Happy 2nd Birthday Beatrice

Two days late, but Happy Birthday to Beatrice! She turned two on Saturday. Beatrice liked the presents and cake part of her birthday, but if you dare mention the word birthday or ask her how old she was, she gave this funny look. She’s a funny kid.


And a picture from a few days old and one from her first birthday.



As of mid-September Beatrice is off of her propranolol for treating her nasal hemangioma! We attempted to wean her from the medicine in April and that didn’t work, the hemangioma was still growing. It looks wonderful now and we have officially been discharged from the dermatologist and told to come if we or her decide we want to laser treat the remaining spot. So far though it appears that it is shrinking even more, so hopefully we won’t need any additional treatment.


I’m a terrible blogger who hasn’t updated her blog in over three months. School has been a big adjustment for all of us and I think we might finally be settling into everything and getting back to normal. Just in time for another big change. For those who didn’t receive our Christmas card here are the pictures included.



Maybe (I hope) I’ll be back with more pictures and details of what has been going on. May you all have the happy of holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and may the New Year bring you many blessings. We’ll be busy celebrating a two year old birthday, then Christmas, then New Years.