35 weeks

This post is going to take forever, since my helper keeps touching the mouse every two words.

I’ve made it to 35 weeks! The last few weeks have been pretty rough (will go into detail later), but here we are. I think bigger than ever. Somehow I have a picture of all 4 pregnancies at 35 weeks, so here we go.


35 weeks

With Beatrice:

35 weeks

With Eloise:

35.5 weeks

With Greta:

35.5 weeks

Clearly I can’t take a picture with normal coloring at this stage either, since I’ve turned three of the four into black and white.

Overall this pregnancy has been a bit easier than the others, less aches and pains, but the last two weeks have been pretty terrible. First there was a night of braxton-hicks contractions, that I was convinced were turning into real contractions. Alas, baby just wanted to torture me all night long (thankfully). From then on I was pretty much totally 100% exhausted. I couldn’t sleep well at night and even when I did sleep someone would wake up screaming (because of course that is the way it is). Fast forward to a week later and I was much more short of breath and my heart felt like it was racing. After a call to the midwife about the breathing, I did settle down and was able to sleep fitfully (thanks in large part to anxiety that something was wrong, despite assurances that it was normal and just not something I had experienced in my previous pregnancies). When I went to my next midwife appointment, they checked my heartrate and it was 125 bpm. They consider anything from 80-100 normal for pregnancy, so they sent me off to the hospital for fluids and monitoring. When we arrived at OB triage (as instructed), they decided I needed to go to the ER instead. Luckily we didn’t have to actually wait in the ER, but were put straight in a room and seen pretty fast (I was put in the heart/actual emergency section, as opposed to the can wait a little while to be seen section). They did tests and bloodwork and such. It was determined that I had a UTI and that could be causing the high heartrate. I had a leg ultrasound done to check for blood clots, but declined the CT scan of my chest to check for lung clots, since I didn’t have any pain, and could catch my breath and was fine while lying down. A few days later with some antibiotics and I’m feeling MUCH better. My heartrate is back down and not pounding out of my chest, I can do simple tasks without feeling like I need to lay down and rest. Who knew a UTI could cause so much trouble?

Now we are just back to the waiting game. I’m still trying to not do much other than take the kids to/from school and minimal housework, so that I don’t exhaust myself. I wasn’t really doing that much prior to all of this, which made me feel completely weak. I mean I barely left the house most days. How do people survive pregnancy while working? I’m incredibly grateful for Matt’s flexible boss and co-workers, who pretty much let him work at home all last week. And for Matt for taking over pretty much everything here at the house.

So now on predictions. When will the baby arrive and how big will the baby be? This baby is certainly higher than the others and can even kick my breasts at times. Fun stuff.

Some previous stats.
Greta: born 12 days before due date, 8 pounds, 8 ounces
Eloise: born 2 hours after due date, 8 pounds, 13 ounces
Beatrice: born 10 days before due date, 7 pounds, 15 ounces
Baby Honeycake’s due date: June 15. I’ve been measuring about 2 weeks ahead since 25 weeks.

We’ve got lots coming up that I would like to attend, but time will tell.
May 19 – Greta’s school show
May 29 – Eloise’s school show
May 30 – Greta’s birthday
June 2 – Eloise’s last day of school
June 3 – my parents arrive to hopefully be here to help for the arrival of baby
June 8 – Greta and Eloise’s FIRST dance recital
June 11 – Greta’s kindergarten graduation
June 13 – Greta’s last day of school
June 14 – my parents leave, hoping to have a new grandchild

Obviously lots of dates I hope to not have the baby, but I know baby will decide when he/she will arrive.

So get your guesses in for the sex/date/weight!

P.S. if you have any name suggestions, suggest away. we have no names yet for this little one.

UPDATE: as of Friday, May 16, I am now measuring 4 weeks ahead instead of 2! This might just be a giant baby.