Finally getting to some more of the trip to Birmingham. My cousin, Sarah, got married to Andrew. The wedding was beautiful, of course, but from our point of view was kind of a disaster. We sat near the front since we were family. The wedding at 5 pm, so kind of an iffy time for the kids, but they at least two of the three had taken a decent nap. Right before people started walking in, Beatrice started screaming that she wanted water, which she thought I was hiding in the diaper bag. (We have general no food/drink in church, so I didn’t bring them). But she was insisting that it was in there and screaming “wawa”. Matt had to fight through all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get out of the church so there wasn’t a screaming child at the front of the church. He never returned and missed the whole thing. A little while later Eloise started complaining she was so thirsty and after trying to get her to be quiet, she just kept getting louder and louder and more demanding of water. So I took her out to get a drink. I snuck back in and sat in the very back of the church, but she started talking very loudly about water again. (Looking back I’m wondering if we didn’t give them anything to drink all day or something). Eventually I took her out and left her with Matt. I sat in the very back of the big church for the rest of the ceremony.

Then it was off to the reception and time for some pictures. Here we are all dressed up:


And my sister, Catherine, and her boyfriend, Kevin.



There was lots of yummy food at the reception and lots of dancing. Sadly, I’m not able to take nearly as many pictures at weddings these days, so there aren’t too many great ones. Eloise was the big dancer this time around. She had so much fun dancing.






And of course we need some pictures of the beautiful bride and groom.




A cute picture of my sister and Eloise:


My cousin and her dad, my uncle, dancing:


My aunt and uncle watching some dancing:


My cousin and my other uncle:


Eloise dancing:

My dad dancing with the girls:

The girls dancing: