20 weeks

I’m not sure how the 20 week ultrasound works other places, but the two practices I’ve been to work the same way. The ultrasound is performed by the ultrasound tech and that person really doesn’t give you any information. She will say oh there is the heart, foot, hand, etc., but she gives no indication of whether everything is fine and dandy. She leaves that up to the doctor/midwife at your appointment. Depending on when you had your previous appointment, you might schedule your next with them immediately or it might be a few days/weeks.

So today I had my ultrasound and it was exciting to see the little baby moving around in there. According to the measurements on the screen the baby seemed to be measuring normal (+/- a week). I have my actual midwife appointment on Thursday to discuss the results. New this time was an added vaginal ultrasound to measure cervix length. This is supposed to be a predictor for pre-term labor.

And of course we didn’t find out the sex of the baby, just like all the others. Here are the pictures we got (P.S. I’m always totally jealous of everyone else’s ultrasounds, why do they never give me good pictures?)




And a pretty terrible picture I took today.


Here is an article I read recently about 4th babies and whether we are hoping for a boy (we aren’t).

Snowy Day Fitness Class

Greta apparently decided it was time to build up our bones and muscles and so conducted a fitness class for the girls. And you can tell we didn’t really get dressed today. Eloise got partially dressed, Beatrice got partially undressed and Greta is still fully in her pajamas (as am I).

Quick Takes

1. I finally got around to taking a picture of my belly. 18 weeks, 5 days today.

18 weeks, 5 days #4
I feel like I’m bigger than previous pregnancies, but I’m not sure based on the pictures. (Definitely bigger than the first time.)

17 weeks, 5 days with Greta
17 weeks 5 days

19 weeks with Eloise
19 weeks

18 weeks, 2 days with Beatrice
18 weeks, 2 days

2. I would say this pregnancy seems to be mostly the same as the others. The aches and pains have started earlier (woo!) and my sweet tooth has yet to really return. Usually by 15 weeks or so, I’ve been back to loving sweets. In the first trimester I definitely had a lot of bloating and indigestion, but thankfully that is over. I don’t remember having as much stomach trouble with #2 and #3, but I do remember being pretty miserable with Greta. I’ve never really had nausea or morning sickness, thank goodness and this pregnancy continues that trend.

3. I thought I would share a few recipes I made lately that I enjoyed. Note: not everyone enjoyed everything, but that’s just kind of the way it is. Can’t please everyone every night.

I made this cake for the Epiphany (well a day or two late, since I wasn’t really on top of things): Chocolate Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I made this pie for Matt’s birthday and it was quite delicious: Chocolate Caramel Cream Pie.

These Swedish meatballs were a hit with everyone, although only Matt and I enjoyed the sauce, so the next time I kept the sauce off of half of the meatballs.

The girls LOVE dumplings when we get them from Chinese restaurants, so I thought I would make some of my own. While I thought they were infinitely better than the ones from the restaurant ones, the girls thought they were the most disgusting things ever imaginable. I even make the wrappers, since I usually don’t like the store bought wrappers. I will say that the dough was rather difficult to roll out and I couldn’t get it quite as thin as I wanted, but maybe next time will be better. I used purple cabbage instead of the cabbage they suggested, since that is what we had and I thought maybe the purple color would excite the girls. I definitely need more practice wrapping dumplings as mine were all different odd looking shapes, but that didn’t mean they weren’t delicious.

4. Greta in the snow!



5. Eloise in the snow!



6. Beatrice in the snow!



7. Clearly I’m running out of things to say, so we will end with one last picture.


streak over

Well, our streak of 5.5 years with no stomach virus is over. Greta was sick most of the day yesterday. Laying down make her stomach hurt and led to vomit. She was exhausted, but finally ate a little last night and then slept most of the night. Feeling much better today. Still hoping no one else gets sick. Greta had a stomach ache off and on all week, but nothing that didn’t go away. Yesterday morning we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which was probably her downfall. Too much sugar on a belly that wasn’t feeling great probably wasn’t the wisest idea. Let’s hope the worst is over.

The odd thing is we don’t know anyone who has been sick, whereas last year Greta’s class was a puking mess for about a month. Literally every day someone was sick and several kids even puked in class.

Greta was a very good patient, always chipper, and made it into the bucket each time. Other than being exhausted she was happy and smiling, always our happy child.

New year!

Let’s get this year started. Maybe I’ll post more often, maybe not, time will tell. Lately I’ve really only downloaded pictures and haven’t actually sorted through them, so this likely won’t have any pictures, just a few things we are up to.

Beatrice had her 2 year old checkup today and she jumped up to the 90th percentile for height. Not sure how that happened. She has always been the smallest and hasn’t ever been that tall. They say to get the adult height you double your height at 2 years old. That would make her 5′ 10″, which is taller than either of her parents (or any of our immediate family), so I doubt that will be true. Other than that nothing really to note, standard appointment, full of screaming. Have I mentioned that B is terrified of doctor’s, which has always made her dermatologist appointments every 6 weeks a blast. I’m hoping eventually she will outgrow it. Right now she is still mostly terrified when I go to the midwife to check on the baby, hopefully by the end of the pregnancy she will be fine with it.

We are working on getting some things organized around the house. Last year I got the toys a bit under control. We do some toy rotation, which helps I think, but we still have a disaster of a play room most of the time. We are currently tackling the book situation. Our kids LOVE books and we have oodles of them (thanks mostly to the library book sales and yard sales). Currently we have no room on any bookshelves in our house and stacks of books near the shelves. First up we (well Matt actually) is scanning the ISBN number of every book we own. This is a huge task and he is probably close to halfway done and we are somewhere near 1000 kids books. This will hopefully help me from accidentally buying duplicates of books we already own. I’m working on doing some major organization so we can do a little bit of rotation. We already store the holiday books and pull them out around the appropriate holidays, but we need a little more than that. I’m hoping to color code all the books and then store some and bring a new box/bin/crate out each month and put away another crate. Hopefully this means we won’t read the same books every day. This is going to be a long process, so hopefully we will get done with it one day.

Greta is mostly reading. She loves it and likes to find books that she can read. She is quite excited about reading to the new baby and her sisters.

We’ve got a busy few month coming up. Greta has a 5 day weekend for MLK and we are still trying to figure out if we are going somewhere or not. The next weekend hopefully I’ll be heading to Maryland for a baby shower. Then my parents will be here for a long weekend, which includes Greta’s talent show (she is doing a class act) and Disney on Ice. The next weekend my sister will be visiting us. And the following weekend Greta has a 4 day weekend for President’s Day. Phew. Then hopefully winter will be mostly over. And before we know it we will be having a new baby (ok, not that soon, but it will be here before we know it).

Eloise loves school and was the star of her Christmas show, sometimes she was the only one in the class singing and she was singing loud! If you want to see the videos let me know, I’m happy to share, just don’t want to put other people’s kids’ on the open internet without their permission. (They are on flickr if anyone follows me there).