quick takes

1. Last night (March 17) Greta lost her first tooth. It was hanging in there and we were afraid she would either swallow it in her sleep or it would be dangling at school, so Matt wiggled it out. We noticed the loose tooth a few weeks ago, after Greta had been complaining that her tooth hurt for a few days. Last week we noticed that her new tooth was already coming in, so we encouraged wiggling, since the wise internet told us we should have the dentist pull it if it didn’t fall out within a few weeks. Alas, it fell out and all is well. Now we just have to see where the new tooth will move, since currently it is quite a bit behind her other teeth. Greta was a bit skeptical of the tooth fairy, but after a dollar plus a 50 cent coin appeared, she is convinced she is real. We aren’t too into the made up tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny stuff and if they ask we won’t lie about it. I do ask her what she thinks rather than just flat out saying no or whatever.


2. There was a contest at Greta’s school for the class that wore the most green on St. Patrick’s Day. She picked out all the green stuff we could find (and her sisters kind of joined in as well).


3. Where is Beatrice?


Oh, there she is.


4. On the few warm days we had, the girls got outside as much as possible.




Their new favorite activity is to paint their house with mud.


5. We got to go visit some friends who just had a baby. Greta and Eloise were in love, and Beatrice could care less about the baby.



6. The girls performing “Let it Go” from Frozen:

7. A few babywearing pictures lately. I’ve gotten a few new things for the baby and needed to test them out (and Beatrice loves to snuggle).






I mentioned a while back that we were trying to organize our children’s books. I’ve finally started making progress in the past week or so. I based my whole system off of something I read on Catholic Icing.

We started off with a complete mess. IMG_4553-001

I broke our books into categories and started labeling with those little circle stickers (with tape on top to hold them on).

Our categories for now are:

GREEN – board books (turns out we have A LOT of them, I ran out of stickers and need to either color some white ones green or buy more green stickers).
BLUE – religious/church books
RED – holiday books (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc).
WHITE – non-fiction
BLACK – collections of books, either by author or character (i.e. golden books, pooh, berenstain bears)
YELLOW – finding books + big books such as those long Richard Scarry books.
ORANGE – chapter books

Everything else is unlabeled for now.

For now we have most of the color coded books in the family room and the unlabeled books in bedrooms and the play room. Each shelf has a label so hopefully that will make it easier to put books away when they come off the shelves. I know they won’t always stay as ordered, but for now they look nice and pretty. Plus I keep finding more books that need labels 🙂





Now that I’ve totally destroyed all the shelves and reassembled, Matt pretty much needs to start over with the scanning of books, which hopefully will happen soon! I’ve discovered several duplicate books that I’ll be donating to Greta’s classroom.

Day in the life of ME!

I love reading ‘day in the life’ posts to see what people spend their days doing and I finally recorded one last Friday, March 7. So here you go. Obviously all of these things don’t happen every day, especially mass alone with two kids or recess duty. Those are often replaced with taking Eloise to school or running some errands of sorts.

5:16 am – Greta comes into B’s room, where B and I are sleeping. She knows the drill, she can either lay in her sleeping bag on the floor or she can lay perfectly still and quiet in the bed. She chooses the floor.

5:28 am – Greta says she needs to go potty, whisper fight with her to get up and go. She says she can’t go alone, even though the nightlights are on in the bathroom and I can see straight down the hall to the bathroom. I eventually convince her to turn on the hall light and go alone, knowing that if I get out of bed B will be up for the day.

6:10 am – Convince Greta to go get Matt up, so B can sleep longer hopefully (she has begun to stir). They go downstairs.

6:38 am – B and I go downstairs. Matt has thankfully packed Greta’s lunch!

6:45 am – Empty dishwasher.

6:52 am – Start making breakfast: eggs, bagels, and grapefruits.

7:19 am – Finally sit down and eat my breakfast

7:31 am – Get Greta’s shirt and tights out for her to put on, convince her not to go up and wake Eloise (her jumper is in the sleeping child’s room).

7:35 am – Get B dressed/change her diaper (not putting away the laundry has paid off this morning).

7:44 am – Go upstairs to get Greta’s jumper, my clothes, wake Eloise up, get her clothes. Send Eloise down to eat some leftover bagel.

7:52 am – Go downstairs, dressed for the day. Time for hair brushing & getting Eloise dressed. Get Eloise a banana as well.

8:02 am – Tell everyone to get shoes/jackets/etc so we can leave to take Greta to school.

8:10 am – Out the door.

8:14 am – Everyone is buckled and ready to go!

8:23 am – Drop Greta off at school.

8:25 am – Hang out in the parking lot a while since we are going to mass at school that starts at 9. Reinstall her carseat. I’ve had some trouble with tightening her straps lately and finally have time where the other two are contained and I’m stuck in the car, so might as well try and fix it. Finally figure out a solution!

8:55 am – See Greta’s class go into the church, head in ourselves.

9:25 am – The girls have been talking or pouting the entire time in mass. Eloise finally got a hold of the book she wants to read. B screams, take her to back. Of course all this begins right as we kneel down for the Eucharistic prayer.

9:30 am – Go back to seat. B gets book from Eloise and is content for a second. Then throws the book and starts screaming again. Pack up and head to the back with everyone.

9:40 am – Go to communion and then kneel down in back of church to pray. B takes off running, Eloise tries to catch her, which makes her run faster. Chase them both down and go to the vestibule. Nice lady from church comes out to talk to me and tell me thanks for bringing them, don’t worry about them making noise, we are so blessed, etc. She makes me tear up because I’m feeling defeated and emotional (darn hormones).

