family has SHARP teeth and blue eyes.”

She has a few great mispronunciations that I LOVE: babaloons for balloons, mushrooms for marshmallows.

We are still working on how boys and girls are different. Last night in the bath she asked if Beatrice was a boy, since she has short hair like a boy. And no matter how many times we explain the different between boys and girls, she insists that daddy has a ‘tail’ that he pees out of.

Eloise is getting very close to using the potty full time. She has been dry most days, but I still have to take her to the potty and ask her to go most of the time. We haven’t attempted nights since she is still mostly waking up wet. Looks like she will be already for school in the fall.

Eloise loves music, dancing, and playing anything. She loves princesses, dolls, dress-up, reading. She isn’t as interested in coloring or drawing as Greta was at this age, but she is starting to hold her crayon the proper way and will color some, just not for long periods of time. She insists she is turning the letter three and must hold up her three fingers and then count them to tell you how old she is.

We recently moved Eloise’s bed into Greta’s room and it is mostly working out. They like sharing a room and are mostly sleeping all night in the same room. We have the occasional escape to sleep with me (or daddy) or early morning snuggles, but overall, I say it is much improved.

Eloise has become kind of a picky eater these days. She won’t try anything new and often won’t eat something she has eaten many times before. She is definitely our junk lover and would happily eat chips, candy, and other junk all day long if we let her. The only real way I have found to prevent the constant meltdowns is to just not have junk in the house.

Her hair is still pretty curly, especially when it is humid and she has yet to have a haircut.




1 year old:


so happy to be outside!

2 year old:



3 year old:



hemangioma – 14 months

I’m going to do a little update on B’s hemangioma since I’ve gotten some people googling looking for info and I know I was looking for info when we were deciding what to do.

Beatrice has a hemangioma on her nose. It is both deep and superficial. She started taking propranolol three times a day when she was about 4 months old. She is now taking propranolol two times a day and is 14 months old. She is starting to slowly wean off the medication at this point. For now we are not going to do any of the topical or laser solutions to get rid of the rest of the redness. We will reevaluate when she is three or four years old, since it should go away some on its own.

Beatrice hasn’t really had any side effects from the medicine. Her blood pressures have always been perfectly normal. She sleeps as good as either of her sisters did at this point, maybe even better than them, although she does still wake at night. I don’t really think that has to do with the medicine though.

Before picture: Here is where we started at 4 months old (this were taken at the hospital when she was starting the propranolol protocol).


After picture: And here she is now at almost 14 months.


Pretty impressive to me!


We got about 3-5 inches of snow (it was different in different parts of the yard) and took the girls out to sled first thing this morning. They all loved it.

Beatrice kept climbing back into the sled, so clearly wanted to go again. Maybe some snowmen later today?