The past month

Let’s see, all sorts of things have been happening around here. We’ve had visitors and illness, a broken washer, and lots of squash.

My sister came to visit for a week (the other one is stopping by this coming weekend on her way to/from a beach weekend with her friends). The girls loved having someone to constantly entertain them and do whatever they wanted to do. I loved having the dishes always done and of course hanging out with my sister.


Felicity got to meet lots of new people, aunts, cousins, and family friends.





We got some super cute new shirts from a friend.


Our garden is producing well so far. We are still waiting on the tomatoes to start ripening, but it should be soon!


Three of us had strep throat, and mine resulted in guttate psoriasis, which is basically a lovely rash all over my entire body that could take a few weeks or MONTHS to go away. I’ve never had psoriasis before and I’m still a little unclear about it, because some things say that if it was triggered by strep you might not have another flair up again, where others say that it could flair many, many times again, or even turn into another form of psoriasis. So for now I’m trying get in the sun to hopefully heal it, soaking in dead sea salts, and moisturizing like crazy and I’m trying hard to be patient, but it is quite difficult when I’m itchy all over and wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts in the middle of July.


My sister gave Greta a slip and slide for her birthday and at first they were all incapable of actually sliding down it, so Matt threw them down it.

A month or two ago, Beatrice had a boo-boo on her nose and while looking in the mirror noticed her hemangioma and called it a boo-boo too. So, we decided to teach it what it really was. Before this she hadn’t really noticed it at all, so we didn’t see the need to point it out to her. Here she is telling you her name, age (two old), and what she has on her nose.

Some of our neighborhood fireworks that we watched from our backyard.

Oh, and our washer was broken for about a week, but is now fixed, thanks to a handy husband and a new hose.