9:45 am – Leave and head home.

9:58 am – Get B some yogurt, Eloise munches on her bagel and I sit down to type up our morning.

10:17 am – Get up to load the dishwasher & wash dishes.

10:28 am – Go to basement to get diapers out of dryer, bring up some other laundry that needs to be folded/put away (towels, sheets). Bring up box of shoes to donate for 40 bags in 40 days.

10:34 am – Put shoes into car (where they are still sitting days later).


10:36 am – Put diapers away, fold towels.

10:41 am – Get mail, yay new Toms from Zulily came! Resist opening package since it is still quite chilly out and I’m saving the girls’ new shoes for their Easter baskets.

10:47 am – Time to figure out lunch before we head to Greta’s school for recess duty.

11:03 am – Feed children and myself leftover pizza with a side of mango and apple.

11:18 am – Send Eloise to the potty before we leave. Change B’s diaper. B of course needs to try and sit on the potty as well, which adds some extra time. Get Eloise to gather the coats and water cups while I’m wrestling B back into her clothes/diaper and then go potty myself.

11:24 am – Out the door.

11:36 am – Arrive at school. High today was supposed to be 42, which sounded manageable for outside recess duty, but alas we arrive and the car says 33 and lucky for us the wind is blowing!

11:45 am – Head outside with the big kids for recess. B & E run around like crazy. I stand and freeze.

12:15 pm – B falls and scraps her hands on the pavement, which seems to hurt a lot, especially since her hands are icicles. Hold her until it is time to go in.

12:45 pm – Headed home. B falls asleep in the car, which means I won’t have to fight her to nap.

12:55 pm – Lug B up to her room and lay down with her until she is back asleep.

1:11 pm – Sit down to read some books with Eloise.

1:50 pm – Contemplate a nap. Instead scroll through hairstyles, since I’m getting my hair chopped the next day. Don’t find anything particularly lovely.

2:11 pm – B wakes up from her nap, but isn’t ready to get up just yet. Lay down and nurse her for a while, hoping to avoid the screaming and ‘hold me’ s until we get Greta from school.

2:36 pm – Head downstairs. Change B’s diaper, visit the potty and request Eloise try as well.

2:48 pm – Take some pictures of the girls. Why? I say why not? For about 5 years I took daily pictures of each child, but I’ve been slacking the past few months, so trying to get better about it.



2:52 pm – Out the door. We usually get to school a few minutes early so we can get a close parking spot which has two pluses: 1. I can see when the kindergarteners are at the door waiting 2. So I can just run and get Greta instead of unloading everyone else as well.

3:11 pm – Greta is out!

3:30 pm – In the door, snack time.

3:48 pm – Change tablecloth. No homework tonight since it is Friday!

3:57 pm – Start dinner: beets, salmon, tatsoi, broccoli.

4:17 pm – Salmon and beets are in the oven.

4:25 pm – Clean up puzzle, encourage children to finish cleaning up family room, they ignore me, complain they are too tired or just want to play. Remind them that we won’t eat dinner until it is done.

4:45 pm – sit down, I’m exhausted. The baby is jumping around in my belly.

5:03 pm – Call Matt to see his ETA, no answer at his desk or cell. Decide we are going to eat without him.

5:11 pm – Sit down to eat. I succeeded in making a meal in which Beatrice will not eat anything! Woo! She gets up from the table and runs off to play.

5:31 pm – Matt calls to say he is leaving work. Someone scheduled a meeting with him at 4 pm on a Friday, fun stuff.

5:43 pm – Children playing, me typing.

5:45 pm – Notice the alert that says it is my BILs birthday. Get the girls to make him a happy birthday video.
6:00 pm – Matt arrives home. Read some books to Greta and Eloise.

6:05 pm – Feed everyone some yogurt, B really needs to eat something before bed.

6:13 pm – Load dishwasher, fill water cups, hand vitamins out.

6:21 pm – Head upstairs to get girls ready for bed.

6:36 pm – Sit down to read with girls. B is begging to go to bed the whole time, even though she took a nap. I’m on to her though and know she won’t fall asleep fast, so continue reading. Say prayers.

6:52 pm – Everyone is in their beds; time for whining about something. Matt sits on the floor in G & E’s room while they fall asleep. Greta eventually joins me in B’s room because she needs me to snuggle her before sleep tonight.

7:10 pm – Matt puts Greta in her bed since she was out fast. B is still awake.

7:31 pm – Greta comes out of her bed complaining her belly hurts. Fear the worst. Question her about if anyone in her class was out sick this week. One or two kids were at the beginning of the week. (Thankfully her belly ache was just a belly ache and nothing more).

7:48 pm – B is asleep at last, Greta is back asleep, move her back to her bed. Go downstairs and watch Tangled with Matt to preview for the girls (they are afraid of every movie and so it helps if we know the story to tell them what will happen ahead of time.)

9:10 pm – I head up to bed, missing the last little bit of the movie. Brush my teeth, potty, in bed. Read the internet for a little bit. Say some prayers (I’m trying to add a decade of the rosary in, but usually fall asleep, clearly need to change the time of that practice).

9:36 pm – Turn everything off and fall asleep.

25 weeks

Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or some window reflection and I’m shocked at how big this belly is already. Also, looking at the other pictures, I am looking much older. I guess that is what three kids and a long winter do to you. How big will it get?

Taken today at 25 weeks, 3 days:

25 weeks, 3 days

25 weeks with Greta (1st pregnancy):

25 weeks

24 weeks with Eloise (2nd pregnancy):


and 26 weeks with Beatrice (3rd pregnancy):

26 weeks - 3rd time.