snow, snow, and more snow.

Well, this is winter is pretty boring. All we have it snow and more snow. Although this year we also got to throw in a 3.5 day power outage. That was fun. Thankfully we do have a generator that we bought during our first 24 hour + power outage a few years ago.

Prior to living in this house I only recall one other long term power outage and that was in 1985 during/after Hurricane Kate. Granted it wasn’t freezing cold outside at that time, so clearly more enjoyable, at least to 5 year old me.

Matt figured out how to rig the heater to the generator, so we ran it sporadically to keep the house warm. We also need the generator to keep our deep freezer cold (it is full of meat from our local farm) and to keep the basement sub pump running to keep the basement dry. We are now looking into a whole house automatic generator because 3 long term power outages in 2.5 years is kind of a lot.

The girls were surprisingly good while the power was out and didn’t even complain much about going into a dark bathroom. We don’t really watch much TV, so it wasn’t like they missed much. All of their toys/crafts work just fine with or without power. We have a gas stove and a gas hot water heater, so both of those worked just fine, which makes a huge difference in the quality of life during a power outage.

I’m dreaming of summer, where we have green grass and no more snow. The snow has piled up pretty high, so it will take a lot of warm days to melt it all. This weekend is forecast to be 48 and sunny one day, so hopefully we will be able to get out and do something.





And here is the belly at 23 weeks, 3 days. Definitely feeling bigger than in the past, but can’t seem to find pictures except from my first pregnancy, which was definitely smaller.

23 weeks, 3 days

and with Greta:

23 weeks

snow day!

We’ve gotten quite a bit of snow today, probably about 8 inches. Matt built the girls a fort (no roof because of their safety conscious mama). My parents are here visiting and my dad made an appearance outside for some pictures. He didn’t bring his full snow gear, so he wasn’t up for any real snow play.













And it wouldn’t be a snow day without some sledding.