The girls have been dying for snow and they finally got it. We got about 23 inches, which is the most we had at a single time since we have lived in our house (maybe since we moved to PA) 5.5 years ago. Matt was out in lovely sunny San Diego to teach a course at a conference so I was grateful that the power stayed on and that our neighbors brought their snowblower over to help clear out the driveway. It started snowing on Friday evening and didn’t stop until the middle of Saturday night. There was no school on Monday. Here are a zillion pictures of our many times playing in the snow.












They all participated for a group photo on Saturday…


so they didn’t want to take another one on Monday. These little ones have some BIG attitudes many days.





On Sunday after venturing to church and determining the roads were in satisfactory shape, we decided to go ahead and attempt to go to Disney on Ice as planned. Part of the drive there you could barely tell we got any snow, but then once I got off the main road, apparently the plows had not visited. In the short 1 mile to the the center, I got stuck three times. Thankfully several people stopped or came out to help. We finally arrived about 5 minutes late (a normally 15 minute drive had taken us 55 minutes) and the girls loved it. I looked up a new way home and it was MUCH better. Thanks to Matt’s parents for the tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas.

Daddy came home before bed on Monday and there was a 2 hour delay this morning, so just enough time to squeeze in some sledding. I attempted to sled with the girls but I’m just not as strong, so they don’t go nearly as far. Felicity wanted nothing to do with sledding and was happy to sit and watch with me.







Are you feeling burn out? discouraged? distracted? Last year during Lent, I did this online retreat called Restore. It is written by one of my favorite Catholic blogger/authors, Elizabeth Foss. She knows just how to touch your heart and help you to see all the benefit in doing what you do. While it is written by a Catholic, it isn’t just for Catholic women.

This year she is hosting the retreat again (and it may be the final time). There are two ways to participate this year. 1. For $49 you get the full package, which includes two e-books, the handiwork tutorials, oodles of printables, seven downloadable podcasts with transcripts, and access to the community for all of those doing the retreat. and 2. For $15 you get both the e-books and two podcasts. Either option is an awesome deal and I can’t wait to begin again.

This year Elizabeth is also offering an affiliate link for people and I signed up, which means I get a small percentage of your purchase price for referring you to the retreat. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Here is my link to purchase: I hope you will join me and many of the other women from around the country (and maybe world).